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Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn't Cooling Enough Air Conditioners

6 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Isn’t Cooling Enough

Here are six reasons why your air conditioner isn't cooling enough. Plus steps and tutorials on how to fix it.
Here's Why Your Air Conditioner Won't Turn Off Air Conditioners

Here’s Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Turn Off (5 Fixes)

Wondering why your air conditioner won’t turn off? Here are 5 possible reasons, plus solutions.
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Air Conditioner Not Removing Humidity? 4 Tricks to Help

Is your air conditioner not removing humidity anymore? Here are 4 possible reasons and solutions.
featured-air-con-won't-turn-on Air Conditioners

Air Conditioner Not Turning On? 5 Plus Tips to Get Cool Again

What do you if your air conditioner isn’t turning on? Here are 5 tips. And some of them are easy fixes.
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Why Your Air Conditioner Won’t Cool Below 80 (+5 Fixes)

Should it be 75 degrees inside, but your AC won’t cool below 80? Here are several fixes and tips to help get you cool again.
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Air Conditioner Keeps Freezing Up? Here’s How to Fix It

Does your air condition keep freezing up? Either the inside or outside unit? Here are several reasons why and the steps to fix.
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Why Your Air Conditioner Keeps Filling With Water: 6 Fixes

Portable air conditioners are meant to create water. But here are fixes for an air conditioner that keeps filling with too much water.
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Why Your Portable AC Makes More Water Than Niagara Falls

All air conditioners, including portable models, generate water. Find out why, and why some situations will create much more than others.
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Moving An Air Conditioner Unit: The Costs & Methods

What are the laws around moving an air conditioner?Should you move it yourself?Find out what’s involved and the cost.
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Why Your Central Air Conditioner Has Two Filters (& What They Do)

There are only a few reasons for an air conditioner to have two filters. Find out if you should be using 1 or 2 in your system.
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9 Steps to Remove A Window AC Cover Without Breaking It

If you're having trouble removing the cover from your window air conditioner, we've walked through each of the steps in this guide.
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Time To Leave an Air Conditioner After Moving [Guide]

Wondering how long you should leave your air conditioner after moving it? They need time to settle (just like us). Here's how long to leave your AC.