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How to Reset Your Oven After A Power Cut: 5 Simple Steps

Did you recently lose power? Learn how to reset your oven in just a few simple steps! That way, your oven will work the way it should!
Featured-water,-ice-maker Ice Makers

Does Your Ice Maker Keep Saying Add Water? Here’s Why

Does your ice maker keep telling you to add water? It could be your water sensor, but it could also be a lot worse.
Featured-ice-maker Kitchen

Ice Maker Refusing To Crush Ice? Here’s 6 Steps To Fix It

Ice maker refusing to crush your ice? Here's what might be going wrong, with simple steps to get your ice maker crushing again.
Re-Magnetize-Fridge-Door-Featured Major Appliances

Stuck With A Beeping Fridge? Here’s How To Quieten It

Are you stuck with a beeping fridge? Then we have 6 tricks for you to silence it coming up in this article.
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Water Heater Won’t Stop Draining? Here’s 4 Tricks to Try

What should you do if your water heater won’t stop draining? Take a look at this article where we have 4 tricks to help you fix the problem.
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Can’t Remove a Stuck Deadbolt? Here’s What to Do

Are you having trouble removing a stuck deadbolt? Then you’ll find a step-by-step guide to solve the problem in this article.
Featured-cloudy-spots-on-tv Televisions

Fixing Cloudy Dark Spots On Any LCD TV – 6 Tricks To Try

Are you looking for a way to remove cloudy dark spots from your LCD TV screen? Then we have 6 tricks for you to try in this article!
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7 Simple Home Alternatives to Using Plumber’s Tape

Are you looking for the best home alternatives to using plumber's tape? Then we have 7 great options for you in this article. Take a look.
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How to Cool a Basement with No Windows in Summer Heat

Beat the heat with these installations or tips to help you cool a basement with no windows. Or any windowless room in the house.

Coravin: Comparing Model 1 vs Model 2

Check out our comparison of Coravin Model 1 vs Model 2. Both are good options, but there are some differences that may make one a better choice for you.

Got A Flashing Snowflake on Your Thermostat? Here’s Why

Have a blinking or flashing snowflake on your thermostat? Your AC is likely in a 5-minute delay mode, but it could be a more serious issue.
Air Quality

5 Tips for Cooling a Room with High Ceilings (On A Budget)

Looking for tips on cooling a room with high ceilings? Here are 5 budget friendly ideas to cool rooms with vaulted or cathedral ceilings.