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Featured-infrared-vs-oil-heaters Heaters

Infrared vs Oil Filled Heaters: A Clear Comparison

Are you trying to choose between an infrared and an oil filled heater? Then take a look at the comparison in this article that will help you to decide.
Leaving A Space Heater On Overnight Heaters

Leaving A Space Heater On Overnight: 5 Best Practices

Does the idea of leaving your space heater on overnight sound appealing? Here are 5 best practices you should follow religiously to ensure you’re doing it safely!
Washer Keeps Filling With Water Washers

Washer Keeps Filling With Water: 4 Causes & Fixes

If your washing machine keeps filling with water, you need to dig a little deeper and solve the issue. Read here to find out what will fix it quickly.
Why A Ryobi Battery Charger Flashes Green DIY

Why A Ryobi Battery Charger Flashes Green (& What To Do)

Cordless tools are game changers. However, all the LED lights on the batteries and chargers can be confusing at times. If you’ve got a Ryobi Charger and you’re wondering why it’s flashing green, let’s take a look at what that means and what you should do about it.
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Is Your Freezer Too Cold? Check With These 5 Tips

Is your freezer too cold? There are some unmistakable signs that could let you know. Here are 5 tips for you to check them out.
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Oil-Filled Radiator Leaking? Follow These 5 Easy Steps

Is your oil-filled radiator leaking? Then find out why and how you can fix it by following the step-by-step guide in this article.
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Electric Heater Making Clicking Noises? This Is Why

Is your electric heater making clicking noises but you’re not sure why? Then take a look at the simple explanation in this article.
infrared heater in living room Heaters

How Infrared Heaters Work: A Simple Guide

We all love infrared heaters. But have you ever wondered how they actually work? Here’s a simple guide, to shed some light on the matter.
modern electric heaters Heaters

Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters: Compared In 5 Ways

Electric vs propane heaters. Is there something one can do that the other can’t? Here they are, compared in 5 different ways to answer that question.
Featured-electric-fireplace Heaters

Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off? 10 Quick Fixes to Try

Does your electric fireplace keep shutting off? Then you’ll find 10 quick and simple ways to fix this problem listed in this article.
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How to Bypass A Patio Heater’s Tilt Switch (Safely)

Are you suffering from the effects of a faulty tilt switch? Bypassing it might make your patio heater work normally again, but how can you do it safely? Here are some recommendations for you.
Patio area with table, chairs and heater overlooking a scenic view Heaters

Patio Heater Won’t Get Hot Enough? Try These 4 Fixes

Does your patio heater struggle to get hot or get to the highest settings? There might be something wrong inside it. Here are some fixes you can try.