Coravin have revolutionalized the wine industry. All of a sudden we can pour glasses from bottles without causing the entire bottle to deteriorate.

However, Coravin produce a good number of different models. And all of them essentially do the same job. But at quite different price points.

So which one should you get?

I was stuck on this for a while, so I’ve researched each model and summarised them below. In short:

The four main Coravin systems are Models Three, Five, Six, and Eleven:

  • Model 3 is the most basic, and is only sold as a base system.
  • Models 5 and 6 are a step-up in quality. 5 is a basic version, intended for restaurants and wine sellers.
  • Model 6 is an elegant version for the home user, available in different colors with good accessories.
  • Model 11 is the highest quality – an automated version that efficiently controls pouring and gas use – connected via an app on your phone.

I’ve also compared them quickly in the table below.

Coravin ModelPriceColorsSmart ClampsCapsulesScrewcapsMetal AccentsCarry Case
Model One
Model Two$209.978No20
Model Three$199.951Yes21
Model Five$299.951Yes31Yes
Model Six$399.953Yes32YesYes
Model Eleven$649.951Yes66YesYes

Note: I’ve also listed Models 1 & 2, though these are mostly outdated now.

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That’s the brief summaries, anyway. Read on for more detailed reviews.

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A Look Into Each Coravin Model

The All-Rounder

Coravin Model Six

Let’s start with the best all-rounder system.

Why? Because you will either be comparing the cheapest model (Model 3) vs the all-rounder (Model 6), or comparing the all-rounder with the latest model (Model 11). 

So, in both cases, Model 6 serves as a benchmark for comparison. (Model 5 is only sold to Trade users – we’ll cover that later).

As far as Coravin are concerned, The Model 6 is their best option for a general home system.

It’s a great balance between their high quality redesign – with metal accents and rubberized grips – without going too crazy on the price.

Here’s Ian Blackburn from LearnAboutWine reviewing the Model 6:

It’s ideal if you’re wanting more than just the standard system. The Model 6 sets you up with accessories (more capsules, screwcaps, and a carry case) in combination with quality recoloring which really adds a ‘WOW’ factor.

Perfect if you’re often entertaining and really want to show-off to friends!

They offer three different colors (silver, black, and maroon).

Pros Cons
Higher quality materials (metal, rubber)Higher cost than the Model Three
Modern redesign
Includes more accessories (capsules, caps, carry case)
Various colors available

Our Verdict

The Coravin Model 6 is the best ‘all-rounder’ option.

Ideal for those who want more than just the standard system. Added design quality, better coloring, and more accessories combine to give a better overall experiences.

That said, the base system and functionality is the same as the cheaper Model 3. For those who are budget minded, these extra fills aren’t necessary to enjoy the base Coravin system.

The Value Option

Coravin Model Three

The Coravin Model 3 is the most basic ‘modern’ model available.

You CAN get the Models 1 and 2, but I wouldn’t recommend them. More on those below.

The Model 3 itself is like buying a car without any of the added extras. The car itself is still the same, and functions just as well without any added extras. It’s only the “luxuries” that you miss out on.

For comparison, here’s Phil Reviews covering the Model 3:

Coravin Model 3 vs Model 6

The Model 3 has the same design as the Model 6, but misses out on the high quality color scheme. In addition, it doesn’t have the metal accents or rubberized quality.

Both models have the exact same functionality and ease of use – down to the ‘Smart Clamps’ which solve the attachment issues the Model 1 and 2 had for different bottle neck shapes.

Lastly, the Model 3 only comes with 2 capsules and 1 screwcap. You get 1 more of each with the Model 6, as well as a quality carry case for the system.

Pros Cons
Cheaper priceLimited added extras
Same great functionalityLess material quality

Our Verdict

The Model 3 is the best option for anyone who simply wants the Coravin system.

For the lowest price you still get to enjoy the amazing benefits of Coravin. Trying a glass of your most treasured bottles, comparing different bottles side by side, and letting your friends try any of your collection. It truly does change the way you can enjoy wine.

Sure, the added design quality and accessories would be nice. But for many, they aren’t worth the jump in price of around $200.

The Automated Option

Coravin Model Eleven

Last up we have the latest and greatest. Coravin’s Model 11.

At this point, you’re probably wondering what’s going on with the numbering. In truth – I don’t know either! Maybe numbers 7, 8, 9, and 10 were failed experiments>

Anyway. The Model 11 has about every advancement you can think of within it.

In short, it takes the guesswork out of the system.

Personally, I think the main advantage is the automated pouring.

Once the system is in place, you simply tip the bottle and wine will pour out. You don’t need to mess around with the lever – it’s entirely automated and in the most efficient way possible.

Over time, the Model 11’s efficiency will save you money by using less gas from a capsule.

Speaking of capsules, the Model 11 lets you know exactly how much you have left. This helps to give a lot of peace of mind compared to the standard models, where you’re always worrying a capsule will run out mid-pour.

By connecting through an app on your phone you can also see how much gas you have remaining, as well as other stats like how many total glasses you’ve poured.

As with any automated device, the downside is that the Model Eleven does need charged. This is an added step which the non-electric models don’t have.

Model 11 vs Model 6

To reuse my car analogy, the Model 11 is like driving an automatic compared to the Model 6’s stick shift.

You need to pay more for the privilege, but it comes with much more peace of mind and great efficiency.

Again – these aren’t must-have upgrades. The same Coravin system doesn’t change between these models. But for those who don’t mind paying a little extra, the ease of use and peace of mind the Model 11 offers could be worth that extra price tag.

Pros Cons
Pours automaticallyNeeds charged
Best use of gasMore expensive
Connects with app: see stats and amount of gas

Our Verdict

For those lucky enough to have budget as only a minor concern, the Model 11 is Coravin’s ultimate offering. 

On top of the already revolutionary system, you’re getting a product which is so easy to use. The peace of mind of tracking your capsule use alone makes the system much more enjoyable to use.

While these extras aren’t exactly needed, they do significantly improve the user experience. So while having to keep it charged is a downside, the added ‘WOW’ factor from friends and family seeing the automatic pouring will never get old.

Best for Trade

Coravin Model 5

The Model 5 deserves to be touched on, even though it’s not normally publically available.

Coravin only sell this model to members of their Trade program. That’s business who sell wine-by-the-glass or Coravin resellers.

If you happen to own a business that could fit into these categories, I’d definitely recommend applying to Coravin’s trade program. Not in the least because they offer a MASSIVE 20% discount on ALL systems and capsules. Not bad!

Coravin Model 5 vs Model 6

The Model 5 is like a stripped-back version of the Model 6.

It’s base design is the same, but it misses out on the high quality color schemes. In addition, it also doesn’t come with the same accessories or high quality carry case.

Pros Cons
Same redesign, less flairOnly available to Trade partners
Mode for commercial
Like a basic model 6

Our Verdict

The Model 5 is a base model which is quality enough to show off Coravin to customers, but not quite of the same quality as the Model 6 made to be cherished at home.

If you get the chance to buy it (especially with a 20% discount), it does the same as the 6 for a cheaper price. Though you do lose out on the quality finishes and accessories.

Outdated Models

Coravin Models 1 & 2

A long time ago now, Coravin launched with their first ever Model 1, and soon expanded to also release the Model 2.

Both of these models are the products that first revolutionized wine industry, though I wouldn’t recommend buying them today.

They’re currently being discontinued, and they’ve since been outshined by the later models.

Now, that’s not to say these are bad products. They’re not. It’s just that Coravin have been constantly innovating since these were released, and it wouldn’t make sense to pick these up now.

Especially considering that the Model 3 is roughly the same price, or only slightly more expensive.

Pros Cons
Potentially available for cheap (used)Getting discontinued
Still the same basic functionalityKnown issues

Our Verdict

Although they’re discontinued, I do still see the Model 1 and 2 popping up on various online stores.

If you can get a great deal – then they’re still worth it. They’re fully capable of providing Coravin’s great advantages.

When it comes to buying new, though? I’d highly recommend sticking to the Model 3 and above. Coravin have come a long way since these flagship models, and the price tags are just about the same.

Which Coravin Model is Best For You?

Well, that’s a lot of different models! What about a final summation?

In short, I’d recommend the following:

  • If you’re a trade partner, I’d consider getting the Model 5 for the cheap discount.
  • If budget is no issue, get the Model 11. It’s automation makes for great ease of use and peace of mind. Not to mention the amazing looks and other benefits.
  • If budget is a major issue, get the Model 3. You still get the exact same system as the other models, only without the frills which add to the price tag.
  • If you’re looking for the best solution to enjoy Coravin while still getting the most from it, get the Model 6. It’s the best all-rounder to get the most out of your system without a super high price tag.


Here’s the overall comparison table again, just in case that helps:

Coravin ModelPriceColorsSmart ClampsCapsulesScrewcapsMetal AccentsCarry Case
Model One
Model Two$209.978No20
Model Three$199.951Yes21
Model Five$299.951Yes31Yes
Model Six$399.953Yes32YesYes
Model Eleven$649.951Yes66YesYes


Coravin have developed an amazing system – one that I hope every wine lover gets to enjoy.

I hope this quick guide has helped clear up the differences between the various models that they offer.

If we’ve helped you find the right model for you, I’d love to hear from you via our contact page! It’s always great knowing we’ve helped someone find the right purchase.

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Thanks for reading, and have a great day!