12 Appliances to Fight Back Against a Hot Summer

Researched & Written by Jonny

Long summer days can be amazing. Who doesn’t love the feel of the sun against their skin?

However, summers can get be challenging, too. During the hottest months of the year, the heat tends to reach its peak. You’ll find people running from one shady area to the next. Those who work outside sweat so much they’re drenched in it. Even office workers cannot concentrate on work as they find themselves distracted by the heat.
Night times might seem like a relief as the sun sets; until you’re tossing and turning in humid heat all night! So, what should you do?

Well, our list of 12 appliances will help you beat the heat and fight back against the heat! These products are perfect for keeping you cool and letting you enjoy the true essence of summer.


One of the easiest ways of beating the heat is by using a fan. Not only is it efficient in terms of cooling you down, it uses very little energy as well. Unlike power hungry systems, you don’t need to worry about the usual hikes in the electric bill every summer.

To help you fight back against the heat, there are three types of fan you can use:

Ceiling fans

Those who live near the Equator such as California or Florida mostly tend to have a ceiling fan installed in each room. This is because the heat is so intense in these areas, the air conditioner cannot help them in cooling alone.

Why should you get one installed? Well, it is perfect for those occasions where you do not feel the need for the AC, but still, want to cool off. During the night, when it gets colder, you might not want to turn the AC on, instead turn the fan on for a blast of cool air to help you sleep. They cost relatively little, however, installation can be a bit of a task.

Table or Pedestal Fans

Maybe you want to take your book outside in the garden, or your kids want to enjoy the kiddie pool you have set up! You almost dread going outside because you know even the shade won’t save you from the heat. This is where Table or Pedestal fans come in!

They are perfect for those occasions where you cannot use an AC or a ceiling fan. You can simply plug them up outside and enjoy the air they send your way! They are cheaper and do not require any pre-requisite setup to install, unlike the ceiling fans. We’ve got a great guide to pedestal fans – check it out here.

Extractor Fans

The hot steam from boiling water or the heat from an oven can make the kitchen unbearable! Installing an extractor fan will help you provide better ventilation not only in the kitchen but in other areas of the house as well. It assists the air cross and prevents any suffocation. They are cheaper of the three and should be installed regardless of the others.

Air conditioners

Air conditioners are considered to be saviors for most individuals who live in hotter climates. Hundreds of manufacturers around the world make Air Conditioners whether they are Split, Window or Central Systems. AC’s can cool down any room or car in seconds. You need only turn them to the temperature you want and let it work its magic.

  • Split AC: In the Split AC, the compressor and hot exhaust are outside the room while the cooling unit is inside the room. This results in less noise and more efficient cooling. They are more energy efficient as well. They are perfect for large offices and homes or those areas where there are no windows.
  • However, they are not suitable for rooms in the center of large buildings where it might be hard to connect the outer and inner units. They are harder to install, as they require you to connect both the unit through a small hole in the wall.
  • Window AC: Window ACs have lower capacity since they are a single unit. Hence, they are perfect for smaller houses and offices. They are noisy and require a window to install. However, the installation process is relatively easy. They are simpler and cheaper.
  • Portable ACs: An innovation in the world of air conditioners is the Portable AC. You can move them around anywhere and they are perfectly quiet. However, they require more energy and are more expensive.

Iced Tea Makers

Now that we have talked about keeping our outsides cool, let’s talk about the insides. We all need a devilishly cold drink during the hot summer days to keep our bodies cool and our mind clear. Of course, you could go for a Soda, but for a more healthy drink, we recommend iced tea.

Iced tea makers make the whole process of making ice cold tea much easier. All you need to do is add ice, water, and loose tea or tea bag and see it work its magic. While some require an electrical plug into work, others like the one in this guide work like an infuser. You don’t even need electricity to operate this tea maker. This makes it perfect for a picnic or the office!

Shaved Ice Machines

Next, on our list are the Shaved Ice Machines. Who doesn’t love a nice cocktail or a snowcone in the scorching heat? Simply put in some ice cubes and enjoy your fresh snowcone. All you need to do next is add the syrup and you are done!

Apart from making ice cones, the shaved ice can be used in cocktails to spice up your drink, make the perfect slushies or milkshakes, or other delicious frozen treats. All of these tasty treats right at home! The ice from these machines is generally finer and is better for making drinks.

There are manual ice shavers available as well that do not require any energy at all! You can use these out in the garden or at the beach provided, you have some fresh ice available!

Snowcone Makers

While you may not find the difference between the snowcone maker and the shaved ice machines to be apparent, there actually is a difference between them. Snowcone makers shave ice as well; however, the ice comes out much chunkier and clunkier. This lets you enjoy the ice better as you can chew on it. They are perfect for when the Sun shines brightest!

Icecream Maker

Who can risk going out in such heat just for a little treat? Moreover, who would like to do that if they could make the said treat themselves? Icecream makers are machines that can help you make ice cream at home. They are relatively easy to use and require only a few ingredients. Of course, you can turn it up and end up making the most complex of dishes with it.

Portable Ice Makers

Portable Icemakers are basically icemakers that can easily fit on the countertop. How do they compare with your regular freezer? Well, they can make ice in a matter of 10 minutes while your freezer might take hours. The ice out of these machines is bullet shaped with a cloudy appearance.

All you need to do is add water and turn the unit on. You can even play with the size of the ice. A longer cycle will result in thicker ice cubes or bullets while a smaller will result in smaller ice cubes. Any ice that melts inside the unit can be easily recycled to make more ice. When the storage tray is full, the device automatically shuts off.

With this device, you don’t need to scramble for the ice tray only to find out you forgot to fill it. Instead, you can make ice and beat the heat in ten easy minutes.


Portable Fridges

Portable Fridges are much better at cooling than the thermoelectric coolers. They can be used outdoors, in an RV, during travel or at a sports event. They can easily cool your drinks to about -8 degrees F, ensuring you get ice cold drinks every time!

They are perfect for beating the heat when you are out to enjoy your favorite game of tennis or while taking a break from swimming!



Sometimes, the heat can come with a lot of humidity that is hard to beat! Humidity is what causes you to sweat out and feel sticky. If you hate that sensation, then perhaps, you should buy a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier sucks in the air and removes water from it leaving behind fresh air that will not make you feel sweaty or sticky.

The Dehumidifier will surely result in a cooler room. This is because it cools the air, which then loses its ability to hold the water! Say adios to the sticky, sweaty feeling in the summer with a Dehumidifier!

Yogurt Maker

If you or your kids love yogurts, then a yogurt maker will be a valuable investment for you! Yogurt is found to be extremely hydrating and enriching. With a spoon, if this delicacy, you can go on for hours without needing a drink! It also allows you to ensure healthy options for your kids.

A yogurt maker uses a little bit of plain unflavored yogurt and a large quantity of milk. You can just add the ingredients and sit back while the machine works away!


Summertime can be tough on those who can’t handle the heat! Even staying at home can be unbearable and you might find yourself skipping from one to the other! However, with a little investment, you can beat the heat and stay active all throughout summertime.