Welcome to the steamer vs iron debate where you’ll find out which appliance is best at winning the battle against creases in your shirts. It’s time to lay on the pressure.

Steams quickly even without removing the hangerTakes longer and more equipment is needed for ironing
Ideal for travelNot suitable for travel
Minimal storage spaceMore storage space
Hard to get a crisp finishEasy, crisp finish
Not easy to controlGreater control

A steamer or an iron, which will be the best option for you? Find out with the help of the comparison coming up next.

How Steamers Compare to Irons

The modern-day steamer is a quick and effective tool that you can use to remove the creases from your shirts. It is an appliance that works with heat and the moisture in water vapor to make your clothes look sharp.

An iron on the other hand uses a combination of heat and pressure to remove creases from shirts. Some irons also have a water tank which allows them to use steam. The steam makes putting in hard lines effortless.

Ease of Use and Speed

So, just how easy is it to use a steamer? The answer is, very easy indeed! A steamer is a great tool if you need a shirt ready in a hurry because you can iron without even removing the hanger. Simply hold the hanger and shirt over a door handle, turn the steamer on, and run it around the shirt.

A steamer works very quickly, so you will have the creases removed from your shirts in next to no time.

But what can we say about an iron? Well, an iron is not quite as easy to use as a steamer. This is because there is a lot more to set up when it comes to ironing. Not only do you have to find somewhere to set the ironing board, but you have to arrange your shirts well on it too. And of course, you’ll have to keep moving and rearranging the shirt as you iron.

Ironing is also not as quick as steaming. This is because you have to keep moving the shirt as you work. This all takes time. Not to mention the setting up and dismantling of the ironing board.

So which wins? If you are out for something that is super simple to use, go for a steamer.

steaming a shirt
Steaming is quick and easy


Do you spend a lot of time traveling? Then I’m sure you’d agree, a portable solution to ironing a shirt is a must-have. So how does a steamer measure up? Steamers are actually great portable gadgets. This is because they don’t require any extra equipment for you to get set up. All you need is the steamer.

What about irons? Irons, however, are not portable. Lugging a 15×5 inch board around with you in case you need to iron something is definitely not practical.

Of course, you can make do when in a sticky situation by throwing a towel over a table and using that as a makeshift ironing board. But, we’ve all been there and know that the results are just not the same.

Are you looking for the best portable option for ironing on the go? Then make sure you get hold of a steamer.


We never seem to have enough storage space. So, finding appliances that only require minimal space for storage is essential. And how does the steamer do in this regard? Pretty well. A hand-held, mini steamer doesn’t come with any extra features. This means that the only thing you’ll have to find room to store is the steamer itself, which in most cases, is smaller than the average iron.

Of course, you can find larger steamers than your compact hand-held device. But these are usually used by dry cleaners and tailors. These are floor models that are about the size of a small vacuum cleaner. But unless you plan on opening up a laundromat, you shouldn’t have to worry about these.

What about the storage of an iron? When it comes to ironing, you have to think not just about storing the iron itself, but also the board. And if you only have a small space to iron in, setting up the board can also be tricky.

So which comes out on top? A steamer, or an iron? If storage space is a concern for you, then a steamer is the best choice.


A shirt is not something we wear just on any old occasion. So, if the place we’re going calls for a shirt, we want it to look as smart as possible. How will a steamer help you achieve that perfect finish?

A steamer is good at quickly getting creases out of shirts. But it is also known for not completely removing all the creases, especially deep-set ones. A steamer is also not great at setting hard lines either, as it uses only steam rather than pressure.

Now here is where the iron really excels. An iron is great at achieving that hard-pressed finish that you want on your collars, cuffs, down the sides, and arms of your shirts. This is because an iron couples heat with pressure. And in the case of a steam iron, those lines are locked in even better with the help of the moisture.

What’s the best option? Which item will help you get crisp, results? For solid lines and creases, choose an iron.


Steamers and irons differ when it comes to how well you are able to control the appliance. Controlling a steamer, for example, is difficult. This is because the dispersion of the steam is rather random and difficult to control. This makes it hard, or even impossible to steam creases into a shirt. 

An iron, on the other hand, is far is easier to control. This is because you can move the sole plate as and where you need to. This will help you to direct creases where you need them. Having the flexibility with the sole plate makes it simple to iron hard lines onto your shirt.

So which comes out on top? If you are looking for an appliance that is easy to control, an iron will be best.

ironing shirts
An iron is far easier to control

Steamer and Iron Pros and Cons

Still not sure which to choose? Then here are the pros and cons of a steamer:

Easy and fast to useDoesn’t achieve the best finish
Great for travelingIsn’t easy to control
Doesn’t require much storage space

Here are the pros and cons of an iron:

Achieves a great finishNot as fast or easy to use
Is easy to controlNot suitable for traveling
Requires a lot of storage space


So what’s the verdict? Should you choose a steamer on an iron? You should use a steamer if:

  • You want to be able to get the creases out of your clothes quickly and efficiently
  • You like the idea of being able to steam clothes while traveling
  • You have limited storage space

You should use an iron if:

  • You want the best possible finish with sold creases and crisp collars and cuffs
  • You want to be able to control the iron well

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