Has band practice or a makeshift recording studio made your house the noisiest on the street? Then find out how you can soundproof your garage in this article!

Here’s how to soundproof a garage:

Area to SoundproofSoundproof Solutions
WindowsLayer of bricks
Custom acoustic plug
Window blankets
Soundproof curtains
WallsAcoustic blankets
Acoustic tiles
DoorsMoving blankets
Garage door seal kit
CeilingFoam panels
Soundproof tiles

There are loads of super handy materials out there that will help you soundproof your garage. But perhaps you’re wondering how you should go about putting them up. Or maybe you’re looking for a couple of tips to soundproof your garage on a budget.

Whatever the case, take a look at the extended soundproofing guide below.

Rock band music equipment in a cluttered suburban garage.
Nothing stops the rock like a frustrated family member.

Soundproofing Garage Windows

Windows are thin and are home to gaps that noise can escape through. So to soundproof your garage you will have to cover up your windows. The only downside to that of course is that you’ll lose any natural light coming through the windows. So, make sure you invest in some great interior lights for your garage.

There are quite a few options for soundproofing windows. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Brick up the windows
  • Install a custom acoustic plug
  • Install window blankets
  • Install soundproof curtains

Should You Brick Up Windows?

Bricking up windows will not 100% soundproof them. But it is a good way of creating a wall between your noise and the outside world. Consider it as a last resort – as blocking natural light is quite a cost.

Install a Custom Acoustic Plug

A custom acoustic plug will close any gaps between the windows by covering them over. If you build your plug to measure, it should stay in without any fasteners. This way you’ll have the ability to let in a little natural light as you wish. 

You can make your acoustic plug from the following materials:

  • Untempered hardboard
  • Acoustic foam
  • Insulation batts
  • Egg crate panels

Install Window Blankets

Window blankets are a really awesome tool. They help to stop noise from escaping through the windows of your garage. You can hang these blankets in front of the windows to block any escaping soundwaves.

Install Soundproofing Curtains

Soundproofing curtains catch soundwaves in their fibers. This makes them ideal for keeping noise inside the garage. Not only that, but they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. This will help you to put your own personal stamp in the one room of the house that usually lacks charisma!

How to Soundproof Garage Walls

Garage walls are typically very thin. This makes them the primary culprit for leaking the noise of your band practice into the neighbor’s backyard. But soundproofing them is dead easy. It is also a great way for you to decorate the garage without having to get a paintbrush out. It’s win-win!

Some of the most common ways of soundproofing garage walls are the following:

  • Installing acoustic blankets
  • Installing acoustic tiles

Install Acoustic Blankets

Acoustic blankets are an extremely cost-effective way of soundproofing a garage. You can hang the blankets from rods or from hooks in the ceiling that will drape them across the walls. The blankets act as a sound barrier with absorption levels of up to 50%!

Install Acoustic Tiles

Are you looking for a professional finish? Then acoustic tiles are a great way of jazzing up and quieting down your garage. The soundwaves that knock into the tiles will be absorbed. This will reduce the noise level outside the garage. 

Most acoustic tiles come with an adhesive back. This makes them really easy to install.

Acoustic tiles are amazing at absorbing sound.

How to Soundproof a Garage Door

How would you like to spend a winter living in the garage? I’m sure you’d agree it wouldn’t be so pleasant. Garages are drafty places, and one of the main sources of draft is the garage door. And if the garage door lets draft in, then that means it is also letting a lot of noise out. 

Here’s a couple of ways that you can soundproof your garage door. They’ll keep the neighbors from filing any noise complaints this weekend. (Now what will they do with their time?):

Install Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are like acoustic blankets with the added advantage of allowing movement. They will not stop you from being able to open and close the door. Moving blankets are extra thick and are made of materials with sound-absorbing properties. These help to keep noise escape at bay. 

Install Weather-Stripping

Weather-stripping is a fantastic tool that will close the gap under your garage door. You can find weather-stripping in any good hardware store. 

You can cut weather-stripping to size, so you can tailor it to your door. Simply peel off the protective strip and stick it to the bottom of the door.

Install a Garage Door Seal Kit

A garage door seal kit is key for blocking gaps on the top and sides of the garage door. The material fits snugly on top of the door without inhibiting you from opening it and closing it. 

How to Soundproof a Garage Ceiling

Now if you’re considering this step, that means you are really invested in and passionate about soundproofing the garage. Or you’re willing to do anything it takes to silence your neighbor’s complaints once and for all. I’ll presume it’s the latter.

There are a couple of ingenious solutions out there for soundproofing the ceiling. Here’s two of them:

  • Soundproof tiles
  • Foam Panels

Foam Panels

Foam panels cushion the ceiling so that sound waves are not knocking into a hard surface. This helps to reduce echo. 

The great thing about foam panels is that you can cut them into shape to suit your garage space. They are also inexpensive and are easy to install thanks to their adhesive backs. Foam panels come in a variety of patterns and colors so that you can create a really groovy garage space. 

Soundproof Tiles

Soundproof tiles are like foam panels. They have adhesive backs so they are easy to install and you can cut them to the size you need. The only difference between them is the material they’re made up of. Soundproof tiles are made from sound-absorbing materials that reduce bouncing sound waves.

How to Soundproof a Garage Floor

Now you’ve come to the end of your journey to completely soundproof the garage. And you’re in luck, as soundproofing the floor may be the easiest and cheapest job of them all.


Soundproofing the floor will block sound waves from bouncing onto the floor. This will help to reduce echo. Place items such as rugs and carpets over the floor in the garage to soundproof it. Yes! You’ll finally have a reason to bring that old rug out that everyone hated and pushed you to “throw away”. Aren’t you glad you ignored them and hid it in the garage?  You knew it would come in handy. 

The most effective solution will be for you to soundproof the entire floor. But if you can’t, concentrate on the areas where you have free-standing instruments such as a drum kit or a keyboard.


Soundproofing a garage can seem like a massive job. That’s especially true because garages tend to be the most poorly insulated rooms in the house. I hope this article has shown you some practical ways in which you can reduce the noise levels from your garage.

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Have a great day!