Is your Sodastream leaking gas or water? Your gas tube might be damaged. Here are 5 possible causes.

Do you remember back when your only options for soda were in the grocery store? I simply can’t bear the thought of having no control over my drink’s level of carbonation, and flavor. Can you?

Thank God we have Sodastreams!

Whether you’ve owned one for a very long time, or are the proud owner of a new one, you know that, after you’ve tried it, you just can’t go back. Ever.

These appliances are so convenient, and time-saving, that, in this day and age, not owning one, makes no sense. But enough of that, I’m not trying to sell you on a brand-new model.

If you’re here reading this, you already own one, and it’s leaking gas or water. You need a solution, pronto.

There are many possible reasons why your Sodastream might be leaking gas or water. From improper part positioning, to a damaged gas tube. In order to accurately pinpoint the culprit and go about the troubleshooting process in the most productive way, you need to have a clear idea of what you’re looking for.

Below, I’ve prepared a list of the most common causes to this occurrence and the simplest steps you can take to address each one of them. I’m very confident that, if you follow them to a tee, your unit will be back to normal in a jiffy.

Are you ready? Let’s get to work!

Fixing a Leaky Sodastream

A very common mistake I see a lot of people make, is thinking that there’s something inevitably broken inside their appliance. While this is definitely a possibility, it’s not the most feasible explanation.

More often than not, the cause behind the malfunction is an improperly placed gas canister or bottle, so please, let’s go about these repairs in an orderly, and detailed fashion.

Your Sodastream might be leaking gas or water due to:

  • Improper bottle placing
  • A broken bottle
  • Improper canister placing
  • A broken canister
  • A damaged gas tube

#1 Your Bottle Is Not Placed Properly

Close up view of sodastream machine
Position the bottle before carbonation to avoid leaks

If you think about it, this isn’t even a problem at all.

I know what you’re thinking, “this is extremely obvious, and it would never happen to me”. Well, you’d be surprised at the amount of people this happens to every year. And who can blame them?

It’s the most seemingly unimportant things, that we tend to overlook more often.

If your Sodastream is leaking water, try to look at the way you’re positioning the bottle while carbonating, before blaming the appliance itself.

Solution: In most models, there’s a locking mechanism that should prevent this from happening, but in case your unit doesn’t have it, just try to be a little more conscious about how you operate your appliance.

#2 Your Bottle Is Broken

Provided that you’re 100% positive that your bottle is properly placed, we can look at the possibility of it being broken.

While your Sodastream’s bottles are designed to be resistant, and stand the test of time (they have a 3-year lifespan), they’re not indestructible, which means that, accidental drops, or excessive pressure, can cause small fractures in them.

Now, I’m not talking about penny-sized holes on the side of them, I’m talking about the tinniest, thinnest hairline fractures, nearly invisible to the human eye. 

While logic would dictate that such negligible damage should not cause a lot of problems, remember that you’re subjecting the bottle to incredible amounts of pressure while carbonating, which might expand these fractures temporarily.

Solution: The best way to test for damage, is by removing the bottle from your Sodastream, and taking it to the sink to prevent any kind of mess.

You can then fill it with running water, and wait to see if you hear any kind of hissing or bubbles coming from the part’s body. Provided that you identify either of these factors, you’ll have to replace it.

Worry not, though, it should be fairly simple. You can order them directly from your manufacturer online.

#3 An Improperly Placed Canister

Okay, so, your bottle is properly placed, and unscathed. What now?

We look at your CO2 canister.

If you’ve ever replaced this tank by yourself, you know that the procedure is fairly simple. That being said, there’s always room for error.

In case you’ve done this several times, chances are you’re feeling very confident about it. And while I’m very proud of you, I’m also concerned that you might have overlooked something, resulting in improper canister placing.

Solution: Provided that your Sodastream is leaking gas, you’ll have to reopen the tank compartment, and double-check that your canister is properly secured.

Doing this should not only take care of your leak problem, but also save you a lot of money in wasted CO2.

#4 A Broken Canister

Old metal co2 canister
A faulty canister could have made it to the market and missed quality control procedures

Fine, you were right, you’re the canister-placing master. I admit it!

Now that we know that your tank is properly installed, we have to look at the possibility of it being broken. As you know, modern factories have extremely high quality standards, but they always reserve a small margin for error.

There’s a very strong chance that a broken or faulty canister might have made it to the market inadvertently.

If your Sodastream is leaking gas, you might be the unlucky owner of one of these.

Solution: The best way to check this is to open your tank compartment. Approach the canister, and carefully listen for any hissing that would indicate a gas leak, but do so briefly, as constant exposure to CO2 in this state could be harmful to your health.

If you want to be extremely thorough, there’s another way you can go about this. Detach your CO2 canister from your Sodastream’s compartment, and carefully place it inside a bucket or container full of water, until it’s completely submerged.

Any bubbles coming up to the surface will be a clear indicator that you do, in fact, have a leak. If this is the case, and you’re 100% positive that you bought it this way, you can call your manufacturer, and they will most certainly give you a good one for free.

#5 Your Gas Tube Is Damaged

Lastly, let’s check your gas tube.

As you probably know, this part is responsible for transporting the CO2 coming from your canister, into the external tube end that carbonates your drinks. Without this, achieving the desired results would be impossible.

Since this tube is mainly protected by your Sodastream’s body, damaging it should be very difficult, but it’s certainly possible, especially if you’ve owned your appliance for a while.

After all, pressurized gas is constantly passing through it, so some eventual wear and tear should not be surprising.

Provided that you don’t use your Sodastream that often, but you’re running through canisters at a staggering speed, chances are there’s a hole or crack in the gas tube.

Solution: One of the simplest ways to identify this as a culprit, is poor carbonation. When your gas tube is ruptured at any point across its length, some CO2 will escape out the side, yielding bland beverages.

Depending on your warranty status, you can either try and do the repairs yourself, or call a technician.

When Should You Call a Pro?

The answer to this question will depend greatly on the status of your warranty, and how confident you feel about DIY’s.

If you’re still under coverage, and don’t mind waiting a couple of weeks for your manufacturer to pick up your appliance, and return it repaired, you can go ahead and give them a call.

Unless specified otherwise in your warranty, they should fix it for free.

On the other hand, if your warranty has already expired, you can definitely go ahead and try to fix things yourself. Provided that you determine that the damage is too extensive, you can start thinking about getting a new Sodastream.

This is of course a last resort, but if you reach that point, you’ll have to weigh the costs. As a general rule, paying for repairs that will cost 50% or more of the price of a new appliance with similar features, is a bad investment. 


To have your Sodastream constantly leak gas or water can get very expensive, very fast.

Not only will you be stuck with bland beverages, but also have to pay copious amounts of money for constant CO2 canister replacements, even when you’re not using the appliance. Disastrous!

Luckily, as you’ve learned in this piece, addressing most of the causes behind this is fairly simple, and not very expensive. Being more conscious about how you operate your machine, and double-checking the canisters you buy before taking them home, can make a night and day difference.

I commend you for trying to do your own repairs, but please do so while keeping your wellbeing as a top priority at all times.

Thank you for sticking with me all the way to the end. If you found this article useful, why not keep the learning going through our other incredible resources below?

Stay hydrated!