The Roccbox and the Ooni Pro are two titans of the ever-expanding backyard pizza market.

They’re the two most popular ovens of the two largest pizza oven companies. And they’re popular for good reason.

Both have fantastic build quality, ease of use, and can cook a piping hot Neapolitan pizza in under 90 seconds.

So which should you buy? Which is worth the money, and which will leave you with nothing but cold cheese?

In this guide I’ve gone through each of these ovens in detail. The good, the bad, and the tasty.

What’s Better, Roccbox or Ooni Pro?

In short, the stylish Roccbox is smaller (in area and opening height), but also cheaper. The Ooni Pro is larger but more expensive. Both the Roccbox & Ooni Pro produce similarly excellent pizzas using either wood or gas. The key difference is their size and style.

I recommend considering the Roccbox if you’ll be cooking for 5 or fewer people, and love it’s design and easy to use thermostat. Consider the Ooni Pro if you’re a die-hard pizza fan who would spend a lot of time tweaking recipes to make your perfect pie. Or if you have a large family or friends with particularly big appetites.

Roccbox vs Ooni Pro by the numbers

Sometimes the best way to compare two things is by looking at how they perform in different areas.

Below is a birds-eye view of both these ovens by their numbers. Consider which factors on the left column would be most important to you, then look at which oven does them better. Knowing what you prioritise can help show which option is better for you.

CategoryOoni ProRoccbox
Fuel typeWood, Charcoal & GasGas, Wood
Maximum pizza size16"12"
Unboxed size29 x 19 x 31″16.3 x 21 x 18.6
Heat up time20mins30mins
Max temperature932°F950°F
Propane gas compatibleYes, with gas burnerYes
Natural gas compatibleNoNo
MaterialBrushed stainless steelStainless Steel
Pizza stone type0.6″ cordierite stone0.75"
Pizza stone size17.7 x 17.7″12.4 x 13.4"
Opening Height6.14″3.3"
Gas consumption*1.04 lb/hr0.4lb/hr
Outdoor use onlyYes, with Gas burnerYes
Safe to TouchNo!Yes
Warranty3 Years5 Year

Video Comparison: Roccbox vs Ooni Pro

Want to see both ovens in action against each other?

‘Eater’ posted a face-to-face pizza oven battle on YouTube – comparing these two ovens. Check out how they found them below:

Roccbox vs Ooni Pro: Blow by Blow Comparison

If you’re still reading, it means you must be serious about your pizza oven research.

Well – welcome to the detailed section. Here we’ll walk through every aspect of each oven and contrast them against each other. This is the real nitty-gritty part of the review.

Just like before; think about which of these aspects is most important to you. Do you need the oven to be easy to use? Cook large pizzas? Cook pizzas quickly, one after the other? By knowing what’s important you’ll know which oven suits you better.

Stone Area

Roccbox: 12.4 x 13.4 inches (166square inches)

Ooni Pro: 17.7 x 17.7 inches (313 square inches)

The importance of the pizza stone area is pretty self explanatory.

A larger area means you can cook larger pizzas, and have more space to manoeuvre them around in. Remember – these pizza oven’s aren’t an in-and-out type deal. You need to turn your pizza halfway through, so that extra space makes life much easier.

The Ooni Pro’s much larger area clearly wins out here. An 88% larger cooking area than the Roccbox (almost double!)

While it’s rare to make a perfectly circular pizza, the Ooni Pro could handle up to a 17” pie vs the smaller 12” that the Roccbox is limited to. A clear win for the Ooni with any large pizza lover.

Winner: Ooni Pro.

Stone Thickness

Roccbox: 0.6 inches

Ooni Pro: 0.75 inches

The thickness of the pizza stone plays an essential role in creating your next pizza masterpiece. In short, a thicker stone will hold its heat better. This has two key functions:

  1. The stone stays hotter when a pizza is placed on it. This means the base will cooker better, and quicker.
  2. The stone takes less time to recover in heat after each pizza is cooked. Meaning you need to wait less time between cooking one pizza and the next.

Now – this isn’t a life or death thing. A thinner pizza stone will still work great, you just may need to cook the base for a little longer. But if you’re hosting a large amount of hungry people, a thicker stone means quicker, more reliable results.

This means that the 25% thicker pizza stone on the Roccbox is able to handle more pizzas in quicker concession than the thinner Ooni Pro stone.

Winner: Roccbox.

Fuel Type

Roccbox: Gas, Wood

Ooni Pro: Wood, Charcoal (+ gas with a converter)

Different fuels cook pizza in different ways. In short, gas is the easiest to use, quickest to heat, and cheapest. Wood and Charcoal need a little more effort to cultivate, but imbue your dough with an tantalizing depth of flavor.

Needing a converter to use the Ooni Pro with gas is a real point against an already expensive product. On the other hand, being able to experiment with charcoal does balance it out.

The Roccbox, while possible to work with wood, does so using a barrel. This works well, but isn’t quite the same authentic experience as having the wood burning within the oven itself.

Winner: Draw!

Opening Height

Roccbox: 3.3 inches

Ooni Pro: 6.1 inches

Learning to use a pizza peel is no easy task. What makes it more complicated is having to work around a narrow opening.

By offering a sizeable 6 inches of space, the Ooni Pro makes your job as a pizza chef much easier. Especially compared to the 86% smaller Roccbox opening – which requires you to be incredibly accurate when turning with the peel. Not easy for a beginner.

Winner: Ooni Pro


When it comes to design, the choice is often personal.

However, I don’t think anyone would disagree that the Roccbox is the more stylish option. While the Ooni is pure functionality – looking like a metal version of a forest cabin – the Roccbox boasts sleek curves combined with a tasteful color in green or grey.

Winner: Roccbox

Warranty Length

Roccbox: 5 Years

Ooni Pro: 3 Years

To me, a warranty equals peace of mind. It’s the length of time you can use the product knowing that any serious mistakes or failures are covered by the manufacturer.

While the 3 year warranty offered by Ooni is great, it’s entirely outshined by the 5 year warranty offered by Roccbox. Given that these types of appliances can last a decade or longer, 5 years is a true statement of confidence in the product.

Winner: Roccbox

Note: Roccbox’s base warranty is only 1 year. You must register your purchase with them within 60 days to unlock the full 5 year warranty.

Other Features

Roccbox: Thermostat, Foldable Legs, Cool Touch

Ooni Pro: Closing Door

While small, these ‘little quirks’ can make the difference between a purchase or a pass.

Personally, I love the thermostat on the Roccbox. It helps ease a new pizza chef into using the oven – especially when it comes to waiting until the oven is hot enough before cooking.

The closing door on the Ooni Pro adds another layer to it’s powerful arsenal. Not only can it handle larger pizzas, but a closed door helps keep the temperature even higher.

For me, though, the real stand-out feature is the Roccbox’s cool-to-the-touch exterior. They’ve got so much insulation around the oven that the outside remains cool enough to touch.

This means you can use the Roccbox around kids or pets with no worries. The Ooni Pro, on the other hand, gets piping hot and can burn curious hands or paws that touch it.

Winner: Roccbox

Price (accurate as of August 2020)

Roccbox: $499

Ooni Pro: $599

Note that these prices can and have changed a lot in the past. The Roccbox used to cost a whopping $699 for the same product! Thankfully they’ve seen fit to reduce the price to a much more competitive $499.

This jump has taken the Roccbox from ‘why is that so expensive’ to a fantastic deal. To me, this is now an extremely competitive yet fair price battle. The larger Ooni Pro rightfully costs more, but it’s not that much more.

In a raw battle the Roccbox clearly wins. But as a question of value for money, I’d say this is an extremely tight battle.

Winner: Roccbox.

Overall Winner?

All in all, this is an extremely close call.

For me, personally, I’d opt for the Roccbox. This is because I appreciate it’s style, ease of use (especially with the thermometer), and lower price. It’s also because I wouldn’t often cook for more than 5 or 6 people.

In a few years, though, I might have a larger family and a little more money to spend. In that case I’d love to opt for the Ooni Pro. Particularly to experiment with using charcoal and hosting larger pizza parties.

What about you? What do you think?

If you’re still unsure, I’ve made some further recommendations below.

Roccbox vs Ooni Pro for Different Pizza Chefs

The last way to weigh up these two pizza ovens is for different levels of pizza chefs. No two chefs are alike – we all want a pizza oven for different reasons. This could be anything from hosting a pizza party for 80 people or just a delicious night in alone.

I’ve outlined some standard cases below – and what oven would better suit that chef.

Newbie Pizza Chefs.

The Roccbox.

For beginners, the Roccbox is the ideal pizza oven. It’s the easiest to use, especially with the thermometer built in to the side. As you get to grips with cooking pizza you won’t be needing to make 17” monstrosities. Multiple trials at smaller pizzas will teach you more quickly and are much easier than supersize pizza.

Pizza Connossieurs

The Ooni Pro.

Die-hard pizza lovers are never satisfied.

There’s so many elements that need to be perfect. The flavor of the dough, the char of the base, the melt of the cheese, the crispness of the toppings… the list goes on and on.

If you’re one to obsess over recipes and techniques, I’d recommend the Ooni Pro. It’s got the most capacity as an oven, and the added ability to work with charcoal will give you that extra layer of fun and flavor.

Regular Family

The Roccbox.

Pizza Sundays can transform an otherwise casual day into an awesome family get-together – every time. If you’re cooking regularly for the kids, I’d highly recommend the Roccbox.

This is mostly thanks to it being cool to the touch. There’s no danger of anyone getting burnt fingers (although burnt tongues are always a hazard!).

The thermostat is especially useful to teach young ones about temperature, and how incredibly hot you’re cooking their pizza. In fact, the whole process is a marvel of temperature, ingredients, and physics combined (yes I’m a bit of a pizza nerd!).

Big Family / Parties

The Ooni Pro

If you’re going to be feeding the masses, you need as much production power and area as possible. That’s where the Ooni Pro really shines. As well as having plenty of potential for experimentation, it also shines as a miniature factory of incredible pizza.

Other Pizza Ovens Worth Considering

If you aren’t entirely sold on either of these options – there are a handful of other top tier pizza ovens out there. The pizza world is small but passionate; each of these come highly recommended by pizza chefs around the world.

Ooni Koda & Ooni Koda 16

Ooni’s Koda model is actually much closer to the Roccbox than the Ooni Pro is.

The Koda is smaller – also only producing up to 12” pies. However, it’s also fantastically cheaper, sitting at around $329. It’s Ooni’s smaller, simpler, yet still high quality model with a really nice design finish.

There’s also the Koda 16 – a larger model which sits in the middle of the Koda and Pro models.

Read more about these in comparison between the Ooni Pro and Ooni Kodas here.

Pizza Party Ardore

The portable oven making Italy go ‘Magnifico!’

When it comes to pizza, Italy truly is the mother land. The Italians are religious about their ingredients and cooking methods. So much so that you almost need a licence to call your pizzas ‘Neapolitan’ (as they make them in Naples).

This pizza oven by Ardore is as Italian as you can possibly imagine.

It’s made in Italy. The pizza stone is Italian (you can even upgrade to get THE Neapolitan pizza stone material from Naples itself).

The oven is large, powerful, and with the widest mouth open. It’s a true Italian stallion of the pizza oven world.

Now – it’s also expensive, and you’ll need to wait a (traditionally Italian) long waiting time for delivery. But for authenticity it ranks 10/10. Forza Italia!


Buying a pizza oven can transform your life.

Suddenly there’s an amazing excuse to spend time with friends, family, or a night in with someone special. Pizza isn’t just an amazing comfort food, it’s an incredible simple yet satisfying food to prepare and cook together.

I hope this quick guide has helped you understand the differences between two of the best pizza ovens out there.

The Roccbox vs Ooni Pro debate is a passionate one, but in the end they are both fantastic options. You really can’t go wrong – it’s only about if one choice is “more right” for you than the other.

If this content has helped you, please consider supporting us by checking out our related articles below.

Thanks for reading, and bon appetit!