The Quietest Portable Air Conditioners To Cool Down & Relax

Researched & Written by Craig

We’ve all had those nightmarish experiences with air conditioners that are unbearably loud. To stop you getting stuck with a dud, I’ve researched and reviewed the quietest portable ac’s on the market.

These air conditioners come in different shapes, sizes, and power capacities. To keep things simple I’ve narrowed the recommendations to the three most common power ranges: 10,000, 12,000 and 14,000 BTU’s. 

Don’t know what a BTU is? Or how many you need? No problem. There’s a full buyer’s guide at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, I’ve made this quick table to help:

Recommend BTU per Room Size

BTU Power for each Room Size. Full buyer’s guide is included after the reviews in this article.

Note: If you have the right type of window, a window ac can also be a great solution. Check out our comparison to portable vs window air conditioners for more.

Need a Quick Recommendation?

Not everyone wants to read detailed reviews – so here’s the best models up-front.

Looking for an AC that won’t break the bank? Then you’ll love our #1 choice.

Check out the Black & Decker Portable AC Range.

Black & Decker Portable AC next to window

The small size and quiet operation is perfect for bedrooms.

Black & Decker’s range of quiet portable air conditioners nab my top recommendation spot for plenty of reasons.

First is that their range is just that – a range! They’ve got almost all sizes you need. 8, 10, 12, and 14,000 BTU models are available. And they’re all up to the same high B&D standard.

With solid build quality and a ‘sleep mode’ to operate quietly at night, these are a great purchase if you value getting the most out of your money (and a good sleep!).

Don’t want to get out of bed to adjust the temperature? No problem. There’s a remote included – see and change the temperature without having to move!

They’ll save you a pretty penny, too. These are some of the best priced portable air conditioners on the market. Even when others are on special. Your wallet’s going to thank you.

Lastly, it’s a great point that the 10,000 BTU model is the #1 Best Selling Portable Air Conditioner on all of Amazon! That’s no small feat – and a huge validation of support for these models.

If you’re after a well-priced, quiet, reliable and capable portable air conditioner – Black & Decker’s range is a fantastic option.

My second top choice is the DeLonghi 12,000 BTU Portable AC.

One of the best models for dedicated quietness.

While a bit more costly than the Black & Decker models, quietness is so important to DeLonghi that they have developed what they call “Whisper Quiet” technology.

The  ‘whisper quiet’ mode really helps to keep the running noise down, once your space is cool. With high-quality parts and a meaty 12,000 BTU, DeLonghi’s AC can really hold its own in the midst of a hot summer spell. Without having the price tag of a more powerful 14,000 BTU model.

Overall, it’s a fantastic option if you’re less concerned on budget and more on noise. Just not quite as good an all-rounder as the Black & Decker models.

Scoring Process

Before we get into the reviews, I want to quickly state the main factors I took into account in choosing the best quiet portable air conditioners. These are important to consider when choosing the right AC model for your home.

    • Noise Level – How much standard operating noise the model makes
    • Functionality – Does it have multiple fan speeds / cooling modes?
    • Ease of Use – Is it easy to use? How intuitive are the controls?
    • Build Quality / Reliability  – Is it going to hold up over the years?
    • Size / Looks – Is it excessively large; will it be an eyesore to have in the room?
    • Value for Money – Quality is worth paying for, but does the price reflect the value?
    • Energy Efficiency Ratio – A cheaper upfront cost doesn’t mean much if it’s an electricity sink.

Now without further ado, let’s get into the full reviews below!

Quietest Portable Air Conditioners - Full Reviews

Delonghi America PACAN120EW - 12,000 BTU Capacity

Image of Delonghi PACAN120EW
You're looking at the pioneer of 'Whisper Cool' AC technology.

The DeLonghi AN120EW is a top recommendation for a well-made and quiet portable air conditioner.

Just for this model, DeLonghi developed what they call ‘Whisper Cool’ technology – finding an optimal balance between cooling power and quietness.

While this mode definitely makes a difference, a good tip is to give it some time fully cool down your space, before activating the quiet mode. This can be easy if you can plan ahead using the timer function.

With a few hits of the digital buttons, you can get the AC turning on before you’re home. Enjoy an effortlessly cooled room the second you walk in the door.

As well as the quiet operation function, the DeLonghi also receives top marks for quality. The controls are very intuitive, and I love the ‘traffic light system’ that the display uses. It has three different light settings for the temperature being ‘too high’, ‘cooling’, and ‘cool’.

These lights can be quite reassuring. Like the red light is saying:  “Man, it’s hot today! Hold on while I cool this down”.

A dedicated 'whisper quiet' modeExpensive; top of the range for quality and quietness
Quality build; state of the art features (timer, remote, dehumidifier)Quiet mode may lower energy efficiency
Great light system and temperature monitoring
2 year warranty on ALL parts

Our Verdict

If your absolute priority is a quiet portable AC – I’ve not found any other which tops this DeLonghi model.

While ‘whisper quiet’ isn’t as silent as the name suggests, it’s certainly at the front when it comes to keeping those decibel levels down.

You’ll never get a truly silent air conditioner, but I reckon this one’s about as close as you can get for now.

Whynter ARC-14S - 14,000 BTU Capacity

Image of Whynter ARC-14S
This Whynter's dual hosed exhaust allows for more efficient cooling.

The Whynter ARC-14S is my ‘big beast’ recommendation.

It puts out a powerful 14,000 BTU of cooling power.

There are a lot of other appliances that appear to have a 14,000 BTU capacity – but this Whynter model just seems to do its job so much better than the rest.

So much so, in fact, that it got the 2019 ‘Best Overall’ recommendation from Good Housekeeping.

This is partly from the solid engineering design and quality parts – but also due to the dual hose system. This system increases the machine’s efficiency thanks to much less heat leaking out of the exhaust. A major drawback of single hose machines.

We’ve covered these hose types in more detail – in the ‘Ventilation’ section below.

Most capable portable AC's on the marketIt's big! At 35 inches tall, make sure you've got the space
Sleek designControls look a bit outdated (though they work just fine)
Fully featured (fan, timer, dehumidifier, remote)
Dual hosed system - energy efficient and great evaporation capacity

Our Verdict

I wanted to highlight an air conditioner that packed a real punch for those who need the extra cooling power. This Whynter model meets these demands well.

With strong capacity backed up by a dual hose exhaust system, it’ll take care of even the hottest and most humid days without a drainage bucket needing to be touched.

It’s high quality and looks so good any guests won’t be able to help but comment. The controls are simple to use, and the 24-hour timer means it’ll have your space cool before you’re even home.

A must if you’ve got a big space and hot summers.

Honeywell MN12CES - 12,000 BTU Capacity

Image of Honeywell MN12CES
Amazon's #1 Best Selling Portable AC.

The Honeywell MN12CES is a fantastic all-rounder choice.

First, it really looks the part. Available in several variations (I love the black and silver), the sleek design and electric controls look great in any modern home.

With this MN12CES model, Honeywell has made a portable AC that is efficient, capable, and above all else – quiet.

Honeywell are also the only air conditioner manufacturer that lists the real maximum noise levels. In this case, the MN12CES has a listed maximum decibel rating of 55 – which lies between quiet and normal conversation (and this is white noise: a lot less distracting than speaking).

The controls are also superb. The temperature gauge gives you a real measure of the temperature (rather than just showing the target temperature). It also has a variety of easy-to-use modes to meet whatever demand you have. It’s capable of powering through a red hot summer’s day, or quietly keep a room cool at night (without sounding like a jet engine).

Honeywell have also proven that they’re founded on solid customer service. In our research, we found multiple reports where customers have been shipped entirely new window kits, if the standard sets don’t fit properly.

Great design, easy to set up and useSingle duct only; a dual could be more energy efficient
State of the art features (24 hour timer, remote, dehumidifier, fan functions)Large - not easy to move over carpets and rugs
Competetive price for quality and size
5 year warranty as standard

Our Verdict

All in all, this is a great appliance which meets every demand I have for a air conditioner.

In addition to being quiet, it also boasts solid build quality – crafted by a reliable manufacturer who have put their money where their mouth is with a certified 5 year warranty.

A warranty that long is super rare – especially these days. It really does speak volumes for the quality of this appliance.

If you want an all-rounder but didn’t fall in love with the Black & Decker, these Honeywell air conditioners are an amazing option.


Honeywell MM14CCS - 14,000 BTU Capacity

Image of Honeywell MM14CCS
The big brother of the first honeywell - more modern and more powerful.

Introducing the big brother to the 12,000 BTU Honeywell model above.

This more powerful version is of similar size, with the larger compressor only weighing 6lbs more than the 12,000 BTU model which tops Amazon’s bestseller list.

It looks sleek, has great build quality, and is still relatively quiet for the amount of cooling power it can pump out. Honeywell have stayed consistent in their goal to keep noise levels to a minimum. The maximum decibel level for this model actually stays at the same as the 12,000 BTU model; 55 dB.

As well as the extra cooling capacity, another upgrade is in the electronics. While the smaller series isn’t lacking in that department (it’s controls were one of the best we’ve reviewed), this big brother has a miniature screen for more control over the appliance.

The one downside is, of course, the extra price that comes with the higher power. However, we’d recommend this model to anyone who wants a long-term solution to any air conditioning problem in a large space. No matter the heat or humidity. As before, Honeywell are also a great manufacturer and have been known to ship extra window kits to customers in need – so you’ll be in good hands, too.

Great design and looksLarge; portable doesn't always mean "a joy to move"!
The best controls we've reviewed; clear screen and easy to useUpwards price jump from the equally great 12,000 BTU Honeywell
Plenty of cooling power to handle even the hottest of summers
Built with quietness in mind - a listed maximum noise level of 55dB

Our Verdict

Ideal for anyone who want to ensure that they’ll be able to keep their space cool, no matter the outside temperature.

With great looks, quiet operation, and easy to use functionality – this model has everything you need to cool a large space.

Granted, there is a bit of a price jump from the 12,000 BTU model above. But if you’re lucky enough to have a large space – it’s worth paying to keep it properly cooled.

Black & Decker BPACT10WT - 10,000 BTU Capacity

Image of Black & Decker BPACT10W
Small, simple, and easy to run.

We’ve got Black & Decker’s Portable AC as our top 10,000 BTU choice. As well as being our Quick Recommendation as an all-rounder, there’s a great focus on quietness, too. Black & Decker have created a ‘sleep mode’ just for this air conditioner.

Since 10,000 BTU air conditioners are typically used in bedrooms, Black and Decker have brought in a function with us light sleepers in mind.

The sleep mode allows for the room temperature to gradually increase by 2oF over 2 hours once activated. While this is unnoticeable while you’re drifting off to sleep, it makes a huge difference in the amount of effort the air conditioner needs to use. Resulting in a much quieter atmosphere to sleep in.

The model is also comparatively small, too. It’s 5 inches slimmer than most standard 17” air conditioners – ideal to be tucked away in the corner of a small bedroom or office.

Unique 'sleep mode' tailored to light sleepersWhile well suited for small rooms, doesn't have the power for large spaces
Small and slim size, without being weak on coolingNonadjustable flow direction
Fully featured (timer, remote, auto-evaporation)

Our Verdict

This is a great appliance for those who are in need of a cool bedroom but can’t sleep with much noise going on in the room.

It’s small enough to slot into tight corners, and the sleep mode shows that the air conditioner has been designed with light sleepers in mind.

To top it all off, it’s one of the cheapest models on the market that while still having the quality we look for in our top list. A great buy.

Whynter ARC-10WB - 10,000 BTU Capacity

Image of Whynter ARC-10WB Portable AC
Another great little runner. I love the vent panels open up at the top.

This 10,000 BTU Whynter model is a great little bull dog of an AC. While it doesn’t have any ‘special modes’ like the Black and Decker, it runs quietly enough by itself.

It’s not the snazziest of models, but it’s got plenty bit of charm to it, and the air ducts glide open by themselves very smoothly. Very cool.

One area where this model really shines is in its low cost and high energy efficiency. It’s been designed specifically for minimal energy consumption. So you can leave it running with no qualms about harming the environment.. or your electric bill.

That said, just because it doesn’t use a ton of juice doesn’t mean that it’s not capable of cooling a room. Though it is wise to make sure that your space will be within a total of around 400 square foot.

Even though it’s a smaller model, this Whynter isn’t lacking on the features front. It’s still capable of self-evaporating to avoid needing drained apart from on the most humid of days, and has well-functioning controls (though they don’t quite look state of the art, they do work well).

Low costFairly basic looks
QuietNot the most powerful
Very energy efficient
Fully featured (24 hour timer, dehumidifier, remote control)

Our Verdict

A great solution if you have a small space and/or just need a little bit extra cooling power in one area of your home.

Without sacrificing on quality or noise, this portable AC won’t break the bank or cause your electricity bill to go through the roof.

If you love the old-school Ferrari like vents, and keep a close eye on your electric bill, this model would be a great option.

Quick Buyer's Guide - Portable Air Conditioners

A quality portable air conditioner costs a pretty penny, so you want to make sure you’re going to stay happy with your purchase for years to come.

Knowing what features are important to you is how to find the model that feels like it was made just for your home. Below are the 4 biggest factors which make up a good portable air conditioner.

BTU Capacity

First up are BTU’s, or British Thermal Units.

(No, it’s not the amount of power to brew a British cup of tea..!)

BTU’s are the way we measure how effective an air conditioner is. Specifically (for any scientists out there), they are:

‘the conversion efficiency of heat into electrical energy’

Where 12,000 BTU is the power you need to freeze 1 ton of water into ice in 24 hours. Pretty cool.

The power of an air conditioner is the most important factor. Too much power will cool so fast it won’t remove moisture from the air, leaving you cool but clammy. Not enough power, and that poor AC will be whirring hard all day long.

Use the table below to find the BTU capacity you need.

Table showing BTU requirements for room sizes.

Room size aside, there are other aspects that may change the power you need:

  • Add another 10% BTU if your space:
    • Has high ceilings (above 8ft)
    • Gets a lot of sunlight
    • Is poorly insulated.
  • If the room is frequently occupied by more than 2 people, add 600 BTU per extra person.
  • If it’s a kitchen, add 4,000 BTU.
  • Finally, if the room is shaded from the sun, lower the capacity by 10%.

Need an AC with less than 8,000BTU? Check out our quietest window ac guide!

Noise Level

The reason why we wrote this guide – noise!

Unfortunately, there’s still no portable air conditioner in the world that is truly silent. But there’s plenty getting there. The best of which I’ve reviewed above.

When it comes to noise, there are two things to consider:

Noise #1: Operating Noise Levels

These noise levels are surprisingly rare for manufacturers to list. In fact, Honeywell is the only supplier who I’ve found to list the maximum noise produced by the Portable AC. Though this is because they’re one of the quietest on the market, so it’s a great selling point!

Noise #2: You.

The second factor about how noisy an AC gets, is you!

It’s how you use the appliance. Any portable air conditioner worth paying for will have a selection of features that you can use to keep things quiet.

Look for portable AC’s which have features like:

  • Programmable Timers: Set the machine to do all the hard cooling work before you’ll be in the room.
  • Multiple Speeds: Keep a space cool on a low setting once the room’s been cooled down.
  • Sleep/silent modes: Reduce the noise, often at the cost of some cooling power. Check out our top recommendations for examples.


While portable AC’s do blow out cold air, they also need to exhaust the hot air that comes as a result of operating it’s electronic parts – typically through a hose that connects to your window. It also needs air to use to keep it’s interior parts cool enough to operate – so if the only ventilation the machine has is the one hose, it needs to pull in air from the room to keep itself cool.

Dual Hose AC Example

2 hoses don’t quite mean 2x the efficiency.. but they do help

Portable air conditioners that come with a second hose are able to pull air in from outside to keep itself cool, which makes it much more efficient – since it’s not stealing back some of it’s own cool air to function. Though models with two hoses generally use more energy to run, they’re also more efficient with the energy they do use, and can be quieter when operating as a result.


As with programmable features, any modern portable appliance that’s worth having will be able to self-evaporate most of the water that condenses because of the machine operating. While older machines required drainage buckets to be emptied (sometimes frequently, on humid days), the portable AC’s that have made our best list all have self-evaporation power; evaporating the water out through their exhaust hoses. While their drainage buckets may still need emptied on the worst of days, they should be capable enough to just ‘set it and forget it’.


Finally it’s important to think about if there’s any modern features that would really make your life easier. Have a read over the following lists of key features, and see if you’d love to have any of them. If so, it’s worth making sure any AC you consider can do it.

  1. Programmable Timer – This is the key to taking full advantage of your air conditioner. Set it to switch on 30 minutes before you’re back from work, and experience that amazing feeling of stepping into a cool home after a hot day. It also means that when you’re in the room the A/C is quieter, since it’s already done most of the hard work.
  2. Sleep / Quiet Mode – If the AC will be in a bedroom, these modes are amazing for quality of life. Different companies do them differently. DeLonghi on one hand makes the entire appliance quieter while sacrificing some power. Black & Decker, on the other hand, place the AC on ‘low’ power and allow the temperature to slowly increase as you sleep (and the night gets cooler).
  3. Remote Control – Not only is a remote great for easier control of your AC, but it’s perfect if you’re in bed. You can check the temperature and adjust it as you chill and relax or on the couch.
  4. Thermostat – Perhaps basic, but some of the cheaper models still don’t use thermostats! On the other hand, a digital thermostat is much more accurate than an analog one, and generally allows you much greater control.
  5. Automatic Shut-Off – Following on from a thermostat comes Auto Shut-Off. This switches the A/C off for a short while once the desired temperature’s been reached. Saving you money and adding on quietness.
  6. Energy Efficiency – Finally, make sure that the AC is Energy Star Certified. Not only are these a great sign of quality – a certified model will save you money on your electric bill. Up to 15% more. Yep, that’s worth it. Check out if your model is certified on their website here.


While we’ve compared and contrasted between all the air conditioners above, remember that these are the cream of the crop when it comes to portable air conditioners. What matters most is finding one will suit you personally. I hope my buyer’s guide above helped you to decide.

If you’ve not fallen in love with any of the recommendations here, then take a look at Amazon’s Bestselling List of Portable Air Conditioners for more inspiration.

For an alternative cooling solution, check out my guide to window air conditioners – where I’ve also focused on finding the quietest models to cool your home.