There’s nothing worse than a lukewarm beer or a glass of tepid iced tea. That’s why in this article, you’ll find 8 tips to help you cool down the temperature in your mini-fridge just the way you like it.

Here’s how to make your mini-fridge colder

  1. Pull the blinds in a hot room
  2. Keep it away from heat-producing appliances
  3. Do not rest it on carpet
  4. Clean underneath it
  5. Keep it distanced from other objects
  6. Store items cool
  7. Check the door gaskets
  8. Defrost it regularly

8 Ways to Cool Down Your Mini-Fridge

Having a mini-fridge in your student dorm, garage, or games room is the definition of convenience. Unexpected guests could arrive at any time and it’s nice to always have refreshing drinks on hand to share.

But what if your mini-fridge isn’t keeping your drinks crisp and cool? What if they are barely below room temperature or dare I say it, warm?

Then something must be done, asap. And no, it isn’t throwing your mini-fridge into the nearest landfill and getting a new one. Take a look at the upcoming 8 tips that will help you instantly make your mini-fridge cooler.

Tip #1 Pull the Blinds In a Hot Room

Is your mini-fridge located in one of the hottest rooms in the house? Or perhaps it’s in a west-facing garage that really heats up in the summer. Whatever the case, if your mini-fridge is in a hot room, we have to go the extra mile to keep it cold.

But, of course, moving a mini-fridge to a cooler room is not always feasible. So what can you do? Try to make the room the mini-fridge is in as cool as possible. Here are some ways you can do that.

  • Pull the blinds in the room during the day. If the room gets a lot of sunlight, you could even try installing blackout blinds.
  • Keep the room’s temperature regulated with air conditioning
  • Keep the mini-fridge out of direct sunlight. Move it to a corner of the room that doesn’t get much sun.
blackout blinds
Draw the blinds to keep the room cool

Tip #2 Keep It Away From Heat-Producing Appliances

Where is your mini-fridge positioned? If it is sandwiched next to a dishwasher or stove then it might struggle more than it should to keep cool.

You want to make sure that your mini-fridge stays as cold as possible. To do this, keep it away from heat-producing appliances. Which appliances do we mean? Here is a list of them.

  • Any source of lighting. But especially incandescent and halogen lights.
  • Televisions
  • Dishwashers
  • Tumble dryers
  • Ovens, microwaves, and cooktop stoves

Stationing your mini-fridge away from these kinds of appliances will help you to keep the temperature down inside the unit.

Tip #3 Do Not Rest It on Carpet

For your mini-fridge to stay cool, you must rest it on a material that helps it to keep air circulating. This means that fibrous materials such as carpets and rugs are not a good choice.

Here are the best materials for keeping your mini-fridge cool.

  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Real stone
  • Tile
  • Resin or concrete

Of course, ripping out the carpet in your dorm just to accommodate your mini-fridge is a little drastic. So, why not try resting it on a large plank of wood instead?

mini fridge on wooden floor
Do not rest the mini-fridge on carpet

Tip #4 Clean Underneath It

You know what housework is like. You do the cleaning and by the time you’ve turned around, it’s dirty again. And it doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate in that teeny tiny gap underneath your mini-fridge.

Why does this matter? Well, unfortunately, dust insulates. So, cleaning out the dust bunnies from under your mini-fridge will help to keep the unit cool. Clearing dust away from its vents and compressor will also keep it cooler. Keeping on top of the dust will help you get the best results.

Tip #5 Keep It Distanced From Other Objects

Where do you keep your mini-fridge? I agree it looks nice and neat and tidy tucked under a bookshelf or nestled between a couple of cupboards. But the position of your mini-fridge could be what’s keeping it from staying as cool as it could.

So where should you put your mini-fridge? Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when choosing a home for it.

  • Keep the mini-fridge at least an inch from a back wall. It should not be placed flush against it.
  • Keep the mini-fridge at least an inch from other objects on its sides. Avoid placing it right up against any other object so that air can flow around it and to its vents.

Tip #6 Store Items Cool

Mini-fridges are blissfully convenient. Got a bit of leftovers from dinner? Well, that goes straight in the fridge ready for another day. What about that cup of soup that you didn’t get to finish at lunch? That also goes right in on the top shelf.

There’s nothing wrong with keeping food in a mini-fridge. But, we should be careful of the temperature of the food we put in there. A mini-fridge is, well, mini, so it doesn’t take a lot of hot food for its environment to begin to heat up. And once it’s hot, it will take a while for the fridge to cool back down.

So, what’s the trick here? Make sure you cool your food and drinks down before you put them in the mini-fridge.

Tip #7 Check the Door Gaskets

If the door gaskets on your mini-fridge are not very firm, they could be allowing warm air to seep in. And because mini-fridges are small, even a tiny but constant supply of warm air is enough to make the unit struggle.

Testing your mini-fridge’s door gaskets is a good way of keeping it cool. If they are too loose or worn, you will have to replace them. You should be able to find replacements at any good hardware store. It’s simply a matter of unscrewing the old gaskets and sliding on new ones.

Dirty door gaskets also have trouble staying closed properly. So, if the gaskets on your mini-fridge are a little dusty or grimy, give them a clean.

Tip #8 Defrost It Regularly

You’ve got buckets of hot water everywhere, towels left, right, and center. Oh, and you can’t find that one random tool you use as a chisel to break the ice. Yes, defrosting a ice maker is a pain.

But when your mini-fridge is all iced-up, it will not be able to work properly. To make sure your mini-fridge is in tip-top condition you have to defrost it regularly. Depending on the age of your mini-fridge you might have to do this quite often. Even on some of the newer models, you should defrost yours at least twice a year.

empty mini fridge
Defrost the mini-fridge regularly


Does it feel cooler outside your mini-fridge than it does inside? Luckily, you won’t have to put up with room temperature drinks any longer. The 8 tips mentioned in this article have no doubt helped you to make your mini-fridge cooler. Enjoy an ice-cold one on us!

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Have a great day!