Kitchen cabinets slamming once or twice is no big deal..

However, some cabinets seem to slam shut every single time. When it’s constant, loud cabinets banging can become a serious annoyance. If you have kids, this can be even more of a problem – kids seem to find every way possible to make noise, including slamming cabinets constantly!

Cabinet doors bang for two reasons: either wood is hitting wood and making a loud noise, or the door is closing too quickly. Both of these problems have simple solutions.

If your rattling cabinets are rattling you, you have some options to quiet the racket:

  • Add Felt or Rubber Bumper Pads
  • Install Soft-Close Dampers
  • Swap Out Self-Close Cabinet Hinges

Depending on your budget and how noisy your cabinets are, one of these tips can help you get a handle on banging cabinets.

Let’s go into these tricks in a little more detail.

Add Felt or Rubber Bumper Pads

The simplest option to quiet slamming cabinets is to add bumper pads. Cabinets make a loud noise when they close because unprotected wood is slamming into more wood. Unfortunately for your cabinets, wood is a loud material. By keeping this from happening, you can cut the noise in no time.

Bumper pads are the easiest way to do this. A bumper pad is a little lump of soft material that you stick onto the cabinet doors at the corners. They can be felt or rubber, and they typically have a peel-off, self-stick backing. All you need to do is buy a sheet of these little stickers and place them on the corners of your loud cabinets.

You can also make your own homemade bumper pads with some duct tape and hot glue. This video gives a good explanation of this DIY hack:

Best of all, any of these types of bumper can also be used on drawers, helping keep them from slamming as well.

Install Soft-Close Dampers

If you’ve tried bumpers and they just aren’t working, then you might need to try something a little more heavy-duty.

Soft close dampers are specialized pistons covered in rubber. The rubber stopped catches the door as it closes. Then the weight of the door slowly compresses the piston until it closes without a sound.

Door damper example

A standard soft-close door damper.

Soft-close dampers involve a little more work than bumpers do. These dampers get screwed into the frame of your cabinet door next to the hinges. However, if you’re facing constantly noisy doors, they’re a good compromise.

Swap Out Self-Close Cabinet Hinges

If you don’t like the idea of extra hardware cluttering your kitchen, there’s one final option. Modern self-close cabinet hinges work similarly to soft-close dampers, but without the extra fixtures. Instead, you just swap out your old hinges with the

self-close door hinge example

A standard self-close door hinge.

Using self-close cabinet hinges does involve a little bit more time. You’ll need to remove the doors and old hinges from your cabinets and install the new set. That may involve drilled holes in the doors or the cabinets. However, these handy hinges lead to silent doors and a sleeker home. If you’re truly bothered by slamming cabinets, self-close cabinet hinges are a perfect and permanent solution.

Other Quick Kitchen Upgrades You Can Do Today

While you’re in the DIY mood, there are some other quick kitchen upgrades you can do in an hour or less. These can make all the difference in how pleasant your kitchen feels.

Add Under-Shelf Lighting

Many kitchens suffer from dark and shadowy counters. Shelves and cabinets above your counters can block the light and make it difficult to use your counter space. That’s where LED strip lighting can help you out.

You can get strips of LEDs in a wide variety of colors. These strips can be programmed to produce every color of the rainbow, including cool and warm white. All you need to do is peel off the back of the lighting strip and press it to the underside of your cabinets. These strips are often battery-powered, so you don’t even need to sacrifice an outlet.

Once you’ve installed these lighting strips, everything from chopping vegetables to cleaning will be a little easier. They keep things from getting dim and unsightly, without breaking the bank.

Swap Out Hardware

Another easy way to refresh your kitchen is to get new hardware for cabinets and drawers. Dated handled and drawer pulls can be boring at best and broken at worst. Replacing this hardware is a quick way to freshen up your kitchen without painting anything.

Refresh Light Fixtures

There’s nothing quite like a new light fixture to freshen up a space. However, you don’t need to work with wiring to get your kitchen lights looking like new. Instead, you can get new light bulbs and lampshades. LED light bulbs save energy and can be programmed to fit whatever lighting you want. Combined with a new lampshade, you can have your kitchen looking like an Instagram picture in minutes.

Add a Backsplash

Colorful, eye-catching backsplashes are a trendy way to redo your kitchen. However, a traditional backsplash is time-consuming and difficult to install. That’s why you should use peel-and-stick backsplash tiles or sheets instead.

These sheets and tiles are easy to install: just peel off the backing and stick them onto a clean, dry surface. Most of these sheets are easily trimmed, so you can get the perfect fit in no time. Best of all, if you want to change things up in the future, they’re easy to peel off, too. This can also help cover unsightly stains and seal in any smells old walls have absorbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you stop a door from banging?

Doors bang because the door hits the frame at high speed. To prevent a door from banging, you can add bumpers to keep the door and frame from hitting, or your can slow the door down with special hinges or dampers.

How do you lift a cupboard door that has dropped?

Most cupboard doors will sag over time because the hinges have become loos in some way. You can check the door to see which screws have loosened, then quickly tighten them with a screwdriver.


Noisy cabinets can be annoying, especially if you have kids who like to slam them. I hope this guide has helped you find a little bit more peace and quiet in your kitchen.

Whether you just quiet your cabinets or do a complete kitchen refresh, you’re giving yourself a little bit more peace and quiet in your daily life.

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