Hot cuppas all around? Find out how much it’s costing you to click the kettle in this article and see how you can save money.

Here are the average costs to run a kettle

In the US In the UK
Price per boil2 cents USD1.5p GBP
Price per month$3 USD£2.22 GBP
Based on a family boiling a kettle 5 times a day on average

To save money when using the kettle do the following

  • Reduce your kettle use
  • Only boil what you need
  • Use gas
  • Descale your kettle

Each boil of the kettle means a small drain on your hard-earned cash. Take a closer look at these costs and what you can do to lower them in the next section.

How Much Does It Cost to Boil a Kettle?

How many times a day do you boil the kettle?

You love the spring in your step that comes with your first cup of coffee in the morning. Oh, and how about that elevenses cuppa with a biscuit? Now we’re talking. And you need a mug of the hot stuff at lunchtime to wash your food down. Then there’s the obligatory afternoon tea. Another around 5ish before you get the dinner on. Not to mention the one with the evening news.

You get the point, we’re clicking the kettle pretty much all day round. The average household in the UK boils their kettle 5 times a day. But how much is each click costing us? Take a look at the pricing below.

Kettle with snacks
There’s nothing like a fresh cup of tea, but we’ve all wondered how much it costs at some point!

The Price Per Day

On average, it will cost you 2 cents USD or 1.5p GBP every time you boil your kettle in the UK. In the US, you will spend 1 cent USD or 0.75p GBP for every boil. But this figure will vary depending on the following.

  • How much water is in your kettle. If you only boil a half-filled kettle, you can expect the price to be lower.
  • The size of your kettle. The average kettle holds about 1.5 to 1.7 liters of water. If yours is bigger than that, your boiling prices might be higher.
  • The price of your electricity. The price you pay to boil your kettle will depend on your electricity tariff.

But what kind of prices can you expect to pay in a month or even a year?  Check out the next sections to find out.

The Price Per Month

On average, it will cost you $1.50 USD or £1.11 GBP a month for you to boil the kettle in the US. But in the UK, the price is higher. The average household in the UK spends $3 USD or £2.22 GBP a month on boiling the kettle. These numbers can vary depending on the following.

  • How much water is in your kettle
  • The size of your kettle
  • The price of your electricity
  • How many times a day you boil the kettle. We have based our figures on 5 boils a day. That is the average UK household’s kettle use. But if you think that your kettle is getting a little more mileage, the price will be higher.
  • The efficiency of the kettle. Newer kettles use less energy. If they are maintained well, they will also be cheaper to run.

The Price Per Year

The average US household will spend $18 USD or £13.32 on their kettle boils every year. The average UK household on the other hand will spend a little more. They can expect to pay around $36 USD per year or £26.64 GBP. But once again, these numbers do all depend on the following.

  • How much water is in your kettle
  • The size of your kettle
  • The price of your electricity
  • How many times a day you boil the kettle
  • The efficiency of the kettle

How to Save Money When Boiling the Kettle

How can you make your pennies stretch further? Don’t worry, you won’t have to cut down on drinking any of your favorite hot beverages. Here are some useful tips that will help you save money when using one of our most important kitchen appliances.

Reduce Your Kettle Use

Reducing your kettle use. Now I know what you’re thinking. I just said that you wouldn’t have to cut down on the number of hot drinks you drink. So, let me explain.

Reducing your kettle use doesn’t mean cutting out hot drinks. It means using the kettle in an efficient way. Instead of boiling water once for yourself, then boiling it again 15 minutes later for someone else, try this. Fill the kettle with enough water for everyone. Then keep the lid shut to keep the water hot for when others are ready.

Reducing the number of times you turn on the kettle will lower your energy costs. Take a look at how reduced water boiling could save you money.

In the UK In the US
Boiling the kettle 5 times a day$3 USD or £2.22 GBP per month$1.50 USD or £1.11 GBP per month
Boiling the kettle twice a day$1.2 USD or £0.89 GBP per month$0.6 USD or £0.44 per month
kettle with 2 cups
Reduce the cost by making hot drinks for more than one person

Only Boil What You Need

Another way for you to cut your kettle’s costs is to only boil the amount of water you need. After all, the longer the water is boiling, the more expensive it is. So, if you are making hot drinks for just one or two, measure your water accordingly.

How many cups can your kettle make? Here’s a guide.

  • A 1.5-liter kettle can make around 6 cups
  • A 1.7-liter can make around 7 cups

Reducing the amount of water you boil will help to cut down on your energy costs. Take a look at how decreasing the water in your kettle could help you save money.

In the UK In the US
Boiling a full kettle2 cents USD or 1.5p GBP per boil1 cent USD or 0.08p GBP per boil
Boiling a half-full kettle1 cent USD or 0.08p GBP per boil0.5 cents USD or 0.04p GBP per boil

Use Gas

Another way to cut the cost when boiling the kettle is to use gas. This will help you save money as gas is generally cheaper than electricity. You can use a stovetop kettle to boil your water over gas.  Why not swap your electric kettle for a stovetop cast iron kettle next time you upgrade?

Descale the Kettle

Descaling the kettle will also help it run more efficiently. This is because the limescale inside the kettle makes the kettle have to work harder and for longer. And the longer the kettle is on the higher your electrical bill. So make sure your kettle is regularly descaled.


Does the cost of running a kettle frighten you? Every click adds up, but drinking less hot drinks is not something we’re prepared to do. That’s why I am sure the money-saving tips in this article have helped you to reduce the cost of making your favorite beverages.

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