It’s getting hotter and hotter every year. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), July 2021 was the hottest month ever recorded in history. At Least five heat domes descended on various regions of the hemisphere at once, resulting in numerous days of stagnant, sweltering heat.

The sizzling temperatures have negatively impacted productivity, moods, memory and suicide rates. How do you beat the heat and make those sweaty sleepless nights a thing of the past?

We all have that one solution–the AC. Old rich trick.

You might ask, what if the AC never existed? How did our great grandfathers and grandmothers survive the summer heat? Well, there are many old cool tricks to keep yourself cool during the summer season’s unbearably hot weather that don’t involve sitting in front of an AC and skyrocketing your energy bills.

I have also written a guide on how to get the most out of your air conditioner to cut energy costs, but if you’re looking for ways and hacks to keep your home environment naturally cool, this post is for you.

With that said, I’ve gathered some of the best expert advice, tried-and-proven tips and tricks you can put into practice to create a cooler home when the hot weather hits.

Let’s get right into it!

Tips for you and your family

To get your home in the right temperatures, everyone in your family must be involved. Some of the tips involve personal care and making a few lifestyle changes. If you have children, teach them these tricks to help cool themselves during hot days.

#1 Take cold showers 

Cold showers
Take cold showers to cool you down

Sounds too obvious. An ice-cold shower invigorates the skin and improves blood circulation, but don’t overdo it. Don’t soak your body in freezing water, as it will force your body to produce heat rapidly to keep the body at optimal temperatures. Instead of feeling cool, you’ll only sweat more immediately you’re out of the shower.

#2 Simhasana (Lion Pose)

 Also known as the destroyer of all diseases, the Simhasana or lion pose is an excellent yoga practice to cool your body. Th pose represents a roaring lion, and it’s pretty easy and comfortable to perform. It takes 30 seconds, and you can best perform it in the morning. Simhasana relieves tension in your body and improves blood circulation that leads to cooling.

#3 Wear cotton clothes

Cotton is an excellent summer fabric for humid Florida and dry heat Arizona. The material allows air to circulate freely without getting trapped in one area, cooling your body naturally. Cotton t-shirts are breathable and lightweight, making it easier to absorb sweat during the day. Cotton pajamas are soft to soothe you to sleep.  They also don’t absorb heat or retain it, making them the perfect night attire on hot days.

#4 Sleep pharaoh style

As I said, people used different techniques to keep their bodies cool without AC. The Ancient Egyptians had a particularly unique trick that worked excellently. It involved wetting a towel or bedsheet, squeezing the water, so it’s not dripping wet and using it as a blanket. You can use a dry towel to lie on to avoid soaking your mattress.

#5 Keep your body more hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated
Drink a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated

As your body struggles to keep your temperature at an optimal level, the least you can do is stay hydrated. Your body will try to cool you off through sweating, which means you lose a significant amount of water. Take lots of water, fruits and vegetables. Incorporate soups, ice cream, smoothies and all types of liquids to keep you hydrated.

#6 Sleep on the floor

Sleeping on the floor has many benefits, including low heat. While temperatures are expected to go down at night, hot air rises, making it extremely difficult to fall asleep in the heat. Try sleeping on your bedroom floor where it is cooler.

#7 Chill your hot zones

Your pressure points need to cool down for your body to feel fresh and relaxed. Place ice packs on pulse areas like your neck, wrists and temples to stay cool. You can also buy or improvise a body fitting ice vest, like those athletes and other sportspeople wear, to keep your temperatures stable and prevent dehydration.

#8 Focus on your body temperature

From sipping cold drinks and eating cold foods such as salads and fruits, there is so much you can do to keep your body temperature low. It may seem a little weird cuddling in the heat.  Create space and let your partner and your warm furry friends sleep in their designated areas to increase the free circulation of air.

Tips for Your Home

These tips and tricks are focused on things you can do around your home to keep it cool. Some involve investing in long-term solutions, while others are simply things you can do daily to keep yourself cool.

#1 Invest in cool white accessories

Stick with light accessories
Use white accessories do decorate your room

Summer is not the time to decorate your home with those fancy colorful accessories. It’s time to put away the black and dark accessories and lighten your home for ventilation. Try brightening your home by sticking to light and bright accessories to avoid heat absorption.

#2 Use day and night blinds

Did you know that 30% of the unwanted summer heat comes from the windows? Yes. Now you know! If the more significant part of your home is facing the sun, you may want to regulate the amount of light entering by installing day and night blinds. They come with transparent and opaque material that you can adjust in different angles based on your needs.

#3 Open the windows during the night

If you’re closing your windows and blinds during the day and night, consider opening the windows at night or early mornings to flush out the stale air. Close the windows and blinds to keep your indoor space cooler throughout the day and prevent the outside air from mixing with your cool air.

#4 Invest in houseplants

Houseplants are not only beautiful during summer, but they actually do a great job absorbing hot carbon dioxide from your home for photosynthesis and other natural processes. In return, they produce moisture and oxygen in the air, improving air quality and cooling the space around your home. Plant bigger plants outside to create shade around your home and block the scorching sun from directly entering your home.

#5 Be smart with fans

Whether you are using a ceiling fan or a portable fan, there are various ways you can get the most out of each. If your fans are rotating in a clockwise direction, they’re not doing more than pushing hot air around. To get the most out of your fan, you need to adjust it to rotate in a counter-clockwise direction. Instead of positioning it to point your direction, be creative and point it towards the window, especially at night, to get rid of the hot air. Another excellent trick is putting a bag of ice or bowl of icy-cold water and placing it in front of the fan to circulate even cooler air around the room.

#6 Insulate your attic

If your bedroom is getting hotter, your attic could be the culprit. Insufficient attic insulation is similar to an open window on a hot day. If not properly insulated, your attic allows heat from outside to build in your indoor space.

#7 Install an attic ventilator

A great budget-friendly solution to cool your attic is pushing out the stifling hot air from the attic and replacing it with cooler air from outside. That means no hot air enters your living space. Most homes come with built-in passive attic venting; check whether your home has one  and check to make sure there is plenty of ventilation.

#8 Focus on cooling one room

If your home is too big and too hot, I highly recommend focusing on cooling one room at a time. It’s like breaking a large project into smaller achievable sub-projects. Close the doors leading to other rooms and use all the fans to cool the room completely.

#9 Open doors to other rooms one at a time

 When you’re satisfied with the results, start opening doors one by one while directing the fans towards the specific rooms. You’ll realize it’s   easier to cool one room at a time than deal with a whole sun-baked house.  

#10 Unplug unused appliances and electronics

Who listens to the radio while under heat? No one. Okay, this sounds pretty minuscule, but hey, everything that uses electricity produces heat at some point. Unplug all unnecessary appliances when not in use, even those little red glowing lights from the sockets, microwaves, and water dispensers indicating an appliance is on do produce heat. Turning off is not enough —-unplug.

#11 Upgrade your light bulbs

Low energy light bulb
Use low-energy light bulbs

Kitchen appliances and electronics are not the only items adding extra heat to your home. Light bulbs are another culprit and a less obvious one.  Conventional incandescent light bulbs give off the most heat.  Invest in low-energy light bulbs that do not overheat to cool your home.

#12 Seal off cracks around your windows and doors

A little investment goes a long way, and upgrading your windows and doors is one way to achieve long-term cooling effects in your home. Energy-efficient windows, like bulbs, help keep cold air in your home for longer. If your windows are in fairly good condition, you can seal off any cracks around them to ensure no air comes in or goes out.

#13 Fit the windows with a reflective film

If sealing the cracks is not an option, a standard reflective window film can do the job just fine. Reflective films keep at least 63 percent of the sun’s heat from your house while allowing light to shine through during the day. The filtration is enough to keep you cool, especially with the help of fans.

#14 Close hot rooms

Not all rooms will have the same temperature levels unless you live in an apartment. It also means not all rooms require cooling. You can close these doors and seal off cracks and holes that could permeate hot air in other rooms, especially at night. 

Foods and Drinks

What you eat and drink is quite essential in keeping your metabolism and other body functions running smoothly as you fight the high temperatures. Every drink and bite also goes a long way towards keeping you cooler. Let’s look at what you can eat!

#1 Eat and drink mint

Mint is a natural mouth and breath cooler. It also helps you breathe better, especially if you live in an area with high humidity, where breathing the hot sticky and thick air can be frustrating. Mint also keeps your breath fresh and cool. It also eliminates bad mouth odor.

#2 Eat spicy foods

Spicy Food
Eating spicy foods can increase blood circulation

I came through a lot of controversy about eating spicy foods to cool the body, with some people saying it’s not a good idea while others swearing it works. I was a bit curious, especially when I learnt that some of the hottest countries, like India, Mexico and Morocco eat spicy foods, particularly hot peppers. Of course, they have a reason backed up by research from various institutions and not just that–spicy foods help you live longer, according to a 2015 research by BMJ. Spices help increase blood circulation and makes you sweaty, which in turn cools you down.

#3 Eat foods with high water levels

Fruits and vegetables with high water content help you stay hydrated during hot summers.  Melons, cucumbers, grapes, oranges, lettuce, tomatoes, berries and pineapples are all fruits and vegetables with a high water content. Don’t forget to add some spices like chilli peppers when you make soups. Avoid ice cream in hot weather; it will only make you hotter as soon as you’re done eating it.

#4 Avoid cooking in the house

The last thing you want is to add more heat to a house you’re trying so hard to cool. Using the stove or oven generates heat in the kitchen, which will quickly spread in other rooms as the kitchen is centrally located. Swap those hearty soups and stews with lighter meals, more veggies and liquid drinks.

#5 Grill barbecues outside the house

The hot weather offers a great opportunity to eat outside, grill most of your food outside, make salads and eat more fruits. Have friends and family come over or visit them for barbecues.

#6 Focus on salads

You will be surprised at how good a big bowl of salad tastes on a hot summer afternoon. Chilled lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers are great items for lunch. You can also come up with creative ideas to make them more delicious when chilled. This is also an excellent opportunity to learn and try different types of smoothies.

Final Thoughts

If your home feels more like a volcano than a typical cool house, there’s so much you can do to achieve a cooler home without breaking the bank, trying to install an expensive air conditioning system. Most tips and tricks in this post work for homes dealing with extremely high temperatures and moderately hot environments.

,,,I hope you have learned two or three new tips to incorporate into your list, but if you are looking to buy an AC, check out our guides below on the quietest portable window air conditioners. I also have other great summer posts with great ideas and tips worth checking. Keep cool, stay cool and beat the heat!