How To Make Clear Ice At Home

Researched & Written by Jonny

Whether you’re wanting to compliment your summer drink or feel like you’re missing something to spruce up your next party, clear ice is your friend. Don’t get me wrong, cloudy ice is fine if you want to go second best but if you want that added bonus, the way forward is clear.

Learning how to make clear ice at home is not only easy, but super useful! I’m a big fan of DIY in the kitchen, so I’ve constructed a quick 5 minute read on how to make clear ice, in a simple yet effective method.

What you’ll be needing

  • Water (Tap or Bottled if you want to go all the way)
  • Kettle / Boiling Pan & Gas Hob
  • Freezer (Unless you have super cold breath)
  • Ice Tray


We’re going to be dealing with boiling water soon. So if you want to take that extra care, make sure you’re wearing adequate clothing. It doesn’t have to be too thick, but just something that covers the skin to prevent injury.

Step 1) Time to prep your water

Picture of glass being filled by bottle of water

I know making ice is exciting, but we need to prep our water first! Tap water is suitable, but go for bottled water if you want a tad clearer looking ice cube. The reason behind this is; bottled water typically contains less contaminants which can change our ice cubes look at the end.

Remember, don’t go crazy. Do a trial run first and use just a trays worth of water!

Step 2) Lets get boiling

Picture of kettle boiling water

We’re going in hot with this step. If you have a kettle, then fill it up with your water and turn that bad boy on! To remove any dissolved gases, we want to boil our water twice in your standard kettle. For you gas hob users, fill up your boiling pan with water (but not too the brim as the water could go everywhere once boiling!), and crank the heat up. Let your water boil for a few minutes and you’re good to go.

Step 3) Filling the tray & Patience young padawan

Time to start filling the tray(s). Wait for your water to cool down as you don’t want to turn out like a boiled lobster. Go out to the store or make a phone call, just let your water chill for a bit but don’t take too long, as it’s proven the warmer the water, the less time it takes to cool (the good old Mypemba effect) Once you’re happy it’s cooled down enough, go ahead and start filling the trays, taking care not to overfill the segments of the tray (otherwise it’ll be cleanup time once again).

Step 4) Let it freeze

Picture of really clear ice

Probably the easiest step, you’ve filled the trays, now it’s time for the waiting game. Stick those trays in the freezer and wait for your ice cubes to freeze. With water in a typical ice cube tray this should take approximately 3-4 hours. Once done you can be happy with your clear as crystal ice cubes.

Clearing the way to a better future

Now you know how to make all the clear ice you want for everyday life or just for special occasions.

There you have it. A simple, quick way to make clear ice at home. For more of our informative guides check out guides category here

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