How To De-Clutter Your Office

Researched & Written by Jonny

Whether your office is a man-cave or the location of your rising business. There is no doubt it could use some good ol’ de-cluttering. You can find that with a clutter-free office, you’ll work just that more effectively, and heck you might even enjoy it more!

Benefits To Decluttering Your Office

Not only just for sanity, but time can be used more efficiently with a decluttered office.

Without a doubt, one of the main benefits of decluttering your office is that productivity will increase. If you’re trying to solve problems or struggling to read documents, you may find having a cleared desk space will really improve your concentration and just make your work a little bit more enjoyable. You’ll also find you’ll be free from distractions whilst working away to hit that deadline.

Not only can a de-cluttered office really help with clarity of mind, but It can also significantly increase productivity by making thing easier to find, if your desk is scattered with papers then finding a certain document can be very difficult (especially if they all look similar). Reducing the amount within your office will always make things a little bit easier to locate, and in turn, will increase the amount of time you can spend on the task at hand.

General Tips / What To Keep In Mind

Looking at your items from a different perspective

As a general tip, I suggest you take a new perspective with your belongings. Some of these items may plague your mind with pure nostalgia meaning you probably will think twice before ridding it from your office. But you need to understand these items may be just taking up space and you may not have used them in the last 6 months.

A really simple way to dictate between an item that is useful, and one that probably isn’t. Is to leave it within a box, labelled “3 months”, if after 3 months you haven’t been inside the box (you may have even forgotten about it by then) then you can safely reassure yourself that you don’t need it any longer. If however, you have gone back into said box to use that item, then it passes the test and has deemed itself worthy of staying in your office.

Now I’m not talking about items which provide sentimental value, I’m talking about items that may have been useful in the pasts, but don’t serve a purpose for you now.

Storage boxes for everything

One way to really utilize space and just generally categorize your belongings is to implement storage boxes. Storage boxes can be an insanely useful tool when it comes to organizing your life. Not only can you categorize everything for ease of finding later, but might be able to stack them on top of each other, utilizing so much more space.

Other tips and tricks

If you’re looking for more general tips for all kinds of rooms or just generally within your household, then look no further than our How To De-Clutter Your Home post. This provides you with an easy to read list with all kinds of ideas for getting that dream household you’ve always wanted.

And if you’re an indoor gaming fan, board games or chess sets won’t take a heck lot of space so you can still keep them to have some fun in your free time.

Digital is the way to go

Moving to the new digital age can really help in the decluttering process, and enable you to work from almost anywhere!

Storing Documents Online

Without a doubt, one of the major changes in how your office functions are to switch to a digital solution. Using programs such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and other such file storage systems really enable you to clear up space by storing documents in the cloud rather than having them linger around your desk. I recommend using one of these over just storing the documents on your PC, because having access to these documents on every device you own can be very beneficial by saving you time in the long run.

Scanning Files

This goes toe to toe with storing documents online. Scanning files is a GREAT way to reduce clutter. Take any important documents (that don’t actually require you to keep them) and scan them one by one. As said above you can use storage platforms to store them (probably for the best) or you can just keep them on your PC. Removing those stacks of paper can also allow you to get rid of storage space such as a drawer, filing cabinets or even bookshelves.

Going paperless for a cleaner earth, and a clearer mind

When it comes to managing your bills, it can be a real hassle when just using paper documents alone. Going one step further in our decluttering journey we can switch all of our updates/reminders about our bank/gas/electricity or even internet services through email. You’ll get no more scheduled letters through your door, and can view all of this information in one place (your inbox). You’ll find this is relatively simple to set up, as typically most utility services will enable you to do this off the bat.


CDs and DVDs can be a real storage killer. To counter this I have listed out the most common usage for them below, and ways to counteract the clutter they bring.


For your music, you have 2 options. The first being a much more of a tiresome task, but beneficial nonetheless. Ripping your CDs is one of the best ways to make sure you have all of your music stored on your computer (and then securing it using online storage) without really paying much to do so. Not only is it more useful (as you can just pick a song and play) it’ll allow you to save up so much storage space within the office.

If you don’t want to part with your beloved music, then alternatively storing the CDs on a sleeve rather then in the box they come with will save you so much space. Simply discard the boxes afterwards and you’ll be rid of all those bulky plastic cases!

If you’re ready to take the dive, then you could also switch to using a digital platform like Spotify, which with its large library will really enhance your listening experience.

Movies / Shows

Back when I was 16, I used to have a bookshelf full of cases with movies. Now, this isn’t a problem, I know people who just love their movie collections. But for me, I never really watched any of them and the majority of them were just gifts from family. Eventually, I realised it was much easier for me to just remove the DVDs themselves (I ripped them onto my computer at the time) and just move towards using Netflix & prime TV. I still have my movie collection on my external hard drive, but I still haven’t used it since!

If you’re in a similar boat as the I was back then, removing your DVD collection may be a good idea. Not only is it much easier to find a movie using Netflix, it also clears up your office/man cave a ton.


If you’re an avid gamer or just have a bunch of your kids games laying around, then it may be time to get those stored digitally. If you or your offsprings gaming habits continue then consider purchasing new games on other online based platforms such as Steam or console alternatives such as the Microsoft Store not only will this save you space by removing those bulky gaming cases, it means that all of your gaming data and the games themselves are protected in case of damage to the hardware meaning you can keep those games running!

Removing Old Hardware

You may find some ancient technology in your office, that’s just dying to be thrown out!

Having a replacement for your replacement part can sometimes be too much. If you have old mice/keyboards or any additional extra peripherals in your vicinity could indicate you’re well overdue for your spring cleaning. Chucking this out can be a HUGE space increaser. Remember, that old mouse could come in handy in future, but is it really worth it when you could buy a brand new one and get it with next day delivery?

If removing this old hardware is not an option (which I can fully understand). Then items such as storage boxes, and cable ties can be a fantastic solution. Use the cable ties to bundle any wires that are lingering around and place them in a storage box. For mice/keyboards wrap the wire around the item and then place that into a separate storage box to avoid the wires tangling up later.

You don’t have to go crazy

Maintaining your sanity

Whilst de-cluttering your office it’s important to remember not to get too stressed about it taking too long. Remember that this entire process isn’t a short-term thing and that it could take days/weeks or even months for you to achieve satisfactory results. You’ll also note that the job can seem never-ending since as more and more clutter comes to the office. But that’s okay. Take your time and just relax with it every once in a while.

So take your time, be relaxed about it and you should find that your office gets de-cluttered faster than you think.


Remember when decluttering your office to make it a fun and enjoyable experience. Take your time to minimize stress, and keep that lovely office you’ve always dreamed in your mind.

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