Is Your Grill Not Staying Lit? 6 Steps To Fix That Flame

When you look outside and see that it is a gorgeous day, you are probably thinking about spending more time in the sunshine. This means that you may want to eat outside as well, which is going to require a grill. You have spent a significant amount of time and money finding the right grill for your needs.

Therefore, it can be frustrating when your grill is not staying lit. You have your meat ready to go, you have to grill hot, and people are looking at you anxiously. As the grillmaster, it is your responsibility to deliver!

Therefore, it can be frustrating when you go to light the grill and the flames do not stay on. Maybe the burners are staying lit for only a few seconds before they turn off again. There are several issues that could lead to a problem with your grill including a problem with the gas, a problem with the line, a problem with the ignition, or a problem with the burner.

We have done a significant amount of research to figure out why a grill will not stay lit. Then, we have put together a list of steps you can follow to try and fix this problem. Learn more below! 

Materials You’ll Need To Fix Your Grill

If you are frustrated because your grill will not light, there are several materials you should have to troubleshoot this issue. First, you need to have access to your grill. You also need to have your manual so you can figure out where the individual parts are located.

You may want to have a flashlight so you have an easier time looking inside your grill. You should also have a strong pair of gloves and a pair of goggles to protect yourself. You should bring a brush with you to clean the inside of your grill as well.

Avoid any unwanted injuries by wearing protective gears

Once you have everything you need to address this issue, it is time to follow a few steps to finally get that grill working again. That way, you can have delicious meat sooner rather than later! 

6 Steps To Determine Why Your Grill Won’t Light

There are several steps you need to follow if you are wondering why your grill will not light. These include:

Step #1 Check To Make Sure There Is Gas

You have probably already thought about this, but you need to make sure you don’t overlook the obvious. You need to make sure your grill has plenty of gas. Take a look at the propane tank and see how much it weighs. If you have a full tank, you should compare your propane tank to the full one to see if there is a significant difference. If your propane tank is empty, that may be why it won’t stay lit.

In general, a propane tank that is full will weigh approximately 37 lb. It will weigh 16 pounds when it is empty.

If your grill has a gas gauge, you may want to check this as well. This could give you an indication of how much gas is actually in the tank. If you don’t have gas, you know how to fix this issue. You need to go to the store to get more gas for your grill. Then, try and light it again. 

Check the gas gauge to determine how much gas is in the tank

Step #2 Check the Gas Flow

Once you have confirmed that you have gas, it is time to move on to the gas flow. First, make sure your propane tank is fully open. Perhaps you closed the tank last time you finished and simply forgot to reopen it again. Maybe it has been a while since you opened your gas tank and you are having a difficult time with the valve. Remember that you need to turn the valve counterclockwise until it is completely open. 

Another step you need to take is to light the burners manually. What this means is that you need to strike a match, drop it on one of the burners, and see if it lights. Before you do this, you need to make sure the lid is completely open. Otherwise, this could be a serious safety concern. 

The point of this step is to see if there is a gas problem or an ignition problem. If the burners are lighting, this is a sign that it is not a gas problem. There is gas flowing to the burners because they lit. If the burners do not light, this is a sign that it is a gas problem. You will need to investigate this further. 

Step #3 Check the Ignition

If the burners lit, then you probably have a problem with the ignition. The burners did not light because there is something wrong with the igniter.

In general, there are two different types of igniters that you could have associated with your grill. The first option is a battery igniter. If you hear a bunch of clicks when you push the ignition button, then you probably have a battery igniter. If your grill lit when you dropped a match in it, and you have a battery igniter, the first thing you need to do is replace the battery. Then, see if the ignition system works again.

The second type of igniter is called a piezoelectric igniter. If you hear a single click when you press the button, then you probably have a piezoelectric system. If this is the type of igniter you have, and you have confirmed you have an igniter problem, then there is probably an issue with a button or the wiring.

Addressing a button or wiring issue can be very tricky. You might be able to read the manual to figure out what type of parts you need, but you will probably need a professional to help you complete the replacement.

Step #4 Remove the Grates and Bars

If you are trying to decide if you have a problem with the igniter or the burner, you will need to investigate the bottom of the grill. Therefore, you have to remove the parts on top. Therefore, turn off the gas and detach it from the regulator completely. That way, you can make sure you stay safe.

You also need to remove the flavor bars, the burner place, and the cooking grates. After you can visually see the burners, it is time to dive deeper into the grill. 

Step #5 Test the Igniter System

It is possible that your grill may have an independent ignition system. What this means is that all of your burners have igniters next to them. The igniter should spark individually to light the specified burner. When you press the ignition button, or when you turn the knob to the correct setting, that specific burner should light. If you see one of your burners is not producing a blue spark, this is a sign that it is faulty.

Therefore, you need to clean around the igniter system. Then, try again if you think the igniter was clogged. If you clean the igniter and it still will not light, this is a sign that you probably need to replace it. You need to take a closer look at the manual to see what type of igniter you have. Then, you can order a new one.

If you have a single ignition system, there is probably a pilot burner involve. You need to follow the same steps to inspect the single ignition system. If it is not sparking, this is a sign that a single igniter is busted and probably needs to be replaced. If the igniter is fine, then you need to check for clogs in the burner system. 

Step #6 See if the Burners Are Clogged

If you have gotten to the bottom and you are still not sure what is wrong with your grill, it is time to check the burners individually. Remember that the gas has to be turned off in the tank has to be disconnected from the grill. Otherwise, you run the risk of hurting yourself.

food grease
Grease can pile up and clog the burners

One of the most common reasons why your burners will not light is that they are simply clogged. If there is food or grease blocking the gas flow from reaching the igniter, this could be the reason why your grill is not working. You need to use a brush to clean the burner carefully. Remove the debris from the outlets. That way, the gas should be able to flow to your grill.

If you have cleaned the burners completely and they still will not light, then you may need to replace them. Take a look at the owner’s manual to see what you have to do to replace the burner. Then, you should be able to get it working again. 

These are a few steps you need to follow to figure out what is wrong with your burner, ignitor, or gas flow. After you go through all of these steps, your grill should be working again. If not, you may need to call a professional to see if it is worth it to repair the grill or replace it. 

Fix a Grill That Will Not Light

It can be frustrating if you have a grill that will not light appropriately. After all, you have spent a significant amount of money on it, so you expect it to work properly. There are several possible reasons why your grill will not stay lit. These include a problem with the gas, a problem with the gas flow, a problem with the ignition system, or a problem with the burner.

If you follow the steps above, you should be able to figure out what the problem is with your grill. You might even be able to fix the issue on your own. If you are still having a difficult time figuring out what is wrong with your grill, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional for help. That way, you can figure out whether it is worth it to fix it or replace it.