Do you want the best-looking hedges on the block? But are you finding it tricky to choose between a gas and an electric hedge trimmer? Then check out the comparisons in this article that will help you decide!

Here are the key differences between gas and electric hedge trimmers:

Gas Hedge TrimmersElectric Hedge Trimmers
Better performanceGood for small jobs
More expensiveCheaper
Produces toxic fumesEnvironmentally friendly
No need to chargeLimited to battery charge
CordlessSome have cords

As you can see, there are quite a few differences between gas and electric hedge trimmers. And let’s be honest, they are expensive little works of machinery. So, buying a hedge trimmer that is not suited to you is an awfully expensive mistake.

So, that leaves us with the burning question, is a gas or an electric hedge trimmer best for you? Stay tuned to find out!

hedge trimmer
Ensure you choose the right hedge trimmer for your needs, as they are expensive tools!

Gas vs Electric Hedge Trimmers – Getting the Perfect Trim

A gas or an electric hedge trimmer? Which will give you the best results? Let’s dive in to the details.

I’ve compared both types of hedge trimmers on all their various categories. Consider which will be most important to you, and it’ll help you know which option will suit your needs.


If you’re anything like me, cutting the hedges is not one of those jobs you leap for joy at the thought of doing. So, when it comes to getting through a task like this one, you need a trimmer that can get it done fast. But will a gas or an electric trimmer work better? Let’s consider gas hedge trimmers first.


Gas hedge trimmers are the most powerful of the two. This is because they tend to have higher power output and thus more strokes per minute. This allows them to slice their way through thicker branches like a knife through butter. Some gas-powered hedge trimmers can cut branches up to 1 inch thick.

Gas hedge trimmers also tend to have longer blades than electric hedge trimmers. This allows them to handle even the toughest and longest trimming jobs.

Thanks to the extra power and longer blades, you can get the hedges trimmed faster than an electric model. So, if you’re in a rush to finish the job and get back on the sofa, a gas trimmer will be right up your street.


So what do electric hedge trimmers have to say for themselves? Ok, they’ll hold up their hands and admit that they may not be able to get the job done as quickly as a gas trimmer. But, they are still fantastic at getting your run-of-the-mill hedge trimming job finished.

Some electric hedge trimmers boast being able to cut through branches up to ¼ to ½ an inch thick!

Electric hedge trimmers tend to have shorter blades than gas hedge trimmers. This slows them down a little when it comes to completing large trimming jobs. This is why you see most professional hedge trimmers with gas-powered appliances. That said, an electric hedge trimmer is a perfect solution for basic jobs around the yard.

electric hedge trimmer
Electric hedge trimmers are perfect for basic jobs in a smaller yard
Gas PerformanceElectric Performance
More powerfulLess powerful
Higher power outputLower power output
More strokes per minuteFewer strokes per minute
Longer bladesShorter blades
Can get through branches up to 1 inch thickCan get through branches between ¼ and ½ inch thick
Get the job done fasterWork slower
Great for big jobsGreat for small yards

So what can we conclude? If you are looking for a powerful hedge trimmer that can get the job done fast, you will be best off with a gas trimmer.


We’re all looking to find a great deal when buying electrical goods. After all, who wants to blow their entire budget on a hedge trimmer? I mean, this year’s beach vacation isn’t going to pay for itself. So which is cheaper, a gas or an electric hedge trimmer? Let’s take a look.


Gas hedge trimmers tend to cost more than electric models. They come in a large array of prices. You could spend anything between $130 and $600 on a gas hedge cutter. But on average, people spend between $250 and $350. 

Gas hedge cutters also have higher running costs. This is because they are more powerful and the extra power comes at the expense of fuel and oil consumption.

Most gas trimmers come with a 2-stroke engine. This engine will cost you between $2 to $6 in oil per gallon of gas you use. There are also 4-stroke engines available on the market. But these have even higher operating costs. A 4-stroke engine will cost you between $4 and $12 in oil per gallon of gas you use.

gas hedge trimmer
Gas hedge trimmers cost more, but are more powerful


Electric hedge trimmers on the other hand are much cheaper. The initial cost of the trimmers could be anywhere between $30 and $2000. But don’t worry, you don’t have to spend anywhere near even $200 to get a great model. In fact, you could spend less on an electric hedge trimmer and walk away with something better than you could a gas trimmer for that price.

As an added advantage, you will not have to shell out on fuel and oil for an electric model. Yes, that beachfront hotel is back on the cards!

On average, it will cost you between $0.05 and $0.08 per hour to run an electric hedge trimmer.

Gas PriceElectric Price
More expensive initial costCheaper initial cost
Cost between $150 and $600Cost between $30 and $2000
More expensive to runCheaper to run
2-stroke engine will cost you between $2 to $6 in oil per gallon of gas you useBetween $0.05 and $0.08 per hour to run

So what’s the verdict? Electrical hedge trimmers are cheaper in both their initial and operating costs.


Are you fed up with back-breaking electrical goods? Are you looking for a good quality but lightweight hedge trimmer? Then let’s see how gas and electric trimmers weigh up.


Gas hedge trimmers tend to be heavier than electric hedge trimmers. This makes them harder to work with and more difficult to control. It can be especially difficult if you are using the trimmer for extended periods of time.


Electric hedge trimmers fall into two categories. Corded and cordless. Corded hedge trimmers are very lightweight. As a result, they are a doddle to work with and are easy to control. They are manageable for use even for an extended time.

Cordless hedge trimmers tend to be a little heavier than corded hedge trimmers. But they are still lighter than gas trimmers. They help you avoid putting any unnecessary strain on your shoulders or back. This is ideal for when you are stretching to trim hard-to-reach areas of the yard.

Gas WeightElectric Weight
HeavierLightweight. Corded trimmers are the lightest and cordless are slightly heavier
Could be harder to work withEasy to work with
Could be more difficult to controlEasy to control
Great for use during short periods of timeGreat for use for both longer and shorter periods of time

Gas or electric hedge trimmer? Which will better help you shake the load off? Electric hedge trimmers are lighter, easier to work with, and control than gas models.

Environmental Impact

We can all do our bit for the planet with the decisions we make, and even the electrical goods we decide to buy. So which hedge trimmer will help you reduce your carbon footprint? Take a look to find out.


Gas hedge trimmers have to be filled with oil and water. Whilst operating, the trimmer releases toxic fumes which are not usually emission-free. This makes them not so environmentally friendly.

It is also important to note that these fumes are not only harmful to the environment. If used improperly, the hedge trimmer could let out fumes that are dangerous if inhaled. But this should not be an issue if you stick to the guidelines in your user manual when using the appliance. 


Electric hedge trimmers are far better for the environment. They don’t have a gas engine which means they don’t release any harmful emissions or fumes. They help to keep the environment cleaner and healthier.

Gas Environmental ImpactElectric Environmental Impact
Give off toxic fumes and emissionsDon’t give off any fumes or emissions
Not as environmentally friendlyMore environmentally friendly

So which model will help you feel like you’re doing your bit for the planet? Electric hedge trimmers are better for the environment. This is because they do not release harmful emissions or fumes.


I get it. A hedge trimmer is a hedge trimmer – there is no silent model. But at the same time, yours doesn’t need to be so noisy that the whole town knows you’re out gardening. So, which model will help you finish the task more quietly? Have a look.


Gas hedge trimmers tend to be louder than electric hedge trimmers. You should use hearing protection while operating a gas hedge trimmer.


Electric hedge trimmers are usually a lot quieter than gas hedge trimmers. You may not need to use hearing protection for an electric hedge trimmer. Yes, that’s right, you’ll finally be able to get on with the hedges without receiving the side-eye because you’ve woken the neighbor’s sleeping baby.

Gas Noise LevelsElectric Noise Levels
You will have to use hearing protection while operating the trimmerYou may not have to use hearing protection while operating the trimmer

Fancy cutting the hedges without making too much ruckus? An electric hedge cutter is quieter than a gas hedge cutter.


Trimming the hedges is hard work. That’s why you need an appliance that is efficient and will help you get the job done effortlessly. But which is easier to manage? Let’s find out.


Gas hedge trimmers are easy to operate. As long as you have enough fuel, you can continue working. Unlike some electric trimmers, they do not have a cord that gets in the way of your work and limits your range. Take them as far as you need to go! They are easy to maneuver and you can even use them in damp weather.

But of course, you cannot run your gas hedge trimmer on one top-up of fuel forever. You will have to fill it up with oil and fuel regularly.


Electric hedge trimmers do pose a few challenges. They don’t need fuel to work, but you must charge a cordless model before you can use it. If you start working without a fully charged battery, you may find you do not have enough power to finish the yard. Waiting for the battery to recharge is a little tedious. Some people get around this by buying an extra battery.

Corded models are also a little inconvenient. While you don’t have the issue of charging the trimmer, you will have to keep an eye on the cord. This is so that you can make sure it will reach the length of your garden. You may need an extension cable if your yard is quite large.

Another problem is the danger of cutting into the cord. This poses a real safety hazard.

Gas UsabilityElectric Usability
Easy to operateMore difficult to operate
Limited to its fuel and oil levelsBattery models are limited to their battery charge
Take it as far as you need toCorded models are limited to the length of the cord
Danger of cutting into the cord

So which is easier to use? A gas hedge trimmer is easier to use because it is cordless and doesn’t need charging. A full tank will give you plenty of laps around the garden.


So how can you decide whether you should buy a gas or an electric hedge trimmer?

You should buy a gas hedge trimmer if:

  • You are looking for super fast and powerful performance
  • You want something easy to operate

You should buy an electric hedge trimmer if:

  • You want to work with something lightweight
  • You have a budget and want something cheaper
  • You want to choose something that is good for the environment
  • You can’t stand noisy hedge trimmers and want something quieter

I am sure this article has helped you to see which hedge trimmer will be best for you!

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Have a great day!