Does your coffee maker keep beeping? It might just be operating normally. Here’s what it’s trying to tell you.

Coffee makers are an essential part of everyone’s morning. If you’re anything like me, you’re not at your best during the early hours of the day, which is why, having a beeping sound coming from your coffee maker can be nerve wracking.

This is especially true when your appliance is new, and you don’t really know your way around it yet. It’s very easy to mistake a normal operating sound for a malfunction. And who can blame you? After all, coffee makers are supposed to be there to make our lives easier, not more complicated.

I really want to help you fix this problem and get back to normal, which is why I’ve prepared a list below to understand what your coffee maker might be trying to tell you with its constant beeping.

Let’s get to work!

Your Coffee Maker Might Keep Beeping Because…

  • Your coffee is ready
  • It’s protecting you
  • The water tanks are empty
  • The water pumps are floating or broken
  • It’s overheating

As you can see, nearly half of the probable reasons why your coffee maker keeps beeping are actually not related to a technical issue. Sometimes, your appliance might just be trying to tell you it’s time for a refill.

Annoying as it may be, throughout the decades, coffee maker manufacturers have built into their products several security measures to make sure they are keeping the user safe. These days, even an open lid will raise an alarm.

#1 Your Coffee Is Ready

Time to enjoy your beverage

Sometimes, a coffee maker that keeps beeping is just letting you know that your coffee is ready.  This feature can be built in for a number of reasons, one of them being to prevent overheating and damage to the appliance. Smart, right?

Deluxe Coffe Maker With a cup of coffee
Beeps are completely normal, and in most cases they occur to let you know that your coffee has been brewed and it’s just ready to drink.

Mornings are usually very hectic. Between taking a shower, getting dressed, and making breakfast, it’s very easy to forget to turn off your coffee maker after putting it to brew. Decades ago, this used to cause a lot of house fires, as old coffee makers did not have these features built into them. 

It might be slightly annoying, but remember, your coffee maker is just trying to protect itself, and you.

Solution: Not much to do here. Just remember to turn your coffee maker off when you’re done.

#2 It’s Protecting You

Coffee grinders can be dangerous

If you have a fancy coffee maker, it’s probably equipped with a grinder at the top. As you can imagine, the possibility of user error when operating these, is something that worries coffee maker manufacturers a lot.

This is why, almost all coffee makers that are equipped with grinders are programmed to automatically stop if the user opens the lid while they operate. And yes, sometimes along with that, a beeping noise is included.

Solution: More than a fix, a recommendation. Please always read your user manual and operate your coffee maker safely!

 #3 The Water Tanks Are Empty

Watch out for empty water tanks

This might seem like something obvious and impossible to miss, but when you’re running in the morning, with a thousand things on your mind, it seems a little more plausible, right?

Setting your coffee maker to brew with an empty water tank is not only pointless, but also very dangerous,  as it could compromise the life of your machine. A constant beeping noise could actually be your coffee maker trying to tell you it needs a refill. So, if you hear that little noise, you ought to check your water tanks!

Hand removing empty water tank
Although it seems strange and almost impossible to forget, many times we fill our filter with coffee and forget to put water in the tank.

As a little bonus, I’d like to mention that, if you fill your water tanks with tap water constantly, depending on where you live, you might be contributing to the formation of sediment on your coffee maker’s thermoblock.

This won’t cause beeping, but it can be troublesome. If possible, try using bottled water or clean your appliance with water and vinegar every other month.

Solution: A post-it on my coffee maker always works for me! That little piece of paper can be a life-saver in those mornings where I’m already late and looking for my car keys.

 #4 The Water Pumps Are Floating or Broken

Your water pumps might have surfaced

Believe it or not, having your water pumps float to the surface is a thing. They are designed not to be buoyant, but sometimes, it happens, which can cause your coffee maker to become unable to pull in the liquid.

On some rare occasions, the water pump might actually be broken, which, as you can imagine, renders it useless.

If you’re certain nothing is improperly closed and your water tanks have just been refilled, this might be the reason behind your coffee maker’s beeping

Solution: If your water pumps are just floating, push them back down to the bottom of the water tank. That should do the trick.

On the other hand, if they’re broken, you’ll have to replace them. Worry not, though, this process is fairly simple, and the spare parts are cheap

 #5 It’s Overheating

Your coffee maker’s constant beeping could be preventing a fire. That’s right. Sometimes, even with their thermal fuses and their built-in countermeasures, coffee makers can overheat.

Failing internal components like a thermal fuse or a heating element, and even leaving your coffee maker unattended for too long, could be contributing to this issue. If you’ve tried all the solutions above, and your coffee maker is still beeping, you can safely assume this is the reason why.

Additionally, letting your appliance overheat will not only cause it to beep, but also considerably shorten its usable life.

Solution: Try to make a habit of turning off your coffee maker when you’re done using it. Alternatively, as soon as your coffee maker starts beeping, and you’re sure it’s because of overheating, try turning it off and unplugging it from the wall outlet.

Leave it to cool for at least a couple of hours.


A beeping coffee maker is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, in most cases, that means it’s working properly.

Sometimes, we tend to look only at what the appliance is doing wrong, while ignoring what user-related mistakes we might be making. Coffee makers are designed to point them out in order to keep us safe.

The next time your coffee maker starts beeping like it’s at a rave, try to do a quick rundown of the things you might have missed. Chances are, a floating water pump, empty water tanks, or a poorly closed grinder lid might be behind all the ruckus.

As always, I’d like to remind you to keep safety as a priority in this project and all others you might be undertaking in the future.

Thank you very much for sticking with me all the way to the end. If this article helped you, why not explore all the other wonderful pieces below? There’s no such thing as learning too much!

Happy projects.