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How To Turn A Slow Cooker Off Automatically

Wondering how to turn a slow cooker off automatically? The answer might not be as simple as you think. Here's what you have to take into account.
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Slow Cooker Making A Clicking Sound? Here’s Why

Is your slow cooker making a clicking sound? Chances are it's completely normal. Here's why this is happening and how to spot an actual problem.
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Slow Cooker Smelling Weird? Here’s What To Do

Is your slow cooker smelling weird? There's a chance that it's completely normal. Here's what you can do when it's not, so you can focus on cooking.
Slow cooker not boiling or simmering Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker Not Boiling or Simmering? Here’s Why

Is your slow cooker not boiling or simmering? You might need to be a little more patient. Here's why this is happening and what you can do about it.
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Slow Cooker Tripping Your Circuit Breaker? 5 Ways To Fix

Is your slow cooker tripping your circuit breaker? You might have to do some testing on your home's wiring. Here are 5 easy ways to fix this issue.
Slow Cooker Won't Turn On Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker Won’t Turn On? Here’s 5 Quick Fixes To Try

Your slow cooker won’t turn on? Don’t write an angry letter to your manufacturer just yet. The problem might be coming from your own home. Here’s 5 quick fixes to try!
Slow Cooker Too Hot & Burning Your Food Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker Too Hot & Burning Your Food? 5 Quick Fixes

Is your slow cooker too hot and burning your food? That carbonized chicken broth might be trying to tell you something’s off! Here’s 5 quick fixes.
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Slow Cooker Leaking Water? How To Find & Fix The Leak

Is your slow cooker leaking water? Even the smallest hairline crack could be causing the flood on your cook top. Here’s how to find the culprit & fix the leak!
Slow Cooker Not Heating Up Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker Not Heating Up? 7 Possible Causes, With Fixes

Slow cooker not heating up? A lukewarm stew could mean your appliance needs your attention. Here are 7 possible causes, with fixes!
Slow Cooker Keeps Turning Off Slow Cookers

Slow Cooker Keeps Turning Off? 3 Possible Causes & Fixes

Slow cooker keeps turning off? Your appliance might be trying to tell you some parts require urgent replacement. Here’s 3 possible causes & fixes!
Sous-Vide-vs-Slow-Cooker Slow Cookers

Sous Vide vs Slow Cookers – What’s Worth the Money?

Sous vide vs slow cookers is a popular debate. High end restaurants get amazing quality with sous vide, but is a slow cooker better for home?