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How to Bypass A Patio Heater’s Tilt Switch (Safely)

Are you suffering from the effects of a faulty tilt switch? Bypassing it might make your patio heater work normally again, but how can you do it safely? Here are some recommendations for you.
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Halogen vs Ceramic Patio Heaters: Compared In 6 Ways

Halogen vs ceramic patio heaters. What are their main differences, and do they matter? Here’s an in-depth comparison, including 6 key aspects to look out for.
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Using A Patio Heater In A Garage: 4 Common Mistakes

How can you use a patio heater safely in a garage? Find the answer to this age-old question here, along with 4 common mistakes you want to avoid making.
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Infrared vs Propane Patio Heaters: Our Hot Takes

Infrared vs propane patio heaters. Which one is better? Check out our hot takes on them to find the answer.
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Electric vs Propane Patio Heaters: Compared In 6 Ways

Electric vs propane patio heaters. You’ll be surprised at how different they can be. Here they are, compared in 6 ways.
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Patio Heater Doesn’t Have Any Gas Flow? This Might Be Why

Your patio heater doesn’t have any gas flow? Your tilt switch could be acting up. This might be why.
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Patio Heater Won’t Stay Lit? Try These 6 Quick Fixes

Your patio heater won't stay lit? Your gas hose might be dangerously leaking. Here are 6 quick fixes you can try.
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Patio Heater Keeps Falling Over? Try These 6 Fixes

Does your patio heater keep falling over? Some heat-resistant rope could hold it in place. Here are 6 quick fixes to try.

The 6 Best Hanging Patio Heaters to Stay Warm With Style

Hanging patio heaters are a great way to stay warm outside without losing on floor space. We've covered 6 of the best options in this guide.
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How Much Propane Does A Patio Heater Use? [Guide]

We've gone through the numbers to gauge how much propane an outdoor heater uses, how much it costs, and what size of heater you need.
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The Best Electric Patio Heaters to Keep The Party Outdoors

Shrug off cold nights with these best electric patio heaters. Simple to set-up, plenty of heat, no fumes, and full peace of mind.