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Microwave Sparking: What It Means, and How To Fix It

There’s nothing quite as alarming as seeing sparks in your microwave. If you have a sparking microwave, here’s why it's happening and how to fix it.
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What Is a Convection Microwave? Are They Worth the Money?

Choosing between using a microwave and an oven can be tricky, but you don't have to choose. A convection microwave combines the best of both worlds.
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Microwave Watts Guide: How Many You Need For Different Purposes

If you want to buy a microwave, then you should understand how watts work. Different microwaves have different wattages, and it affects their performance.
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Microwaves vs Ovens: Which Is Better, and Why?

When it comes to cooking your food, you're comparing microwaves vs ovens. If you’re considering your options, it’s important to understand the difference.

Microwave Not Heating? Here’s 7 Simple Explanations & Fixes

Microwaves are fantastic appliances... when they work. Find out quick explanations and fixes without the hassle in this simple guide.
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Microwave Drawer Guide: Pros, Cons, & Are They Worth It?

Microwave drawers are incredibly expensive - but are they worth it? We dive into their pros, cons, and why they have such high price tags in this guide.
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The 7 Best Mini Microwaves To Save Your Counter Space

Microwaves are amazing, but can hog so much breathing room. These mini microwaves save your countertop space without losing on cooking power.

The 5 Best Grill Microwaves for Quicker, Healthier, Better Cooking

Microwaves changed our whole world when it came to food, and they just got better. These top grill microwaves unlock a whole new world of recipes.

How to Use a Microwave Grill: Settings, Utensils, & Best Practices.

Not sure how to work that high-tech microwave? Don't worry, neither did I. Here's some quick tips to get you grilling within the hour.

Sharp SMD2480CS Microwave Drawer: Full Review with Tips & Tricks

The most advanced microwave ever made? Check out this full 2,000+ word review covering all aspects. Including what you should pay based on price histories.

The 7 Best Microwave Drawers to Transform Your Kitchen

Save tons of space with a stylish and easy-access drawer microwave. Find the one to transform your kitchen and 'wow!' your friends with this free guide.
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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Microwave

In the market for a new microwave? Lost in the sea of types, and options? This buying guide covers everything from recommendations, tips, tricks, and even how microwaves work.