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A microwave oven in a kitchen Microwaves

Microwave Tripping Your Circuit Breaker? 6 Tips To Stop It

Has your microwave started tripping the circuit breaker in your home and you’re not sure why? Click here to learn six potential problems and how to stop them.
A Microwave oven with its lights on Microwaves

Microwave Light Stuck On? Check These 4 Things

Are you frustrated because the light to your microwave is staying on even when you have turned it off? If so, take a look at a few reasons why.
A Microwave Oven In A Kitchen Shelf Microwaves

4 Steps To Fix A Microwave Door That Won’t Open

Are you concerned that your microwave door will not open? If so, follow these steps to get your microwave door to open properly once again.
A microwave on a kitchen shelf Microwaves

Fixing A Microwave That Keeps Running With The Door Open

Are you frustrated because your microwave keeps running with the door open? Take a look at a few steps to follow, and fix the problem!
A modern microwave Microwaves

Microwave Refusing to Defrost Food? This Might Be Why

Is your microwave refusing to defrost your food? If so, this can be difficult to deal with. Take a look at our post below to learn more!
A microwave oven in a kitchen Microwaves

Microwave Getting Hot, Even When It’s Off? Here’s Why

Are you frustrated because your microwave is getting hot even when it is turned off? If so, take a look at a few possible reasons why.
Featured-open-microwave Microwaves

The Microwave Keeps Switching Itself Off? 7 Things To Check

Does microwave keep switching itself off? We've covered the most 7 common causes, and how to fix them.
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Microwave Table Not Turning Smoothly? 5 Tricks To Fix

A microwave turntable not turning smoothly is a fairly common problem. We've put together this quick guide to help get your microwave turning smoothly again.
Featured-get-rid-of-smells-inside-microwave Microwaves

Microwave Smelling Like Fish? 10 Steps to Clean It For Good

Is your microwave smelling fishier than an unsolved murder story? Here's a whole bunch of ways to fix a microwave that's stuck with a fish smell.
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