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Refrigerator Running Too Often Major Appliances

Refrigerator Running Too Often? Check It With These Tips

Is your refrigerator running so often it should sign up for a marathon? Check out these tips to try and get it to quiet down.
How to Quiet a Noisy Refrigerator Major Appliances

How to Quiet Your Noisy Refrigerator & Get Some Peace

Noisy fridge ruining the serenity of your kitchen? Try these quick tricks to figure out what's going wrong, and fix it in minutes.
Reset-Samsung-Fridge Major Appliances

How to Reset Your Samsung Refrigerator In 3 Easy Steps

While Samsung fridges are known for smart technology, they can have dumb problems. Luckily, a reset will help you solve problems with your Samsung fridge.
Changing Fridge Temperature Kitchen Major Appliances

Why Your Fridge Temperature Keeps Changing (& How to Fix It)

When your fridge’s temperature fluctuates, you’re in trouble. Knowing why your fridge’s temperature changes can help you fix most temperature problems.
How Much Do Refrigerators Weigh? Major Appliances

Average Refrigerator Weights From 55 Models [5 Types]

Average stats for French Door, Side by Side, Top Freezer, Bottom Freezer, and Mini Fridges. Taken from 55 models and shown as graphs and tables.
Major Appliances

How Efficient Are Propane Refrigerators?

Propane heaters are a must have off-grid appliance, but how efficient are they? Find out in this guide, plus answers to other frequently asked questions.
Major Appliances

Are Propane Refrigerators Safe? & Safety Tips

A fire-powered cooling appliance that uses ammonia to function. What could possibly go wrong? Diving into the safety & best practices of propane fridges.
Major Appliances

The 6 Best Beer Fridges to Cool Your Bottles & Tall Cans

Be the life of the party with these iconic beer fridges that always get people talking. With tall shelves and glass to show off your favorite beers.
Major Appliances

4 Best Propane Refrigerators to Silently Keep Food Fresh.

Forget the CLUNK & Hummmm of a compressor fridge. These propane fridges are silent, high quality, and long-lasting. Find your perfect model here.
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