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Stove Won't Turn On Here's 5 Potential Causes & Fixes Major Appliances

Stove Won’t Turn On? Here’s 5 Potential Causes & Fixes

Meta Description: Are you frustrated that your stove is not turning on? There are a number of possible reasons why. Figure out what type of stove you have. Then, take a look below!
Featured-ice-maker-with-glass Major Appliances

Ice Maker / Water Dispenser Light Stuck On? 5 Tips To Fix

Got a refrigerator ice maker or water dispenser with a light stuck on? Here's some of the best solutions to switch an ice maker light off.
Featured-oven-door-handle Major Appliances

Oven Door Handle Falling Off? This Might Be Why

Is your oven door handle falling off? Take a look at what you can do to fix this problem!
Featured-ice-cubes Major Appliances

Ice Maker Saying Ice Full When It’s Not? Here’s How To Fix

Is your ice full light coming on when the bin is completely empty? Then use this step-by-step article to get rid of that annoying light!
featured-oven-weights Major Appliances

How Much Does An Oven Weigh? Average Weights + Advice

Are you wondering how much an average oven weighs? Take a look at the results of our detailed research, and find the right oven to meet your needs!
Featured-oven-gas-leak Major Appliances

How to Tell If Your Oven Is Leaking Gas and What to Do

Are you suspecting your oven might be leaking gas? Perhaps you might be looking for a quick fix. Here is how to tell if there is a gas leakage and what to do. 
Featured-recycle-oven Major Appliances

How to Dispose and Recycle Your Cooker Oven

Did you buy a new cooker oven, and are you looking for ways to dispose of the old one safely? Perhaps you should try out these tips to help you do that safely!
Featured-burnt-food Major Appliances

Oven Keep Burning Your Food? It Might Not Be Your Fault!

Is everything you take out of your oven burnt? Instead of assuming it’s your fault, make sure it’s not your oven! Check out this guide for more info.
Featured-oven-temp Major Appliances

Fixing An Oven That Can’t Get Up To Temperature

Stuck with an oven that can't get up to temperature? Solve it with these 7 fixes in this quick guide to fixing your oven.
featured-hot-pizza-in-oven Major Appliances

Oven Keeps Getting Hotter & Hotter? This Might Be Why

Does your oven keep getting hotter and hotter? Here are three common reasons and how to solve them. 
Dryer in room with washing Major Appliances

Can’t Vent Your Dryer Outside? Here’s How To Do It Indoors

Do you want to vent your dryer indoors? This quick guide will teach you the steps to venting your dryer.
Locked dryer with some pillows next to it Major Appliances

Dryer Door Locked & Won’t Open? Try These 8 Tricks

Is the dryer door locked? Will it not open for you? If so, take a look at a few of these tips!