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Electric Stove Cutting Out? X Steps to Diagnose & Fix Major Appliances

Electric Stove Keeps Turning Off? 4 Steps to Diagnose & Fix

Electric stove cutting out when you cook? Check out these four steps to diagnose the issue and fix it.
A Stove That Is Not Flushed To The Wall Major Appliances

Solving A Stove That Can’t Get Flush To The Wall: 4 Tips

Are you frustrated that your toaster is not sitting flush with the wall? Is this even the right spot for it? Take a look at a few key tips below!
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Oven Door Keeps Locking Itself Shut? Try These 6 Tips

Does your oven door keep locking itself shut? Check out these 6 tips to get it working again.
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Comparing Lowe’s vs Home Depot for Buying Large Appliances

Wondering whether to shop at lowe's or home depot for appliances? We've compared them both here - with reasons for why you should pick them.
How to Solve Tripping Breaker for Your Stove Major Appliances

Stove Keeps Tripping Your Breaker? Here’s How To Solve It

Does your stove keep tripping its breaker? The problem could be in the stove, its dedicated breaker, its wiring, or the breaker box. Read to learn more!
Selecting dryer mode Major Appliances

Can’t Change the Temperature on Your Samsung Dryer? Solved!

Can’t change temperature on your Samsung dryer? Check if you have the sensor dry mode on, and switch to normal. If you’ve got the right mode on, your control board is probably faulty, or the fuse is blown. Checkout other possible reasons and potential fixes below.
How to fix the Stove that is Beeping Like Crazy Major Appliances

Stove or Oven Beeping Like Crazy? Here’s How To Fix It

Are you tired of your stove beeping at you? Why does this happen and what does it mean? Take a look at a few possible reasons for a beeping oven.
Gas Stove Clicking Non-Stop Major Appliances

Gas Stove Clicking Non-Stop? Here’s X Steps To Check It

Do you find that your gas stove appears to be clicking nonstop? Follow these steps to figure out what is wrong. Then, get your stove working!
an electric stove Major Appliances

Electric Stove Smoking? Here’s How To Stop It In 4 Steps

Are you wondering how to fix an electric stove that is smoking? Take a look at a few possible reasons below, and learn how to put a stop to this.
Checking If the Gas Stove Is Leaking Major Appliances

5 Steps To Check If Your Gas Stove Is Leaking – And Fix It

Are you concerned that you might have a gas leak coming from your stove? What should you do to address this issue? Learn more about this issue!
how to fix a stove burners too hot to simmer on Major Appliances

Stove Burners Too Hot To Simmer On? Here’s 4 Tips To Fix It

Do you find that your burners are too hot to simmer on? If so, here are a few tips that might make this easier. That way, you don't burn your food!
Fix A Stove Burner That Stays On When Turned Off Major Appliances

Fix A Stove Burner That Stays On When Turned Off: 4 Causes and Steps

Are you frustrated because you have a stove burner that stays on even when it is in the off position? Follow these steps to figure out why!