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Infrared vs Oil Heaters: Compared Using 8 Categories

Are you trying to choose between an infrared and an oil-filled heater? This quick guide will help you understand their main differences.
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How Infrared Heaters Work: A Simple Guide

We all love infrared heaters. But have you ever wondered how they actually work? Here’s a simple guide, to shed some light on the matter.
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Gas vs Infrared Heaters Compared. Power vs Efficiency

Is deciding between a gas and an infrared heater overwhelming you? Here’s a guide with the key aspects to look out for!
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Infrared vs Ceramic Heaters: Compared In 5 Categories

Infrared vs ceramic heaters. They seem so similar, but their differences might surprise you. Here they are, compared in 5 categories.
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Infrared Heater Keeps Shutting Off? This Might Be Why

Does your infrared heater keep shutting off? When was the last time you cleaned the grill? Read this to find out why this is happening.
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Infrared vs Propane Patio Heaters: Our Hot Takes

Infrared vs propane patio heaters. Which one is better? Check out our hot takes on them to find the answer.
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Infrared Heater Not Working? Here Are 5 Causes & Fixes

Is your infrared heater not working? Your wall outlet could be to blame. Here are 5 causes and fixes.

The 5 Best Infrared Garage Heaters for Efficient Heating

Nobody wants to work in a cold garage. Choose one of the best infrared heaters to warm it instantly, and without a big electric bill.
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The Best Infratech Heaters: A Review [All Models Covered]

You'll find no better infrared heater than the Best Infratech Heaters. With a full range to choose from - find the ideal model for your patio here.
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Infrared vs Convection Heaters: Pros, Cons, & Recommendations

Stuck on choosing between infrared and convection heaters? This guide weighs up their pros and cons, to give recommendations based on your space.
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Are Infrared Heaters Safe? & How Do They Work?

Infrared heaters are so effective and cost efficient… but are they safe? In short, yes. Though there’s more to it than that! Click here to find out more.