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Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters: Compared In 5 Ways

Electric vs propane heaters. Is there something one can do that the other can’t? Here they are, compared in 5 different ways to answer that question.
Modern electric heater in living room Patio Heaters

Infrared vs Propane Patio Heaters: Our Hot Takes

Infrared vs propane patio heaters. Which one is better? Check out our hot takes on them to find the answer.
Does Your Propane Heater Keep Shutting Off Gas Heaters

Does Your Propane Heater Keep Shutting Off? 6 Quick Fixes

Does your propane heater keep shutting off? Your tilt switch might be to blame. Here are 6 quick fixes you can try.
Electric vs Propane Patio Heaters Patio Heaters

Electric vs Propane Patio Heaters: Compared In 6 Ways

Electric vs propane patio heaters. You’ll be surprised at how different they can be. Here they are, compared in 6 ways.
Are Propane Heaters Safe? Gas Heaters

Are Propane Heaters Safe? & Can You Use Them Indoors?

While powerful, propane heaters do need to be used with caution. Find out why, and how to use them best, in this simple guide.
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5 Best Propane Heaters with Thermostat Controls

Propane heaters are amazingly powerful, but often unreliable. These models with thermostats give you full control over their great heating power.

The 8 Best Propane Heaters for Your Garage

Don't let the seasons tell you when you can't use your garage. These propane heaters pack plenty of clean, silent heat - perfect for a garage or workshop.