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Smart Lock Comparisons: August vs Kevo vs Schlage

Smart locks are amazing products, but also similar. We've compared to the top 3 models (August, Kevo, Schlage) in this quick comparison.

A Fast Food Map of America: The Hottest Chain In Each State

We've created a map of all 50 US states showing which fast food restaurant they love the most. The question is, do you agree with your state?
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Get Every Type of Algae Out Of A Pool.. Without A Vacuum

Looking to get algae out of your pool, but don't want to use a powerful vacuum? Here's how to get rid of every type of algae without a vacuum.

How Cold Can It Get Before You Winterize An RV? It Depends.

Love your RV, but want to avoid damaging it through winter? Here's how cold you can let things get before you winterize an RV.
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How to Get Cockroaches Out of Kitchen Cabinets

Cockroaches inside your kitchen cabinets are a massive NOPE. Here's how to deal with them and make sure your cabinets are cockroach free.
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Average Bathtub Weights from 55 Models (6 Bathtub Types)

If you're looking to see how much a bathtub weighs, we've collected data on over 55 bathtub models. All compared here.
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Steam Mops vs Traditional Mops: Is It Worth The Hot Water?

Debating whether a steam mop is worth the cost? Here's a detailed comparison between traditional mops vs their new steam versions.
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Concrete vs Plastic Septic Tanks – A Clean Comparison

Stuck in the mud between installing a conctrete vs a plastic septic tank? Here's a clean comparison between both options.
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The 4 Best 11×17 Scanners for Fast, Simple, Accurate Scans

If you're looking to scan 11x17 or A3 documents, you need the right scanner. Here are 4 of the best options for those larger prints.
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Seeing A Lot Of Spiders at Home? 10 Tips To Get Them Gone

This guide covers 10 simple ways to get rid of spiders in your home. Banishing spiders is a must for any sane household!
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How to *Legally* Annoy An HOA! Get Your Own Back (Sneakily)

Has your HOA been seriously grinding your gears? Here's a few ways to drive them crazy but being slightly, but legally, out of line.
Dispose-of-Fire-Extinguishers How-To's / Guides

Disposing Old or Expired Fire Extinguishers [All Types]

Depending on your type of fire extinguisher, it will need to be disposed of differently. We've covered disposing every type, with tips.