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The 4 Best 11×17 Scanners for Fast, Simple, Accurate Scans

If you're looking to scan 11x17 or A3 documents, you need the right scanner. Here are 4 of the best options for those larger prints.
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Spider Free Kitchen

Seeing A Lot Of Spiders at Home? 10 Tips To Get Them Gone

This guide covers 10 simple ways to get rid of spiders in your home. Banishing spiders is a must for any sane household!
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How to *Legally* Annoy An HOA! Get Your Own Back (Sneakily)

Has your HOA been seriously grinding your gears? Here's a few ways to drive them crazy but being slightly, but legally, out of line.
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Disposing Old or Expired Fire Extinguishers [All Types]

Depending on your type of fire extinguisher, it will need to be disposed of differently. We've covered disposing every type, with tips.
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Is Window Condensation A Bad Thing?

Is Window Condensation A Bad Thing? Simply Explained

Wondering whether all that condensation on your window is a bad thing? It depends whether you have temporary or permanent condensation.
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A Guide to Sones. What They Are & How Many A Quiet Fan Has

Wondering what a sone is, and how many a quiet fan has? Here's our quick rundown of what sones are and what to look for in a quiet fan.
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Smoke vs Heat Detectors: Which Is Better? [Comparison]

Wondering whether you need a smoke vs a heat detector? Here's a simple comparison, with tips and best practices.
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How to Reduce Traffic Noise from a Balcony

If you're chill time's more car horns than cocktails, there's way to help reduce traffic noise on a balcony or deck. Check them out here.
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Ceramic vs Titanium Flat Iron Hair Straighteners

Unsure which kind of straighteners will be best for your hair? Here's a clear comparison of when to choose Ceramic vs Titanium
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Small Home With No Storage? A Simple Guide To Organizing It

Lack of storage space driving you a little crazy in a small home? Get some fantastic tips to help keep your space fresh here.
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Air Conditioners Leaking Water Solved In Minutes

If you have a leaking AC unit, it’s important to act quickly to prevent damage. With a little knowledge, you can repair your leaking AC in no time.
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RV Propane Tank Sizes: Finding The Best For Your RV.

Get the answers to your RV propane tank issues here. Covering size options, recommendations, and best practices for RV propane use.
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