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Stopping Wind Blowing Out A Water Heater’s Pilot Light

Does wind keep blowing out your pilot light? These steps will walk you through how to keep it on, even in a hurricane.
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How Much Does It Cost to Heat a Garage? Calculator + Stats

Trying to work out how much it would cost you to heat your garage? Here's a few sample calculations and calculators to help you work it out for your space.

Cost to Run Underfloor Heating: Free Calculator & Guide

Looking to get underfloor heating, but worried about the running costs? Here's a free calculator, and guide to owning underfloor heating.

Best Time to Buy A New Furnace: Don’t Burn Your Dollars

Looking to make sure you don't miss out on a discount when shopping for a new furnace? Here's the best times to shop for a furnace.
Electric Heater Making Steam Calculators

Electric Heater Running Costs: Free Calculator

Electric heaters are fantastic, until you see the electric bill. We've put together a free calculator to estimate electric heater running costs.
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Forced Air vs Central Air Heating: Differences Explained

Forced Air Heating vs Central Heating is a common debate when considering your home's heating system. We've compared both in this quick guide
Electric vs Gas Heating Heating

Electric vs Gas Heating: Compared on Price, Safety, & More

Weighing up whether to opt for electric or gas heating? We've clearly compared between both great options in this simple guide.
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How Often A Healthy Furnace Should Run (And For How Long)

Furnace is running a marathon instead of a maintenance schedule? It may drive up your heating bills. Find out how long it SHOULD run for here.
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The 5 Best Child-Safe Heaters for Baby Nurseries

A good nursery space heater has three important traits: safety, safety and safety! That’s why we recommend these heaters: they’re super safe.
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Which Space Heater Is Best For Each Room?

There's a big bunch of heater types out there. Electric, infrared, oil-filled.. which will work best? And cost the least? Find your perfect heater here.
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Best Space Heaters for Amazing Hot Yoga Sessions At Home

Hot yoga can be a soothing way to get exercise at home. The trick is raising the temperature without burning money on electricity - these heaters can help.

Little Buddy Indoor Propane Heater – Review & FAQ

Mr Heater's famous Little Buddy is used in camping tents throughout the country. But is it any good? And what are it's best uses? Find out here.