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How Often A Healthy Furnace Should Run (And For How Long)

Furnace is running a marathon instead of a maintenance schedule? It may drive up your heating bills. Find out how long it SHOULD run for here.
Happy Baby In Warm Nursery with Heater Heaters

Best Heater for Baby Nurseries: Warmth Without Danger

A good nursery space heater has three important traits: safety, safety and safety! That’s why we recommend these heaters: they’re super safe.
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Which Space Heater Is Best For Each Room?

There's a big bunch of heater types out there. Electric, infrared, oil-filled.. which will work best? And cost the least? Find your perfect heater here.
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Best Space Heaters for Amazing Hot Yoga Sessions At Home

Hot yoga can be a soothing way to get exercise at home. The trick is raising the temperature without burning money on electricity - these heaters can help.

Little Buddy Propane Heater – Review & FAQ

Mr Heater's famous Little Buddy is used in camping tents throughout the country. But is it any good? And what are it's best uses? Find out here.
Are Propane Heaters Safe? Heaters

Are Propane Heaters Safe? & Can You Use Them Indoors?

While powerful, propane heaters do need to be used with caution. Find out why, and how to use them best, in this simple guide.
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The Best Infratech Heaters: A Guide

You'll find no better infrared heater than the Best Infratech Heaters. With a full range to choose from - find the ideal model for your patio here.

Best Immersion Heaters for Buckets & Bathtubs (Full Review)

Don't get caught in the cold without any hot water. These handy heaters fit into any backpack, yet produce piping hot water in minutes.
Infrared vs Convection Heating Appliance Analysts Heaters

Infrared vs Convection Heaters: Pros, Cons, & Recommendations

Stuck on choosing between infrared and convection heaters? This guide weighs up their pros and cons, to give recommendations based on your space.

Most Efficient Heaters for a Small Room

Save a ton on your electric bills with these efficient space heaters. Find the best type (infrared, oil, ceramic) and model recommendations here.

Are Infrared Heaters Safe? & How Do They Work?

Infrared heaters are so effective and cost efficient… but are they safe? In short, yes. Though there’s more to it than that! Click here to find out more.

The Best Quiet Space Heaters for your Bedroom: Full Buyer’s Guide

Looking for a quiet heater for a good night's sleep, that's efficient to not drive your bills up, and high quality to give you peace of mind? Well, hello!