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Electric Fireplace Keep Shutting Off? 10 Easy Fixes To Try

Does your electric fireplace keep shutting off? The solution might be simpler than you think. Try these 10 simple fixes.
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How to Bypass A Patio Heater’s Tilt Switch (Safely)

Are you suffering from the effects of a faulty tilt switch? Bypassing it might make your patio heater work normally again, but how can you do it safely? Here are some recommendations for you.
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Patio Heater Won’t Get Hot Enough? Try These 4 Fixes

Does your patio heater struggle to get hot or get to the highest settings? There might be something wrong inside it. Here are some fixes you can try.
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Electric Fireplace Not Heating? 7 Possible Reasons Why

Are you having trouble with an electric fireplace that won’t heat up? Then you’ll find 7 reasons why this happens and what you can do to fix it in this article.
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Is Your Electric Fireplace Leaking? 5 Steps to Solve It

Do you think your electric fireplace is leaking? Then you’ll find 5 steps in this article that will help you to fix it.
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Electric Fireplace Smells Like Burning or Gas? Here’s Why

Does your electric fireplace smell like burning or gas? Read this quick guide to learn how to solve this annoying issue.
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Space Heater Beeping Like Crazy? Here’s Why

Is your space heater beeping like crazy? An air filter replacement might be long overdue. Here’s why.
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Space Heater Refusing To Turn Off? This Might Be Why

Is your space heater refusing to turn off? Your thermostat could be reading temperatures inaccurately. This might be why.
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Gas vs Infrared Heaters: Power vs Efficiency

Is deciding between a gas and an infrared heater overwhelming you? Here’s a guide with the key aspects to look out for!
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Halogen vs Ceramic Patio Heaters: Compared In 6 Ways

Halogen vs ceramic patio heaters. What are their main differences, and do they matter? Here’s an in-depth comparison, including 6 key aspects to look out for.
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Using A Patio Heater In A Garage: 4 Common Mistakes

How can you use a patio heater safely in a garage? Find the answer to this age-old question here, along with 4 common mistakes you want to avoid making.
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How to Throw Away or Recycle A Space Heater

Throwing away a trusty appliance is always difficult, but ultimately necessary. How can you give your space heater a proper sendoff while keeping everyone safe? Here are some tips for you!