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Floor-Heating-Getting-Way-Too-Hot Heaters

Floor Heating Getting Way Too Hot? This Might Be Why

Does your floor heating get way too hot? Then in this article, you’ll find 6 reasons why it does and what you can do to cool it down.
The 4 Cheapest Patio Heaters To Run On Cold Nights Heaters

The 4 Cheapest Patio Heaters To Run On Cold Nights

Are some patio heaters cheaper to run than others? Find the answer to this and many more questions here!

Space Heater Smelling Like Burning? Here’s Why

Does your space heater smell like burning? Then in this article, you’ll find 5 reasons why it smells and what you can do to solve this problem.
Featured-electric-heater-sparks Heaters

Electric Heater Sparking? Here’s What to Do

Did you just see your electric heater sparking? Then find out why it sparks and what you should do to stop it in this article.
Featured-space-heaters Heaters

Space Heater Plug Getting Hot? Explained With Advice

Is your space heater plug getting hot? Then take a look at this article where we will explain 5 reasons why this happens and 5 things you can do to prevent it.
Featured-oil-heater-not-working Heaters

Oil Filled Radiator Not Working? 4 Quick Fixes to Try

Not sure what to do when your oil-filled radiator is not working? Then take a look at the 4 steps in this article that will help you to fix it.
Featured-infrared-vs-oil-heaters Heaters

Infrared vs Oil Heaters: Compared Using 8 Categories

Are you trying to choose between an infrared and an oil-filled heater? This quick guide will help you understand their main differences.
Leaving A Space Heater On Overnight Heaters

Leaving A Space Heater On Overnight: 5 Best Practices

Does the idea of leaving your space heater on overnight sound appealing? Here are 5 best practices you should follow religiously to ensure you’re doing it safely!
featured-leaking-radiator Heaters

Oil-Filled Radiator Leaking? Follow These 5 Easy Steps

Is your oil-filled radiator leaking? Then find out why and how you can fix it by following the step-by-step guide in this article.
Featured-heater Heaters

Electric Heater Making Clicking Noises? This Is Why

Is your electric heater making clicking noises but you’re not sure why? Then take a look at the simple explanation in this article.
infrared heater in living room Heaters

How Infrared Heaters Work: A Simple Guide

We all love infrared heaters. But have you ever wondered how they actually work? Here’s a simple guide, to shed some light on the matter.
modern electric heaters Heaters

Electric vs Propane Garage Heaters: Compared In 5 Ways

Electric vs propane heaters. Is there something one can do that the other can’t? Here they are, compared in 5 different ways to answer that question.
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