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featured hart vs hyper though drill Power Tools

Hart vs Hyper Tough: Two Brands Clearly Compared

This is a comparison article. Check out this article to find out whether a Hart or a Hyper Tough drill is more suited to you.
What The LED Lights Mean On Your DeWalt Battery Charger Power Tools

What The LED Lights Mean On Your DeWalt Battery Charger

Cordless tools deliver a sense of work freedom corded tools can’t equal. With that freedom, though, comes a battery charger that requires a cord and a few LEDs to let you know it’s working, charging, and how your battery’s handling it. If you have a DeWalt charger and you’re wondering what the LEDs indicate, let’s take a dive into their meanings.
Dead Milwaukee Battery Won't Charge Power Tools

Dead Milwaukee Battery Won’t Charge? Try These 7 Tips

Do you have a Milwaukee battery that doesn’t want to charge? Wondering if there’s anything you can do to fix the issue without having to drop some money for a new one? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Try these seven tips and hold onto your cash before reaching for that shiny new battery.
Why A Ryobi Battery Charger Flashes Green Power Tools

Why A Ryobi Battery Charger Flashes Green (& What To Do)

Cordless tools are game changers. However, all the LED lights on the batteries and chargers can be confusing at times. If you’ve got a Ryobi Charger and you’re wondering why it’s flashing green, let’s take a look at what that means and what you should do about it.
Ryobi Batteries Keep Cutting Out? Power Tools

Ryobi Batteries Keep Cutting Out? 6 Potential Causes

Are the Ryobi batteries for your cordless tools constantly cutting out? Here are six potential causes and some possible solutions that may prevent further cut-out issues.
Featured-Ryobi-Charger-Not-Working-Or-Lighting-Up Power Tools

Ryobi Charger Not Working Or Lighting Up? 5 Fixes To Try

Do you have a Ryobi battery charger doesn’t seem to be working or even lighting up like it should? Try these five possible fixes before you buy a replacement.
Ryobi Battery Charger Flashing Red Power Tools

Ryobi Battery Charger Flashing Red? 4 Reasons Why

Do you have a Ryobi battery charger and wondering what the different lights indicate? Especially curious what a flashing red light means? Well, here you’ll find what the meanings and why it’s flashing in the first place.
Featured-dewalt-drill Power Tools

Dead DeWalt Battery? Here’s 5 Ways To Fix It

Is your DeWalt battery refusing to charge? Then take a look at the 4 methods in this article that will help you fix this problem.
Featured-drill-bits Power Tools

1/2” vs 3/8” Drill Bits: Which Is Best & Do You Need Both?

Are you finding it tricky to choose between ½” and ⅜” drill bits? We’ve compared them in this article so that you can see which is best if you need both.
Power Tools

Comparing Angle Grinders vs Die Grinders, Dremels, & Rotary Tools

Weighing up whether you need an angle grinder or a die grinder? These are a tricky comparison, but we've compared them with rotary tools below.
Power Tools

Craftsman vs Ryobi Power Tools: A Clear Comparison

Weighing up your options between Craftman vs Ryobi Power Tools? Here's a quick comparison on a whole bunch of factors - from price to satisfaction.
Power Tools

Black & Decker vs Ryobi Power Tools: Which Is Worth The Money?

Choosing between Black & Decker vs Ryobi Power Tools? Here's a quick breakdown of how they compare to each other.
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