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Warm Bathroom Color Temperature DIY

Finding The Best Color Temperature for Bathroom Lighting

Wondering what kind of lights to go for you in your bathroom? There's a balance needed between brightness and sleep friendly.
Lighting A Living Room Without Overhead Lighting DIY

Lighting A Living Room With No Overhead Lighting: 10 Tips

Not having an overhead light doesn't mean your living room needs to be dark. Brighten up with these lighting ideas.
Pull chain added to light DIY

How to Add a Pull Chain to a Light Fixture in 7 Easy Steps

Want to add that satisfying 'click' of a pull chain to a light fixture? Just follow this simple step by step guide.
Repairing pull chain on a light DIY

What to Do When the Pull Chain for a Light Is Stuck

Pull chain on your beautiful lamp stuck? Don't worry - try these simple stricks to get unstuck and get that 'click' back in your life!
CabinetsBanging-Featured DIY

Stop Your Kitchen Doors Banging Today With These Three Tips

Some cabinets seem to slam shut every single time. If your rattling cabinets are rattling you, you have some options for quiet cabinet doors.
Empty House With Heat DIY

Should You Heat an Empty House? Are You Just Burning Money?

If you're stuck on whether to leave the furnace burning (and bills rising) while you're away, we were too. Here's whether you should heat your empty house.

Dead Ryobi Battery? Here’s 5 Ways to Fix It

Has your Ryobi battery seemingly died? There's a few ways you can bring it back to life - try these 5 tricks and get your tools working in minutes.
Propane vs Natural Gas for Grill - Appliance Analysts DIY

Propane vs Natural Gas for A Grill: Comparing Cost, Taste, & More

Stuck between these two types of gas? Don't be. Find out which one is best for your own home using this quick guide and questionnaire.
Unfinished Basement Appliance Analysts Heat DIY

Should You Heat Your Unfinished Basement?

Want to avoid freezing cold floors? Heating your basement can be a great solution, but only if done correctly. Find out how and the best practices here.

4 Quietest Inline Duct Booster Fans For Rattle-Free Cooling

Get your peace of mind by quietly ventilating your space using these quiet inline duct fans. Keep it fresh and at the perfect temperature without the noise!
Workshop example for blower fans DIY

The 7 Best Blower Fans for Ventilation, Cooling, & Drying

Need some powerful and direct airflow? Find the best blower fan in minutes with our free buyer's guide and top model reviews.
Diamond Ring DIY

The 5 Best Ultrasonic Cleaners to Things Sparkling Brightly

Get professional cleaning results on your delicate items such as rings, watches and eyeglasses in your own home with an Ultrasonic Cleaner!
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