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Fixing a Dimmer Switch That Won’t Turn on Lights

Does your dimmer switch refuse to turn your lights on? Then take a look at the 5 steps in this article that will help you to fix this problem.
Salt Lamp Leaking Water Lighting

Is Your Salt Lamp Leaking Water? Here’s What to Do

Concerned about a leaking salt lamp? Don't worry, it's not the end of the world - but it can be a hazard. Here's why your lamp is leaking.
Lighting Unknown if IC Rated Lighting

How to Tell Whether Your Recessed Lighting is IC Rated

Making sure your lights are protected against overheating and fire is crucial, and made easy thanks to IC rating. But is yours rated?
Solar Tube Lighting in Ceiling Lighting

Is Solar Tube Lighting Worth It? Weighing The Pros & Cons

Weighing up brightening up your home with solar tube lighting? Check this out for help on whether to take the plunge.
Bathroom With No Screw Light Fixture Lighting

How to Remove a No-Screw Bathroom Light Fixture Cover

Stuck trying to remove a bathroom light that doesn't have screws? We've covered how to handle all types in this quick guide.
Lights with Hard To Find Wattage Lighting

How to Find the Wattage of a Light Fixture

Worried about putting the wrong size of bulb in a fixture? Here's how to figure out the wattage of any fixture.
Kitchen Cabinet Wiring Lighting

How to Hide Under Cabinet Lighting Wires: 5 Easy Ways

Don't let your cabinets turn into a jungle of wires. Keep things neat and tidy with these quick tips to hide cabinet wires.
Electrician Changing Light Fixture Lighting

Changing Light Fixtures – What You Need an Electrician For

Stuck wondering whether you can handle wiring task yourself? Here's a quick rundown of what you need an electrician for.
Warm Bathroom Color Temperature Lighting

Finding The Best Color Temperature for Bathroom Lighting

Wondering what kind of lights to go for you in your bathroom? There's a balance needed between brightness and sleep friendly.
Pull chain added to light Lighting

How to Add a Pull Chain to a Light Fixture in 7 Easy Steps

Want to add that satisfying 'click' of a pull chain to a light fixture? Just follow this simple step by step guide.
Repairing pull chain on a light Lighting

What to Do When the Pull Chain for a Light Is Stuck

Pull chain on your beautiful lamp stuck? Don't worry - try these simple stricks to get unstuck and get that 'click' back in your life!