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How Long Does It Take To Install A Ductless Mini Split AC?

Trying to plan out the install for your mini-split, or just weighing up your options? We cover average install lengths, costs, and other points here.
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Air Conditioners Leaking Water Solved In Minutes

If you have a leaking AC unit, it’s important to act quickly to prevent damage. With a little knowledge, you can repair your leaking AC in no time.
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How to Size A Window Air Conditioner

The Window Air Conditioner Calculator for Size + Power

Sizing a window air conditioner correctly will save you money. This guide, plus our infographic and free calculator, will show you how.
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Is Your Portable Air Conditioner Leaking? Here’s How to Fix It

Don't let a leaky portable air conditioner ruin your carpet. Follow these simple steps to figure out the cause and get it fixed today.
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Comparing Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners

Swamp Coolers vs Air Conditioners: Finding Out What’s Best

Swamp Coolers and Air Conditioners both help to cool your home. But which is better? Find out in this quick comparison guide.
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Window Air Conditioner Mold: Simple Tips to Clean & Prevent

Mold in a window air conditioner can turn your space from fresh to funky. And not in a good way. Find out how to clean and prevent mold in this quick guide.
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How Long Do Portable Air Conditioners Last?

Worried about how long your portable ac will keep you cool? Don't be. In this guide we show the averages and best practices for long air conditioner life.
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Quieting a Noisy Window Air Conditioner: A Quick Guide

Is your window air conditioner so noisy you need headphones on? Try one of the quick fixes listed in this guide, and you may end up sleeping soundly again.
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How Long Do Window Air Conditioners Last? With Tips for Long Life

Wondering how long your window air conditioner will last you? Find out in this quick guide, filled with tips and best practices.
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Air Conditioner Hissing

Should You Replace Your Air Conditioner? 12 Factors To Consider

Deciding whether to buy or repair your air conditioner is tricky. Especially with contractors wanting your money! Find your answer in this unbiased guide.
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Air Conditioner Refrigerant Featured

Refrigerants Your Air Conditioner Uses – Explained

The EPA are phasing out a common air conditioner refrigerant. Find out if your air conditioner uses it and what that means in this quick article.
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Window Air Conditioner Running Cost

How Much Does It Cost To Run A Window Air Conditioner?

Got 2 minutes? Use our quick guide to calculate how much a window air conditioner could cost you to run. With simple tips to get the most out of your AC.
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