There’s enough money in the budget for a bread machine or a stand mixer. Find out which you should choose with the help of the 7 comparisons in this article.

Bread MachineStand Mixer
Bakes bread 
More versatile 
Proofs the dough 
Can be widely used as a food processor 
You choose the bread shape 
You choose the texture of the crust 

Are you ready to see which appliance would be best for you? Then let’s get started with the comparison.

7 Differences Between Bread Machines and Stand Mixers

We could all use an extra pair of hands when cooking. But enticing your teenagers out of their rooms away from the TV and getting them to stand in the kitchen kneading bread is not an easy feat. That’s where bread machines and stand mixers come to save the day.

Bread machines are awesome at making bread. You plonk the ingredients in the bowl, push a button, and away it goes. Stand mixers are fantastic at whisking a variety of ingredients. But which is the best appliance for you? Find out with the upcoming comparison. 

Baking Bread

There’s nothing more divine than the smell of freshly baked bread and a bread machine can give you just that but without the hassle.

This is what I love about bread machines. The only thing you need to do to produce a crusty warm loaf is pour the ingredients into the bowl. Then you press a few buttons and voila! Fresh bread, minimal effort.

A bread machine will do all of this:

  • Mix the ingredients
  • Knead the dough
  • Proof the dough
  • Bake the bread

But what can we say about stand mixers? A stand mixer is excellent at mixing the ingredients together, but it cannot bake your bread. A stand mixer will make a great dough, but it can’t take it any further than that.

A stand mixer can:

  • Mix the ingredients
  • Knead the dough

If you are looking for an appliance that will bake the dough for you, a bread machine will be the best choice.


Kitchen gadgets are on the up. It’s so helpful to have a machine whisk something together while you pour in the ingredients or start making frosting. A bread machine can do many jobs. But, I must admit that it is not as versatile as a stand mixer.

A bread mixer can do the following:

  • Bake bread and cakes
  • Mix jam
  • Make tomato sauce

Stand mixers on the other hand are far more versatile. There are many attachments that can be added to it that can help it to whisk together just about anything. The sky’s the limit with a stand mixer.

A stand mixer can do the following:

  • Juice
  • Grind
  • Chop
  • Mince meat
  • Make pasta and ice cream
  • Cut biscuits
  • Process vegetables, herbs, spices, and nuts

If you are after a machine that will give you the most versatility in the kitchen, choose a stand mixer.

stand mixer on table
You can use a stand mixer to mix cake ingredients


Now here’s one of the most important factors, price. Bread machines are the cheaper of the two because they are the least versatile. They start at as little as $50. On average, you’ll look to spend about $120 on yours. Of course, you could find a swanky bread machine with all the functions under the sun but you’d pay up to $400 for it.

Stand mixers start out a lot more expensive. This is because of their greater versatility. You might also want to buy separate attachments for your mixer. This will come to you at an additional cost.

The average stand mixer will cost you about $150. Of course, there are some very basic models, starting at roughly $70. The more the mixer does the more you’ll pay as some models can cost close to $1,000.

If you are making a decision based on price alone, choose a bread machine. They are the cheapest of the two.

Proofing Dough

Bread machines are fantastic at proofing dough. Simply hit the “proof” button and the process will begin. The machine will let you know when the proofing is complete.

Stand mixers, however, cannot proof dough. They do not have a closed compartment so they cannot control their environment. To proof your dough after mixing it, you’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Are you choosing an appliance based on its ability to proof dough? Then the choice is simple, a bread machine is your best call.

rising dough
You can proof your dough in a bread machine

Food Processing

Having an appliance at home that doubles as a food processor really makes life easier. But unfortunately, food processing isn’t a bread machine’s forte.

Stand mixers, though, can be used to process food. They come with a number of attachments that make it easy for you to do so. You can also buy additional attachments for yours. This will open up even more processing options to you.

You can use a stand mixer to process the following food:

  • Vegetables
  • Herbs
  • Spices
  • Nuts… and much more!

Are you looking for a versatile machine that can process food? Then the best choice for you will be a stand mixer.

processed vegtables
You can use a stand mixer to process vegetables

The Bread Shape

One of the only downsides of a bread machine is the bread shape. A bread machine can make bread in one bog-standard loaf shape. It’s not very imaginative. If you would like mini baps or a twisted plait, you’re just not going to get it.

A stand mixer on the other hand does not bake the bread. This gives you the freedom to choose the shape of the bread as you pour it into a tray to bake in the oven.

For the freedom to make any bread shape, consider a stand mixer.

stand mixer on table
You can choose the shape to bake your bread when using a stand mixer

The Texture of the Crust

How do you like your crust? With a bread machine, you can choose the shade of your crust. Most bread machines will allow you to choose between light, medium, and dark crusts. You can also add seeds to make it even more scrumptious.

A stand mixer will not bake your bread. So the only crust options you have depend on how genius you are with your oven.

For more choices on the texture of your crust, choose a bread machine.

bread in bread maker
You can choose the texture of your crust with a bread machine


So what’s the verdict? Should you go for a bread machine or a stand mixer?

You should choose a bread machine if:

  • You are looking for an appliance that will bake bread
  • You are after the most economic price
  • You want an appliance that will proof the dough
  • You want to be able to choose the texture of your crust

You should choose a stand mixer if:

  • You are looking for a versatile appliance
  • You want an appliance that will process food
  • You want to make bread in any shape

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