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Quietest Bathroom Extractor Fans

WHIRRRRRR. Is that the sound you get when in your bathroom? It doesn’t need to be. Reclaim your calm with these super quiet bathroom extractor fans.
kitchen-fans-featured Kitchen

Free Reviews of the Best Kitchen Extractor Fans

Onions. Fish. Garlic. Chilli. Great in a fresh recipe, not so great as lingering smells in your kitchen! Cure it with a great Kitchen Extractor Fan.

Best Vornado Heaters: A Guide To Their Full Catalogue

Find your best Vornado heater fast with this guide. Including clear tables that show features, size, price, and length of warranty for each heater.
built-in-microwave Microwaves

The Ultimate Guide To Buying A New Microwave

In the market for a new microwave? Lost in the sea of types, and options? This buying guide covers everything from recommendations, tips, tricks, and even how microwaves work.

10 Clever Ways To Organize Your Garage

Got a cluttered garage? Here are 10 simple ways that you can help organize your garage and make it an easier space to work or be in.
Girl Sleeping in Warm Room How-To's / Guides

26 Ways To SAVE On Your Heating Bills

Stop burning extra money just to keep your house warm. Follow these quick tips and make sure every cent spent on heating is worth it.

The 6 Quietest Fans For Sleeping With A Silent Breeze

Having a peaceful night's sleep is important to get a great start to your day, a powerful quiet fan will let you sleep soundly even on warm nights!
Preparing for Fall - Appliance Analysts How-To's / Guides

40 Fall Preparation Tips for your Home

Be certain you'll be ready for autumn with this list of forty different fall preparation tips.
Appliance Analysts Smooth Edge Can Openers Post Kitchen

Best Smooth Edge Can Openers for Scratch-Free Cooking

Make opening cans safe and effortless with these smooth edge can openers. We've reviewed the best on the market to help you find your perfect product.
Thunder and Lightning over Mountains How-To's / Guides

59 Tips for Power Outages: Preparing, Managing, and Staying Sane

Getting plunged into the dark ages is never a welcome surprise. Make sure you're prepared and ready for any sudden power outages with these 59 great tips.
Bromic Tungsten Electric Patio Heaters Patio

The 5 Best Electric Patio Heaters to Keep The Party Outdoors

Shrug off cold nights with these best electric patio heaters. Simple to set-up, plenty of heat, no fumes, and full peace of mind.
Workshop example for blower fans DIY

The 7 Best Blower Fans for Ventilation, Cooling, & Drying

Need some powerful and direct airflow? Find the best blower fan in minutes with our free buyer's guide and top model reviews.