Can it bend this way? Oh man I need to pull it over here… wait, why did it stop? Did the plug come out again?! Aaaagh!

Trying to vacuum a car with a standard vacuum sucks. It’s just not fit for the job.

Wall-mounted vacuums, on the other hand, are made for it. They pack a ton of power and flexibility without the restrictions of a standard model, or the tiny battery life of a handheld vacuum.

With high suction and hoses over 30-feet long, these wall-mounted vacuums are perfect for keeping your car, garage, or utility room spotless. All with minimal effort.

But which model is best? I’ve researched and reviewed almost every wall-mounted vacuum on the market. In this article are the absolute top models I’ve found – rated for price, power, and ease of use. 

Looking for a Quick Recommendation?

While I’ve spent hours on the research for this article, I’m aware that this is the internet. Everyone’s in a rush!

If I could make just one recommendation, it would be VacuMaid’s range of wall-mounted vacuums.

While not the cheapest, this range is the absolute best for power, functionality, and reliability.

Any good vacuum should be powerful, easy-to-use, and long-lasting. That’s exactly why VacuMaid get’s this top recommendation spot.

Don’t get me wrong. They’re not the cheapest option. They’re also not the prettiest looking. But man is this a fantastic product.

Their vacuums come with either a 30-foot (GV30) or 50-foot (GV50) long hose. The rest of their set-up is the same for both models: a huge 7-gallon container, powder-coated steel exterior, and one of the most powerful motors available.

The warranty lasts for a massive 5 years, and customer satisfaction is outstanding. Not to mention it’s USA made with lifetime support included.

If you’re looking for a quality wall-mounted vacuum, I can’t recommend these models enough. Hands-down.

The best models are:

  • The GV30; 30-foot hose.
  • The GV50; 50-foot hose.
  • The GV50 PRO; 50-foot hose and an even more powerful motor.

Best Wall-Mounted Vacuums: Compared

In these days of internet shopping, there’s so much information out there – and so little clarity. To help give you an overview I’ve collated the best models with their most important information in the table below. I hope it helps.

Image Vacuum Hose Length Mount-Type Warranty
Best Overall:
VacuMaid Range
0.7 Cubic Feet
Wall Bracket 5 Years
Best All-Rounder:
GarageVac Range
0.6 Cubic Feet
Hang 6 Years
Best Value:
Shop-Vac 3942300
0.7 Cubic Feet
Hang 3 Years
That’s the top-down comparison. For those who want to know more – let’s dive into some detailed reviews.

Best Wall Mounted Vacuums: Reviewed

Best Overall Vacuum

VacuMaid Range (GV30, GV50, GV50PRO)

VacuMaid are the real powerhouses of the wall-mounted vacuum world – and they comfortably take our top recommendation spot.

Their basic gunmetal appearance and high(ish) price tag doesn’t give much in the way of excitement. Functionality though, is where they are unrivaled.

Two hose sizes – 30 and 50 feet long – will cover even the largest garage and wrap around multiple cars with ease. The gunmetal finish, while not the most aesthetic, offers superior durability and resistance to wear and tear versus the standard hard plastic of other models.

Where they really shine, though, is the motor.

The standard version’s 5.1″ motor boasts a 25% longer life than their competition. This jumps up to 75% longer for the pro version – which includes a 5.7″ motor.

Note; they also have even larger models for commercial purposes. The 6.6″ motors in their Utility models quote over 1500 hours of constant operation.

A final stand-out advantage is that there’s no filters. Instead of needing replacements or cleaning, VacuMaid models use a filtered bag that simply needs emptied when full. It’s a small change, but adds up to a lot of time saved (especially with a product this long-lasting).

Pros Cons
Durable Gunmetal ExteriorHigher Price
5-Year WarrantyWall-Bracket Mounting
HEPA-Style Bag (No Filters)Basic Looks
30' or 50' Hose Length

Our Verdict

It’s hard to properly articulate a show-stopper of a point about VacuMaid. It’s not that they massively excel in one factor or another – it’s that they’re excellent in so many categories.

These products are powerful, long-lasting, and easy-to-use – backed up with a massive 5-year warranty and lifetime customer support.

In my opinion, that’s worth every penny of the higher price tag they come with. If you’re after an excellent solution for your garage that will last for years, this is the one.

Best All-Rounder

Garage-Vac GH120 Range

Jumping down a tier in the budget we get GarageVac’s GH120 range. And these are also some fantastic vacuums.

Let’s start with the downgrades – because the price is cheaper for a reason. This is particularly due to a less powerful motor than the VacuMaid, and a less durable exterior.

Don’t let that make you think these aren’t worth their salt, however.

The exterior might be a standard plastic, but the warranty is a whole year longer. With an unbeaten 6-year warranty, GarageVac are making a real statement about their confidence in this product.

The hose length is a great mid-point between the two I mentioned above. At 40-feet long, it’s easily enough to cover almost any space.

Perhaps the best aspect, though, is the ease of use. While heavier models need you to install a full wall jacket, these GarageVac’s simply hang on any wall mount. Nail, hook, or just from a cabinet – there’s practically no set-up required.

This is a much better option for anyone who will only vacuum occasionally. Easy to set up means easy to store when not in use.

Pros Cons
Great Price TagPlastic exterior
Easy Installation
40-Foot Long Hose
6-Year Warranty

Our Verdict

I can’t list exact prices on this site (as prices may change), but by saving $50-$100 on these vacuums it’s an absolute steal for the right purpose.

They’re not as powerful, nor as durable. But that’s made up for in the 6-year warranty, and the vacuum is still a fantastic product.

The ease of use, long hose, and simple installation make this a fantastic all-rounder option for anyone who only needs an occasional vacuum and doesn’t want to pay a premium.

Available in Black, Red, and White versions. Check out the full range using the link below.

Best Value Vacuum

Shop-Vac 3942300

Shop-Vac gets our best value spot with their wall-mounted vacuum.

For less than half the price of our top recommendation – the VacuMaid – this Shop-Vac will still get the job done.

Despite the fairly basic ‘trash-bin’ style design (!), the vacuum is more than capable of handling cars and garages.

The hose is a lot shorter than our other recommendations. The container itself, while large (5-gallon capacity), is quite bulky and doesn’t exactly blend into the wall.

That said, the vacuum itself is still fully capable, and a 3-year warranty is a fair offering in terms of peace of mind.

Pros Cons
Super-Low PriceBasic Design
Easy InstallationShorter Hose (18')

Our Verdict

Not everyone needs a powerhouse vacuum that will last for years.

If you have a small space and won’t demand too much from a vacuum, this is a great value option.

It’s by no means a bad product – just that the market leaders are ahead in many categories. (Except price).

For a budget-minded shopper who isn’t concerned about a long-term solution – this can be a great pick-up for a fantastic price.

Still Unsure? Here's What To Look For

Sometimes it can be hard to choose between such similar products. Especially when you’ve only got online information to go on.

To get some clarity it can help to consider the common features between the different models. Think about which of the following aspects are most important to you.

By knowing what matters the most to you, it can be easier to know which model will be the best for your space.

Length of Hose

One of the biggest variants between all these models is the hose length. Granted, for a residential garage, you’d be hard pushed to need more than 30-foot of length (the minimum). If you’re lucky enough to have a military-sized bunker of a garage, or just want to also cover adjacent rooms or some of the yard, longer can mean better.


Unlike commercial-sized shop vacs, the power of these vacuums isn’t so widely reported. Instead, think of the best models as the VacuMaid as packing a real punch, while the other models are powerful – just not as much so. If you’re going to be putting the vacuum under real stress or frequent use, consider the more powerful option. (And for huge amounts of power, consider the VacuMaid GV50PRO).


As someone who works with appliances professionally, my main gripe with the industry is short warranties. However, that’s not the case with these models.

The warranties on almost all these top models are 3-5 years, which is fantastic for peace of mind. The GarageVac models win out with a whopping 6-years of coverage.

Second to this is the actual support. Not just the warranty itself, but the company on the other end of the phone. VacuMaid have built a great reputation by providing free lifetime support from their US office.


As well as the motor, durability is a major factor in the overall price. Is the exterior vulnerable to the conditions of your garage? (Chemicals, cold winters, hot summers). Again, VacuMaid have knocked it out the park for durability with a powder-coated gunmetal exterior – as opposed to hardened plastic.


Installation type can be a big deal for some – are you happy to drill-in a wall bracket, or would you prefer to hang the vacuum on a sturdy nail? The more powerful models will require a bracket, while lighter GarageVacs just need to be hung onto something.


A sign of a good company is in the small details. Make sure to check the accessories that come with the vacuum – especially if you’re in need of extra-long accurate hose-tips, or wide-brushes.


How is the dirt collected, and how much can the vacuum hold? A key point is whether or not the vacuum uses filters – which will need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Some models, like the VacuMaid, use filtered bags which just need emptied – no maintenance required.


Last but definitely not least, is your own budget. Quality can pay for itself over time, but sometimes a quick and convenient solution wins out. Please note I can’t display actual prices on here in-case they change on the seller, but there’s typically at least $100 of difference between ‘value’ models and those that are built to last.


They may not be showstoppers, but these wall-mounted vacuums really are game-changers. They’re one of those ‘don’t know how you lived without them’ type of products.

I hope this article has helped you close in on a vacuum that will be perfect for your space. The power, ease of use, and reliability they provide turn cleaning the car from a chore to a satisfyingly easy task.

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