Freezers are so useful, but it can be hard to choose the right one.

Especially when it comes to a niche type, like upright freezers for use in a garage. We need to make sure they’re durable, reliable, and pack plenty of space.

However, most freezers that are designed for homes and tend to stop working in really low temperatures. Therefore, you’ll need an upright freezer that’s especially purposed for the garage.

This article helps you find the best upright freezers for your garage. I’ll also help you in weighing various models against each other.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Shortlist: Best Garage Upright Freezers

Image Mini-Freezer Award Size Link
Midea 5.3 Upright Freezer Best Overall 5.3 Cu.ft Amazon
Hamilton Beach HBFRF1100 Best Large Upright 11 Cu.ft Amazon
GE FUF14DLRWW Ultimate Upright 14.1Cu.ft Amazon
Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Best Alternative Upright 6.5Cu.ft Amazon
Midea WHS-109FW1 Best Chest Upright 5.0Cu.ft. Amazon

Can you Use Any Upright Freezer in a Garage?

Most people keep their old upright freezer in the garage when they get a new one, thinking it’ll serve as a spare freezer to store extra stuff.

However, not all freezers are tough enough to withstand the colder conditions in a garage in the northern states.

Moreover, your garage can get really hot or really cold. So you don’t want your freezer to wear out earlier than you’d want it to. So make sure to check out freezers that are built to last in garages.

Will an Upright Freezer Work in a Hot Garage?

People who put their upright freezers in the garage have often complained that its sides get too hot, especially in the peak summer months.

Although the cooling is fine, it has to work harder to beat the heat, which also causes your energy bills to climb up. This is because not all freezers are suitable to withstand higher temperatures.

While you can work around this by installing a cooler in your garage, it’d only be an additional expense. The proper way to do so is by buying an upright freezer for the garage.

These freezers are specifically built to keep cool in extreme temperatures. Not only will it work well in high temperatures, but it’ll also withstand cold weather like a champ.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Upright Freezers for Garage

Best All-Round Upright Freezer

Midea MRU05M2AWW Freezer, 5.3 Cu.ft

If you’re short on space, or are looking for a smaller and secondary option, then the Midea Upright Freezer is the one you should go for.

It’s a compact freezer with a space of 5.3 cu.ft and a sleek finish, with a see-through glass door that shows you what’s happening within.

The freezer is also lightweight and easy to move. It has adjustable legs so you can balance according to the level of your garage floor.

The glass door is mounted on a stainless steel door frame, which is durable and rust-free, making it perfect for all weather conditions.

When you open the door, you can see spill-proof glass shelves and an interior LED light. Moreover, it has a quiet operation with no jerks or vibration when the compressor turns off and on.

Pros Cons
Compact size is suitable for any garageDoesn’t have enough space to serve as the primary freezer
Available in white, black, and gray colors
Has spill-proof glass shelves, which ensure cleanliness

Our Verdict

Hands down, the Midea upright freezer is a winner when it comes to size, storage space, and its ability to withstand the conditions inside your garage.

It can easily be placed in both insulated or uninsulated garages.

Best Large Upright Freezer

Hamilton Beach HBFRF1100, 11 cu ft, Upright Freezer

With its large size and durable construction, the Hamilton Beach Upright Freezer is another strong contender for your garage.

It provides you with a capacity of 11 cu.ft, which makes it suitable to store large-sized items, such as meats, vegetables, frozen foods, beverages, and much more.

It comes with its own interior thermostat that allows you to cycle between different settings, according to the temperature outside.

The upright freezer has a durable and sleek door with a large handle. When you open it, you get access to sufficient storage space with sturdy wire shelves and 7 drawers.

Plus, the freezer also has a bright LED light to help you see everything clearly.

Pros Cons
Provides large capacity with small storage spaceThe shelves are fixed and can’t be moved
Comes with easy temperature controlDoesn’t have shelves on the door
Legs can be adjusted to maintain balance

Our Verdict

If you’re on the lookout for a larger upright freezer for your garage, then this Hamilton Beach is perfect for you.

If you do a lot of hunting, or buy your meat and other groceries in bulk, you can easily place them here. You don’t have to worry about them getting ruined due to a hot garage.

Ultimate Upright Freezer

GE FUF14DLRWW Upright Freezer

Looking for something even bigger for your garage? Then you can’t go wrong with GE’s Upright Freezer.

GE is a big name among electrical appliances. Its upright freezers are especially designed to work in extreme conditions, like the ones you find in your garage.

This upright freezer has a tall white door with a sleek finish, and a long handle. One of the best features is the external temperature control on the door.

It allows you to adjust the temperature inside the freezer without having to open the door. The controls are fairly simple to understand as well.

Inside the freezer, you have 4 glass shelves and 2 adjustable ones that you can move around to make more space for larger or taller items.

There are also shelves on the door for extra storage, as well as a drawer at the bottom of the freezer for additional space.

Pros Cons
Has a door lock for securityThe freezer alarm isn’t too loud
Especially designed for temperature fluctuations
Also has a self-defrost feature

Our Verdict

If you’re after size, this upright freezer by GE is a great option.

The external thermostat means you don’t lose any of the cold temperature within the fridge – helping with energy efficiency. It’s also great if you have temperature-sensitive goods, like medicines (or particularly delicate cheesecakes).

Overall, it’s a great model which holds up the GE’s high-quality standards. Ideal if you’ve got plenty of space and plan to make plenty of use out of it.

Best Alternative Upright Freezer

Frigidaire EFRF696-AMZ Upright Freezer 6.5 cu ft

A freezer with premium look and feel

Still not sure how much capacity you’ll need? You could opt for a mid-sized upright freezer, like the Frigidaire Upright Freezer.

This unit gives you a capacity of 6.5 cubic feet, which is ample space to store all your additional groceries. It has a beautiful stainless steel silver door with the company name embossed.

The freezer comes with its own thermostat, so you can adjust it according to the weather outside. Inside, you get 3 wire shelves with lots of spacing in between.

This allows you to store a lot of goods inside. This freezer also has adjustable legs, and is lightweight too.

It also comes with a manual defrost feature, which makes it easy for you to clean the upright freezer every once in a while.

Pros Cons
Doesn’t have a noisy operationDoesn’t have LED light as advertised
Has an easy-to-operate interior thermostat
Suitable for small spaces

Our Verdict

The Frigidaire upright freezer can be a valuable addition to your garage. It helps keep your food fresh and bacteria-free for a long time.

Plus, it’s sleek silver and black finish also makes it look good anywhere you put it. You get evenly spaced shelves to store all your groceries properly.

Apart from a lack of lighting, everything else seems good enough.

Best Chest Upright Freezer

Arctic King Chest Freezer

For those who can’t do without chest freezers

Still want a chest freezer for your garage? Here you go: the Arctic King Chest Freezer is the answer!

It has a small capacity of 5 cu.ft, which is fine if you need to store small items. It has an elegant black finish, which is a welcome break from all those white chest freezers.

This upright freezer is good for storing groceries and other items for up to 2 people. It can keep them fresh for up to 2 months easily.

It has a powerful compressor that keeps the insides frosty, even in extreme temperatures.

With the Arctic King Chest Freezer, you won’t find a smaller sized chest freezer in this price range.

Pros Cons
Compact size makes it suitable for smaller garagesThe body can get dented or scratched easily
Keeps food fresh for longer
Also has a basket to store smaller items

Our Verdict

The Arctic King chest upright freezer is an affordable and economical freezer for your garage.

It provides a powerful cooling performance that’s suitable for all types of items.

Moreover, it can be moved around easily, thanks to its sturdy legs. However, if your garage floor is a little unbalanced, you’ll have a hard time adjusting it.

Best Mini Upright Freezer (3 cu.ft)

Whynter Black CUF-301BK 3.0 cu. ft. Energy Star Upright Freezer with Lock

We’ve saved the smallest for last!

The Whynter Black Upright Freezer is the most compact freezer on our list. It’s also one of the most energy-efficient freezers as well.

It has a storage capacity of 3 cu.ft and it comes with two shelves, as well as a wire drawer for extra space.

The shelves have cooling lines running underneath, which help with the even circulation of air and keep your food colder for longer.

The exterior of the fridge has a sleek look and comes in black, silver, and rose gold colors.

The Whynter upright freezer has energy saving capabilities and consumes less power than a light bulb!

Plus, it has a cylinder lock for keeping food safe from thieves, or your kids.

Pros Cons
Great for small spacesDoesn’t have a defrosting function
Has even air circulation for efficient cooling
Has low power consumption

Our Verdict

The Whynter upright freezer can be placed anywhere inside your garage, thanks to its compact size. It can keep your food cool for a long time.

However, if you’re used to spending time inside the garage, you’ll have to get used to its constant humming and clicking sounds.

Chest Freezers vs Upright Freezer

The next thing in your mind would be, “Why don’t I just get a chest freezer for my garage?” After all, they have much more storage space and their cooling is also more consistent.

Plus, they consume less power, and also make less noise.

So, why not?

One major reason is that chest freezers take up much more space, which makes it a big “NO” for smaller garages.

Another factor, since everything is stacked vertically in a chest freezer, you have to do a lot of rearranging to get to the item you need. This can be inconvenient!

If you really want to go with a chest freezer, then make sure to buy models that are marketed as “garage-ready”.

Your garage may be uninsulated and experiences extreme temperatures, which may hamper the cooling efficiency of your freezer.


I hope this article helps you in understanding the pros and cons of each upright freezer for the garage. Now you can get to work on choosing one that suits your requirements.

You have to consider the space you have, the storage capacity you need, and also the various features each freezer offers.

If this article was helpful for you, have a look at our other articles for more information.

Thank you for reading, and have an awesome day!