If you’ve got a farm with a lot of crops, you must know how important it is to ensure that everything remains well watered. Even when the weather is dry and rain hasn’t shown up for some time, you’ve still got to a find a way to water your plants.

Sprinklers are one way to irrigate. Typically, on a lawn or in a backyard, you simply connect the sprinkler to your home’s water supply. If you irrigate your farm with sprinklers, you can use a similar method to water the plants. Of course, watering over such a large space will show on your water bill.

But what about that lake or river that is close to your farmland? What if there was some way to use the water from that for your sprinklers instead? That’s the whole point to sprinkler pumps! These allow you to pump water in from any water body around you.

This a great way for you to conserve your clean water, and provides a way to save significantly on water.

I’ve written this article to run you through some of the best sprinkler pumps you can buy. Hopefully you’ll find one that suits your needs. They’re all listed by ‘award’ to help offer an option for most cases.

Ready? Then let’s dive in.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Sprinkler Pumps

Best 2HP Sprinkler Pump

Wayne WLS200 2HP Sprinkling Pump

Whether you’re pulling the water from a lake, a well, or a pond, this Wayne sprinkler pump has got your back.

This is a pump finished in almost all-black. The sticker on the body is the only thing of significant color. The casing for the pump is all metal, but the casing for the main body is made of cast-iron. This is a very heavy metal choice to use, but it is also extremely strong. It’s not like you will be moving this anywhere anyway, so the weight isn’t too much of a big deal.

Thanks to the two-horsepower motor that this carries, it can pump nearly 4,000 gallons of water every hour from ten feet down. If you need performance, this could be the one.

Pros Cons
Powerful motorExpensive
Cast-iron pump casing is durable
Flow rate is great

Our Verdict

Thanks to the 2HP motor, this pump has the power to pull water up from even deeper than most, while still pushing out at several gallons per hour.

Many users who have dealt with this company complain about the fact that they don’t sell spare parts. If something goes wrong with the machine, if you want official parts, you’ll have to send it back to the guys at Wayne.

That’s a real downside, in my opinion. You do get a warranty lasting a year at least, so you’ll be able to make good use of it.

Best 1.5HP Sprinkler Pump

Simer 3415P 1.5HP Sprinkler Pump

Okay, so maybe 2HP is too much for you. Or perhaps the price is too high for your taste. In that case, let’s push it down a bit to 1.5HP. This comes with a very significant price difference.

The casing for this pump is made of a strong thermoplastic. It’s an interesting choice, but it obviously is no where near as durable as cast iron or other kinds of metals.

If you’re pulling water from a well, you can expect this to pull excellently from it, even if you’re up to 20 feet deep. 1.5HP is far from a slouch of a motor, so it still has the potential to pump ridiculous amounts of water every second. That motor is responsible for it being able to pump out at 50 PSI!

Save some money by buying this over the Wayne pump, especially if you know that you don’t have any need for 2HP.

Pros Cons
Has a good priceUses plastic housing
Set to 230V, but you can drop it to 120V.
It is able to pump water even from depths

Our Verdict

If you’re looking to spend a lot less than what the Wayne version retails at, then all (or at least many!) paths lead here.

You likely won’t have any issues with how well this lasts. It is made of thermoplastic, which I think isn’t the best choice, but it allows for a cheaper product here. With enough force though, plastic can break, which you should keep in mind.

No matter where you’re pumping your water from and to, just have a pump like this. For most people with less than industrial-sized farmland, this should be a great option to pick.

The warranty Simer offers here is a one-year agreement. Not the juiciest one but I’ll take it as it is.

Best 1HP Sprinkler Pump

Lanchez 1HP Shallow Well Pump

If the looks of a pump ever mattered, then this would be the one to win the pageant. There’s just something classy about the way the pump cover is made of stainless-steel, and the rest is black.

But the looks don’t matter, and it is what this can do that does.

This is a 1HP motor, so it comes at a much more affordable price than the other pumps on this list. It is normal to expect savings, but I didn’t expect a price this affordable. This costs about a third the price of the Wayne sprinkler pump.

It can pump up to 1,294 gallons of water every hour when just 3.3 feet off the surface of the water. The deeper the water level is though, the more it has to strain, and the less water it pulls up. This is constant for any pump. For instance, at nearly 100 feet, it drops to 607 gallons per hour. It can also pump at up to 65 PSI.

The relatively modest power makes this a pump that you can move around if you need to. It explains why Lanchez built a handle right into the top.

It’s 1HP, so it is naturally lighter than others. Plus, it is a budget option, so if you can’t afford more than one of these, you can use just one and carry it to wherever you need it.

Pros Cons
Very affordableMaximum flow rate isn’t the best
Relatively portable thanks to handle
Operates quietly

Our Verdict

I think you get a lot with this pump, to be honest. It comes at a price point that makes it accessible to pretty much anyone.

It obviously does not have the power that its bigger brethren do, but for its size and price, 1HP is more than enough. This is great if you have a small farm and you won’t be pulling water from too deep. That way you can get optimal performance from this for your money.

The body is made of stainless steel and aluminum. Some users complain of the stainless-steel cover not coming properly tightened, so you may need to do that by yourself when you get it. If you notice any leaks from cover, that’s likely what you’ve got to do. Once that’s done, it should work perfect.

You get a warranty lasting one year with this, and for the price, I’ll say that that is completely fine.

Best Heavy-Duty Sprinkler Pump

Red Lion RL-SPRK200 2HP Sprinkler Pump

Huge and bright red, this Red Lion sprinkler pump is hard to miss. This beast of a pump costs a similarly hefty price but falls into a similar price range as other 2HP products on this list.

If you want a sprinkler pump that can survive pretty much any abuse that you throw at it, you need something heavy-duty. This right here, with its cast iron build, is what you’re looking for. Cast iron is strong, that much is certain, but it is extremely heavy, so this won’t be a pump you’ll be moving at all.

Thanks to the 2HP motor that this packs, you can expect to pull up to 76 gallons of water every minute. That comes to 4,560 gallons of water every hour and the maximum pressure is 49 PSI. That right there is a lot. If you need a lot of water, this is the way to go.

Whether you’re scared of corrosion, wear and tear, or simply physical damage, this Red Lion will take some of that worry off you. It is one of the toughest pumps you’ll find.

Pros Cons
High-quality cast iron buildExpensive
Maximum flow rate is highHeavy
Motor is powerful
Very durable

Our Verdict

Pumps of this power and price are best suited for commercial use. This is, to put it lightly, absolute overkill if you use it for a backyard garden with just a few crops. This is best for a full-blown farm.

The price is easier to stomach when used commercially. Asides that, you’ll want something that can last you as long as possible, and you’ll get that with this. You’ll keep profits up when you don’t have to constantly replace and repair your sprinkler pump.

If you’re still not convinced by my words on how tough this is, is hearing that it has a two-year warranty any better? That’s enough cover for you to know that you’re dealing with a sturdy product.

Best USA Sprinkler Pump

Star HSP20P1 2HP Self-Priming Sprinkler Pump

This 2HP pump from Star is made in the USA. It’s made of cast iron for a strong, durable build. At 60lbs though, this isn’t light. But then, it’ll likely that you’ll bolt it down permanently.

Of course, coming from the USA means it comes with a little price premium. Although this isn’t little. This is the most expensive pump on the list, even among similar 2HP units. It is nearly four times as expensive as the cheapest one here!

However, for the quality this provides, it is not asking for too much. It can pull a max of 4,260 gallons of water ever hour. That’s the kind of power we expect from a 2HP motor that can hit 40 PSI.

Pros Cons
Great flow rateExpensive
High quality build
Detailed instructions, so easy to install

Our Verdict

There are numerous 2HP sprinkler pumps on the market (and on this list too), so it can be hard to pick between them. If you’re someone who wants to support businesses from the USA, then this is a great way to do so.

Of course, it comes with a premium on the price, but compared to other 2HP pumps, it’s not massive.

You don’t need to worry too much about its durability, as this pump’s casing is built of cast iron. If it’s physical damage that you’re worried about, worry no longer. It can take a beating.

You get a one-year warranty on this, which to be honest, is a short amount of time for the price. However, the customer service should be a bit smoother thanks to the fact it is an American company.

What size of pump do you need?

Making sure that the pump you buy is the right size is absolutely necessary. While it is better to buy more than you’ll need rather than less, not everyone has the money required to intentionally buy a more powerful pump.

To know which sprinkler pump is best for you and your needs, you’ll need to know how many sprinklers you’re planning on running. Besides that, you’ll need to know the gallons per minute (or hour) rating of each of these sprinklers, along with their PSI rating.

The best sprinkler setups are the ones that use one kind of sprinkler head throughout. This makes things easy to calculate.

There’s a reason all these pumps can hit such large gallon per hour/minute ratings. They are built to take multiple sprinklers. For example, if you have 10 sprinklers rated at 5 gallons per minute, that comes to a total of 50 GPM. And that amounts to 3000 GPH. If your pump can hit that, you’re good!

But wait! The GPH values of pumps differ at different pressures! If those sprinklers operate at 20 PSI, you need to make sure your pump can push 3000 GPH at 20 PSI. If you can, you can operate those 10 sprinklers without worries. You don’t need to multiply the PSI. As long as all the sprinklers are the same, this value is too.

Take note of how deep you’ll be pulling water from though. That can also affect the GPH.

What does a sprinkler pump do?

What a sprinkler pump does is pull in water from any water bodies that you may have nearby. This includes lakes, ponds, and wells. You can also plug them into cisterns that you might have built. You can then hook it up to an irrigation system. This way, you are using water that is readily available.

The biggest advantage to using a sprinkler pump is right there. You don’t need to waste water and take a toll on your water bill! You’re simply pulling natural water, which is completely free and perfectly healthy for your plants!

Ultimately, it is up to you to decide how you want to configure it.

How long should a sprinkler pump last?

The answer to this question depends on the brand and quality of the sprinkler pump you get. Naturally, better-known brands and more expensive products tend to last longer, those this isn’t a rule.

However, you’d want any sprinkler pump to last anywhere between five and ten years. If you take good care of your pump, you shouldn’t be worried about a short life span.

If I was to give you the biggest don’t of any sprinkler pump, it’s that you should never dry run it! This refers to having it suck up air instead of water. Never do this!


My top choice, personally, would be the Wayne 2HP pump. It’s expensive, but for anyone looking for a 2HP sprinkler pump, it is within a very reasonable price. It can push a lot of water and it is built to last. That cast iron casing is as tough as you need it to be!

My second choice is the 1HP sprinkler pump from Lanchez. It is affordable and portable. Not everyone needs as much power as a 2HP pump can provide, so this budget option will work out perfectly for many people.

A runner-up is the Simer. You get amazing value from it at 1.5HP, but my major gripe with it is the plastic casing. I mean, if you’re not chucking bricks at it, that shouldn’t be much of a problem, but you never know the kind of blows it will have to take. You want the delicate parts inside to be as protected as possible. Besides that, it is a very solid choice.

You’ve gotten to the end of the article, so I want to say a huge thank you for reading! I hope this content has been helpful to you. If it has, please consider checking out our articles below.

Have a great day!