Smooth edge can openers are a cheap but amazingly effective way to make can opening an effortless and safe process – for anyone.

In this article, we’ve put together the best smooth edge can openers on the market. We’ve chosen them based on the following factors, that think any good can opener should have:

  1. Ergonomic – easy and comfortable to hold
  2. Robust – if a tool like this won’t last you years, it’s not worth recommending
  3. Easy to use – especially for anyone with weaker hands, operation should be near-effortless
  4. Fair price – while we don’t mind paying extra for quality, the price tag should be a fair reflection of the product
  5. Smooth cut – and of course, provides a smooth edge which is safe to touch!

We’ve included a recommendation for everyone, with best products for various categories (overall, value, luxury, and a great all-rounder).

So without further ado, let’s start with the reviews!

Best Smooth Edged Can Openers - Analyzed

Best Overall Product:
OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener Review

OXO Smooth Edge Can Opener
Our favourite - top quality and easy operation.

The OXO Smooth Edge can opener covers absolutely everything you could ask for from a product like this.

It stands out from the competition thanks to the patented side-winding mechanism. Having the winder on the side makes it super easy for anyone to use as it almost glides around the can.

The build quality is as robust as you could ask for, with a soft-grip exterior which makes for a very comfortable hold during use.

Finally, by being able to use the attached pliers to easily pick up the can lid without getting either your fingers or the can opener dirty, it really does make things so easy.

Pros Cons
Patented side winding mechanismFairly expensive, but the quality shines through
Ergonomic - soft grip feel and super easy to hold
Easily remove can lids with the attached pliers

Our Verdict

This smooth edge can opener by OXO was a straightforward choice for our top pick. It’s very easy to use, with an ergonomic hold and soft-grip feel, complimented by really robust build quality.

While it’s higher on the price range, you do get one of the world’s greatest can openers for your money. With the added bonus of being able to remove the lid without even using your fingers, it’s just the ideal package.

Best Value Product:
AMOUP Stainless Steel Can Opener Review

AMOUP Smooth Edge Can Opener
The large turning handle is ideal for those with weaker hands.

This AMOUP can opener comes with a fantastic value price tag, without sacrificing on quality. It’s large turning knob has been designed for easy use for anyone with arthritis or weaker hands.

It does miss out on the functionality of being able to lift the lid for you, however the clip at the end makes it effortless to place onto the can and use.

The cut is as smooth as you could ask for, all from a can opener that’s less than 8 inches long and weighs just 6 ounces.

Pros Cons
Large turning knob for easy useNo lid lifting functionality
Small size, lightweight
Fantastically low price
Free keychain bottle opener included

Our Verdict

If you’re just looking for a cheap and effective smooth edge can opener, this is a great option.

The price is unbeatable while still offering a smooth cut which avoids touching the can’s contents. Plus, the super compact size and light weight make it easy to include in any ‘bits and bobs’ drawer.

Best Luxury Product:
Orange PP Electronic OneTouch Can Opener Review

Orange PP Electronic Smooth Edge Can Opener
Completely effortless operation.

In terms of ease of use, this electric ‘OneTouch’ can opener is top of the list.

While it is a bit more expensive, and does need batteries, it makes can opening truly effortless. Perfect if you’ve got weaker hands, or are shopping for someone who could really benefit from an easy-to-use product like this.

To use it, simply place it on top and let the magnet click it into place. Press the buttons on either side of the tool, and push down slightly to help ensure a clean cut. Once the can’s open, just lift up the opener and the lid will come up with it for easy disposal, thanks to the magnet.

Pros Cons
Genuinely effortless functionExpensive
No cleaning necessaryNeeds batteries
Included magnet for easy attaching and lid removal

Our Verdict

A fantastic option for anyone who needs a helping hand when it comes to opening their cans.

The added price tag is justified for a quality yet simple-to-use electric product like this, which makes for effortless can opening with no cleaning necessary.

Best All-Rounder Product:
Goodcook 11834 Safe Cut Can Opener Review

Goodcook 11834 Safe Cut Can Opener
The best all-rounder we've come across.

This smooth edge can opener by goodcook ticks every box we look for in one of these products.

It’s light weight, at a fair price, easy to use, and has a solid build quality. While it doesn’t particularly stand out in any particular category, it’s not lacking in any, either.

One great aspect that it does have is thousands of satisfied customers. If you look on Amazon (via the link below), it’s got an average of 4.5/5 from thousands of reviews – which really speaks for itself.

Pros Cons
Great all rounderNo lid lifting
Lifetime warranty
Thousands of satisfied reviews

Our Verdict

If you’re just looking for a simple solution, this smooth edge can opener is a great option.

It’s a little more expensive than our best value recommendation, however this is made up thanks to a lifetime warranty and lifetime guarantee, as well as thousands of satisfied customer reviews.

Simple, quality, easy to use. A fantastic all-rounder.


Smooth edge can openers provide a fantastic quality of life upgrade for anyone who’s struggled with sharp can edges in the past.

The can openers we’ve outlined on this list are some of the best on the market – but they’re not the only ones. If you’re still looking for inspiration, check out Amazon’s best seller list here.

If you’ve got any feedback, we’d love to hear it in the comments below – or shoot us a message via our contact page.

Thanks for reading!