If you’re living in a residential/urban environment, live on a smaller property, or get light to medium levels of snow fall, the single stage snow blower was designed for you!

male using a snow blower
Single stage snow blower is perfect for light to medium level of snow

With a single stage snow blower you’re not looking to throw the snow a huge distance away, you’re just getting it clear from areas like car spaces, walkways etc.  Since these machines work directly on the ground, they’re not designed to be used on gravel or unpaved surfaces.

So, what are the best industry picks for single stage snow blowers today?  Let’s take a look together – we’ve given them category awards to make your choice even easier.

Our Top Picks for Single Stage Snow Blowers

Best Corded Single Stage Snow Blower

Snow Joe SJ625E Electric Single Stage Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe SJ625E offers easy usage with a powerful 15 amp motor.

This 37 pound electric machine from Snow Joe clears snow 21 inches wide and 12 inches deep in one pass.  It’s got a workhorse 15 amp motor that gives snow clearance of up to 800 pounds per minute – ample for domestic needs.  It’ll disperse snow 20 feet away.

You’re getting high durability with a steel auger (replaceable rubber blades) which means long lasting performance.  A heavy duty storage cover is available as an optional extra – it protects your machine from the elements and incidental damage.

An extension cord will be needed for this machine, check with the retailer whether it’s included in their purchase price.

Pros Cons
No fuss push button startCan clog on heavy, wet snow
Quick & easy assemblyCrank handle on chute can be stiff
No fuel or gas needed
Adjustable chute
L.E.D headlight
Reasonably priced
Steel auger for durability
Tough storage cover designed to fit is available
Resilient 8 inch wheels

Our Verdict

The Snow Joe SJ625E offers performance that’s on a par with gas powered snow blowers, but it’s lighter, easier to use and much easier to maintain.  It’s also very reasonably priced and simple enough for even beginners to master.  It’s a win in our book!

Snow Joe offers a 2 year warranty on their products, terms and conditions apply.

Best High Power Single Stage Snow Blower

Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE Single Stage Snow Blower

The Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE offers souped – up power to mow through snow with ease!

A nifty feature – it runs off either gas OR electric power, just plug an extension cord in to the machine and you’re good to go.

With a 252cc Toro premium 4 cycle OHV engine you’ll get 2 stage machine performance with this model, at a lower price.    Although high powered it’s quiet to operate and requires no mixing of gas and oil.  At 131 pounds it’s a heavier machine built for durability and heavier use and design features make it very comfortable to maneuver too.

You’ll be clearing snow of 24 inches wide and 16 inches deep in one pass and it’ll handle up to a foot of snow easily.  Its plowing capacity of 2 800 pounds per minute is better than many 2 stage machines and you’ll get a very impressive snow throw distance of around 35 feet.  It’s a beast of a machine and it’ll make snow clearing a cake walk.

Pros Cons
‘Personal Pace’ self - propelled drive system means the machine adjusts to your walking speed automaticallyNo headlight
210 degree chute movement, remote controlledNot great on inclines, best on flat surfaces
High speed helical steel auger eats up snow 10x faster than most 2 stage machinesPlastic scraper may battle to cut into hardened ice
Automatic steering control for turns
Joystick adjustable chute
Beveled chute design prevents clogs
Resilient 11 inch tires
Easy push button electric start but offers recoil start option too

Our Verdict

The Toro SnowMaster 824 QXE single stage snow blower can (and does) outperform many of the dual stage machines available.  On areas of moderate snow fall it makes for light work and the easy handling features like the ‘Personal Pace’ system and the automatic control for turns make it a cinch to use.  It’s got a lot of great features and very sturdy casing and auger design mean longevity and durability.

Toro offers a 3 year limited warranty, terms and conditions apply.  Some of the parts are guaranteed for life on this machine, check with your retailer.

Best Wide Intake Single Stage Snow Blower

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22 - Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower

The Briggs & Stratton 1022E showing off its snow gulping intake.

If you’re looking to clear a wide path of snow in one sweep, then you’re looking for a wide intake machine, and the Briggs & Stratton 1022E has got you covered!

This plus sized 93 pound machine uses its large 22 inch wide intake to good effect and has a 950 snow series 208 cc engine with 9.50 gross torque power, dispersing snow to around 25 feet.  Compact in size, it’s easy to manoeuvre too.  This machine is gas powered so will require maintenance and refuelling.

Pros Cons
Users report good performance on even wet and slushy snowNo headlight
Adjustable chute (manual)Assembly requires metric tools
Snow deflector controls
Assembles easily
Offers electric AND pull cord start
Handles level and inclined surfaces well

Our Verdict

A common nod from users is the immediate start of this machine, one press of a button or yank of the cord, and you’re off.  The Briggs & Stratton 1022E also handles inclines which some machines struggle with.  You’re looking at enough power to clear 10 inches and more of wet and slushy snow, ample for most areas, and its compact design makes packing it away and storing it a breeze.

Briggs & Stratton offer a 3 year limited warranty on snow blower products, terms and conditions apply.

Best Mini Single Stage Snow Blower

YARDMAX YB4628 18 Inch Single Stage Snow Thrower

Compact design and foldable handle makes this ‘mini’ unit an easy store!  Although branded a ‘snow thrower’ it’s exactly the same thing as a snow blower.

With its 87cc 4 cycle engine, this 67 pound mini machine has a height and length of just over 40 inches for easy storage and getting into tight corners.  It clears snow of 18 inches wide and 11 inches deep in one sweep – not monster machine performance, but packing a punch and ample for domestic usage on light to moderate snow.  It runs on gas and has a recoil start.

Pros Cons
Self – propelled turning augerInitial assembly a bit difficult
Adjustable chute (manual)Snap rings on the wheels weren’t the best idea, small design niggle
Adjustable deflector locksScraper bar gets very close to the surface – not best on inclines
Lightweight and compact, great for health compromised/elderly users
Very reasonably priced
Scraper bar gets very close to the surface – great on decks and level surfaces

Our Verdict

This budget beating mini machine is so easy to store and move around, it’s good for people with limited space and/or health issues.  For lighter snow clearance it’s bang on for performance.

YARDMAX offer a 2 year warranty for residential usage, terms and conditions apply.

Best All Round Single Stage Snow Blower

Honda HS720AA 187cc 20 Inch Single Stage Snow Blower

This smart looking machine offers a throw distance of over 30 feet!

This Honda offering runs on a 187cc 4 cycle engine and is gas powered.  It has a quality steel casing design and weighs in at 89 pounds, sturdy and weighty enough to get close to the ground, but won’t throw your back out!  It operates on a pull start system and will clear 20 inches wide with a snow clearing rate of 1800 pounds per minute, impressive.  Users report clearing snow of up to 12 inches without problems.

Some maintenance is needed with all gas powered machines, and that holds true with the Honda, it does need gas and oil refuelling as needed.  Users report very good performance in even heavier snow fall areas and Honda carries a good rep for their quality standards.

Pros Cons
4 cycle engine means no mixing of oil and gas – less start up hassle and maintenanceThe choke rod is made of flexible material and bends easily, you need to get used to it
Relatively lightweight and can be moved around easilyNo headlight
High snow throwing distance of around 35 feetSome users needed lubricant applied to the chute, it can be stiff to adjust
‘Snow Director’ chute control on the handle rotates chute 204 degrees
Auger is durable metal with auger – assist drive, semi self – propelled operation for ease of use
4 cycle operation is relatively quiet and means no smoke or smell from the engine
Automatic decompression system means easy & immediate engine start

Our Verdict

Honda enjoys a devoted following and this machine is another example of their quality merchandise.  It’s a fantastic ‘all – rounder’ which has many user friendly features – not all of which are listed here.  It’s a very tough and sturdy metal product that’ll stand up to rougher usage and it offers a high level of performance in the urban setting.  Besides minor niggles like the ‘sticky’ chute which benefits from lubricant, you can’t really go wrong here.

Honda offers a 2 year warranty on this product for residential usage, terms and conditions apply.

Best Value Corded Single Stage Snow Blower

Hattomen QI – JY- 1600 18 Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower

The Hattomen QI – JY – 1600 is a budget beating steal!

This Hattomen 18 inch electric (plug in) snow blower comes at a very attractive price and easily scoops the ‘value’ award.  Check with your retailer whether the extension cord for this model is included in their sales price.

It has a 1 600 Watt 13 amp motor and gives a clearing width of 16 inches at 7 inches deep.  Being on the smaller side at 28 pounds, it’s not going to clear 10 foot snow drifts, but that’s not what it was designed for.  This machine is perfectly adequate for light snow clearing and really comes into its own on decks, patios, walkways and the like with a snow clearance rate of 500 pounds per minute.

Pros Cons
Very lightweight, ideal for elderly or health compromised usersBottom scraper requires careful usage, it’s not steel so can get damaged if used roughly
Easy assembly
Push button start
No gas, oil or strenuous maintenance needed
Heavy duty steel auger gives durability you might not expect
Safety switch
180 degree adjustable chute
Waterproof plug for inclement conditions
Ergonomic handle, lift handle and zip deflector are nifty extra features
Overload protection

Our Verdict

It was hard to find negative user reviews about this product, which tells you something.  It’s very well priced at well under $200, and it does what it promises on the box.  It will never compete with the much bigger gas powered ‘monster machines’ out there, but for light snow fall and smaller areas it’ll do everything you want with ease.  This one’s easy on the back and easy on the pocket too!

We were unable to find any information on the Hattomen warranty period or conditions online, but you can access the information as an Amazon buyer through their website.

Best Value Cordless Single Stage Snow Blower

Greenworks PRO 80V 20 Inch Cordless Single Stage Snow Thrower

Reasonably priced and with cordless convenience, the Greenworks PRO 80 Volt 20 Inch Cordless offers good value.

This cordless offering from Greenworks runs off an 80 volt lithium battery, check with your retailer whether the battery and charger are included in their sales price.

At 33 pounds you’ll find it very easy to manoeuvre and it promises a clearing path of 20 inches, with a depth of 10 inches of snow fall.  The brushless motor means its super quiet, and almost zero maintenance besides general upkeep and responsible storage.  If you have enough indoor space, do store this unit indoors to keep the battery warm and ready for use.

This machine offers a run time of 45 minutes per charge, and enough ‘go’ to handle an acre of snow clearance, with a snow throwing distance of 20 feet.  It starts right up with a push button start, no fiddling with pull handles or messing about with extension cords!

Pros Cons
Lightweight, great if you’re not SupermanIf you’re tallish, the handle may be on the low side for you
L.E.D Headlight for murky conditionsBattery needs to be at room temperature to work
Immediate, easy start upScraper bar is not adjustable so may wear quickly on rough surfaces – you can add skid plates if desired
No cords or outside power outlet needed
No gas or fuel required
Very low maintenance
Adjustable chute control – 180 degrees with handle provided
Batteries are interchangeable with other Greenworks products
Gets into tighter/confined spaces with ease

Our Verdict

The Greenworks PRO 80 Volt 20 Inch cordless won’t break the bank and offers a good level of performance whilst being easy to store, you could put it into a large cupboard indoors for example.  It’s very easy on the back and the lithium batteries offer a respectable run time of 45 minutes which is more than adequate for residential needs like driveways and patio areas.

It’s ecologically friendly, very quiet, and you skip all the hassle of extension cords, messing around with motors, gas and oil and it doesn’t release any noxious fumes.  Its design makes it good to get into tighter corners and with push button start it’s not difficult to learn or understand as a user, you’ll be flying along dispersing snow almost immediately.

Greenworks offer a 3 year warranty on their machine units, terms and conditions apply.  Check with your retailer on warranty terms agreed for batteries and chargers etc. as sometimes these are different to those offered on the machine itself.

Single vs Two Stage Snow Blowers – What’s the Diff?

Put simply, 2 stage snow blowers are more powerful (on average) than single stage models as they have an auger(s) and an impeller.  The impeller is the part that shoots/forces the snow out of the discharge chute.

Today many single stage machines are made cordless with adequate power capabilities without the need for an impeller, so on lighter snow or for residential use you needn’t fear that you’re missing out if you go single stage.

Snow Blower Buying Guide [General]

Measure First

If you’re limited as to space or worried about fitting a snow blower in alongside vehicles and other appliances in your garage, measure the available space first so that you know what size machine you can accommodate.

Be Realistic

Go in with realistic buyer expectations, and match the machine to the performance you require.  A small cordless snow blower is not going to clear huge drifts of snow off of a commercial sized parking lot – it just won’t because it wasn’t made for that.

Match your particular needs to the machine’s capabilities and specs and you’ll avoid disappointment.

Augers Matter

Steel augers are more durable and longer lasting than augers made out of materials like rubber, but they may also scrape up your surfaces.  There are pros and cons to different types of auger materials so keep this in mind when buying.  Want to protect your brand new immaculate driveway surface?  Perhaps a less durable but kinder rubberized auger is the way to go?

Consider your Technical Expertise and Time Available

Cordless and single stage snow blowers offer much less maintenance and hassle than the larger gas driven models.  A general rule of thumb is – the larger and more complicated the machine, the more effort and knowledge is needed to maintain it.

There are many very good quality cordless or single stage snow blowers available today that offer ease of use, reasonable cost, and little to no technical skill or upkeep.  Bear your available free time and technical skill level in mind when you buy.

Hate Noise?

Cordless machines with brushless motors are very quiet to operate and won’t disturb your neighbors.  Single stage machines are also quieter to use than the larger gas powered 2 stage units, so stick to cordless or single stage if you’re a fan of peace and quiet or if you live in a very built up area.

Pay for the Features that Matter

Heated handle bars and multiple headlights etc. are ‘nice to haves’, but they’re not adding to the performance of your machine, so when working out a budget spend on the items that matter – the more powerful motor or the battery with longer run life for example.

Consider your Capabilities Before you Buy

If you’re physically weak, ill, elderly, or perhaps have muscular or back problems, a large and heavy machine is going to be a trial for you simply to set up, let alone move around.  Match the machine you buy to your capabilities and avoid injury and disappointment.

Buying In – Store?  Consider a ‘Trial Run’

If buying from a physical location and not online, a store should allow you to test the machine and move it around, test your ‘fit’ and how well and easily you can maneuver it.  This’ll show you exactly how well the unit fits you in terms of handle height, casing shape and weight before you buy.

Read the Manual Carefully – Safety is Key

Whichever snow blower you buy, they all come with critical usage instructions and safety guidelines.  Read the manual thoroughly and store it in a safe place for reference.  Always follow the given safety information – it’s there to protect your life and the life and longevity of your snow blower.

Do your Homework

Articles like this, talking to friends and neighbors and getting the right technical information from sales staff will get you the best snow blower that your money can buy.

Understand your weather conditions, expected snow fall for your area, and what you expect the snow blower to do for you – this research will add up to a very wise purchasing decision and many happy years of snow blowing to come!

Thank you for visiting us here at Appliance Analysts, we trust that this article has helped you greatly in your hunt for the perfect single stage snow blower for your needs!  Do visit us again soon for other technical guides and purchasing ‘know how’ that’ll save you time and money.