If you’re shopping for door closers, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by all the choices.

Pneumatic or hydraulic? Top jamb or parallel mount? Lightweight or heavy-duty?

In the end, your choice will depend on the type of door you have and how often it gets used. This will ensure that your door closer performs at its best and gives you the smoothest and quietest close. But where do you start?

In this article, we make things easy for you by reviewing five of the best door closers across five different categories. We start by evaluating their features, performance, flexibility, and value, then we give you our verdict on the best closer for your needs.

If that wasn’t enough, we finish with some maintenance tips and answer your commonly asked questions about door closers. Want to know more? Then read on!

Reviews of the Best Screen & Storm Door Closers

Best Value Pneumatic Screen Door Closer

Wright Products V150WH Heavy Duty Pneumatic Closer

If you need a low-cost option for a medium to heavy-duty door this pneumatic closer could do the trick.

Measuring a slender 15.75 x 1.81 x 3.75 inches, it should fit any wood or metal swinging door, even if the frame is narrow.

The closer has a two-hole end plug for adjustable latching, which makes installation quick and easy. All you need is a Phillips head screwdriver and a step ladder. According to most reviewers, it takes only 10–15 minutes to attach. If you’ve never installed a door closer, don’t worry. Wright provides a handy, step-by-step video to help you out.

The white finish will harmonise with most décors. It also allows for full 90-degree opens and adjustable speeds to suit your preferences and needs. The biggest shortcoming, however, is its one-year warranty, but it’s not surprising at this price point.

Pros Cons
White color blends seamlessly with décorCan slam loudly if not properly installed
Easy to install

Our Verdict

We would recommend this option for homeowners on a budget. For less than $20 you can increase the longevity of your door and protect your home from intruders. As we saw from customer reviews, installation is a cinch, and it comes factory lubricated. This means you won’t have to oil the hardware for a while.

But while this closer is designed for heavy-duty doors, it’s small and may not give you the super-smooth close you want, particularly if your door is made of heavy wood, glass or steel. In fact, some reviewers had to keep tightening or loosening the screws to get the close just right.

In addition, some buyers had to replace the closer after a few years due to wear and tear. However, if your door is light and used infrequently, you may get a longer life out of it.

Overall, this is a well-designed entry-level door closer that will get the job on a shoestring budget.

Smoothest Pneumatic Screen Door Closer

Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Standard Duty Door Closer

Invented by an aeronautical engineer, this closer not only provides a smooth close for your door, but it also has an easy-to-use hold function that keeps it open when you need to carry groceries or furniture into the house.

So, instead of having to adjust a metal washer, you just tap a button with your foot. To release, you just gently push the door open and it closes gently behind you. What’s more, this unit can be attached at the base of your door, which makes it easy to install and control.

Speed and tension can be adjusted with a knob, but whatever setting you choose, the patented smooth closing technology will give you a slow and quiet close – every time. In fact, the manufacturer says that the door will retract “like the head of a groggy tortoise!”

Another thing that’s great about this door closer is that it can fit on a range of existing brackets, which means that you don’t have to drill new holes to install it. You just pop out the old cylinder and slip in the new one!

The model we’re reviewing is for standard doors under 60 lbs, but if you’ve got a heavy door, you can also get a heavy-duty dual or single closer to provide stronger hold and tension.

Overall, this is a strong and reliable door closer with a nifty hold feature that will make passage a breeze, particularly if you’re carrying shopping or pushing a pram. It also comes with a two-year warranty and a range of colors to suit your home.

Pros Cons
Easy-to-use hold functionWon’t be strong enough for a heavy-duty door
Fast installationWind can lock the door open if it’s in hold mode
AffordableThe barrel is made of plastic, which isn’t as strong as stainless steel
Patented smooth-closing technology
Closer can be installed at the base of the door, allowing for easy operation
2-year warranty

Our Verdict

This door closer is an affordable option for those who want a super-smooth close and a hands-free hold function. It’s perfect for standard doors under 60 lbs and even comes in seven different colors, allowing you to harmonise your closer with the color of your door.

We also love the fact that it’s compatible with other doors closers, which means you don’t have to change your old brackets (unless they’re broken). You just slip the closer right in.

And even though the Touch ‘n Hold has a plastic barrel, the mounting brackets are metal and corrosion-resistant, and the screws are easy to adjust to the speed of your choice.

In short, this is a smooth, quiet, and affordable unit that comes with a generous warranty and a 30-day guarantee – perfect for most residential needs.

Best All-Round Hydraulic Storm Door Closer

Medium Duty Designer Commercial Door Closer

This door closer on is on the pricier end of the scale – but it makes up for it with features and durability! Designed for high-traffic residential and light commercial doors, this closer has three installation options – regular, top jamb, and parallel arm mounts – giving you the flexibility to attach it wherever you want.

As for its construction, it has a corrosion-resistant aluminium body, wrought steel arm and heat-treated piston, making it one of the most durable door closers on our list. It’s even UL 3-hour fire rated, which means it’ll give you three hours of protection in case of fire.

Unlike other closers, this unit provides three different adjustments – closing speed, latching speed, and backcheck valve – which gives you more control over how the door operates.

Installation is a bit more involved than the other closers, but a step-by-step video by LYNN Hardware makes the process easy. The kicker, though, is the warranty – a whopping 10 years. If that doesn’t instill confidence, nothing will!

Pros Cons
Suitable for doors up to 150 lbsHigher cost
Cast aluminium and wrought steel arm
Three installation options
Available in four finishes
Adjustable latch, sweep, and backcheck

Our Verdict

This closer has all the bells and whistles. It allows you to adjust your latching, closing, and backcheck speeds, and even gives you three different mount options.

By all accounts, this door closer provides a slow and smooth close – even for a heavy door. This is due to its hydraulic system, which provides controlled and long-lasting performance. Lastly, it’s backed by a 10-year guarantee, which means that this door closer is built to last.

If your storm door gets a lot of use and you want a reliable closer, this product fits the bill. You’ll pay more upfront, but at least you won’t be replacing it every few years!

Best Heavy-Duty Storm Door Closer

Commercial Door Closer FH-8400 Heavy Duty Adjustable

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty unit for your shop, office, church, school, or very busy home, this commercial-grade door closer delivers in spades. Suitable for internal or external use, it comes with a sturdy cast-iron body, bronze finish, and steel-encased hardware.

As a result, it can handle heavy doors up to 300 lbs thanks to its powerful hydraulic mechanism. Also, if you thought that three adjustment levels were great in our last door closer, this one has six! You can customise your sweep, latch, and backcheck to make it faster, slower, harder or softer, depending on your needs.

Available in stylish silver, this simple unit will suit any setting. To sweeten the deal, it comes with a 10-year limited warranty, making it a great investment for your home or business.

Pros Cons
Suitable for doors up to 300 lbsHigher cost
Six adjustment levels
Cast iron body and steel-encased hardware
Three mounting options

Our Verdict

This door has withstood over two million test cycles, so you know it’s built to last. You also get the flexibility of six adjustment levels and three installation options, which means it’ll suit a range of needs and applications.

Also, its durable construction and high-performing hydraulic mechanism mean that you get smooth and secure closure, even when the door is slammed or blown open by the wind.

While this is the most expensive unit on our list, it offers more flexibility than other closers and caters to the heaviest load. In short, it’s the closer of choice if you want security and safety for your high-traffic commercial or residential space.

Best Lightweight Door Closer

Onarway Door Closer

This door closer is made of commercial-grade, corrosion-free aluminum alloy, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. It has a hydraulic-operated system that provides a smooth, automatic close that can be adjusted to your preferred speed.

It suits all types of medium-sized doors, such as right- and left-opening, glass, wood, and metal. It also has adjustable latching and closing speeds, and three mounting options to suit your preference. However, if you find that your door and frame aren’t level, you’ll need to buy a parallel bracket arm for parallel installation.

While this model doesn’t have a hold function, it provides superior control and a whisper-quiet close for an affordable price.

Pros Cons
Aluminum alloy bodyNo hold open function
Easy installationBracket arm for parallel installation not included
Three mounting optionsThe door and frame need to be level for successful installation
Adjustable speeds for sweep and latch

Our Verdict

If you have a light- to medium-weight door, this lightweight closer will provide automatic and quiet closes thanks to its nifty hydraulic operation. While it doesn’t have a hold function and installation can be tricky if the frame isn’t level with the door, it still offers a range of adjustable speeds to suit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need a Door Closer?

Door closers are often seen as an optional extra, but they should be an essential part of your door hardware. Here are three reasons why door closers can benefit your screen or storm door.

Prevents Slamming

Not only do slammed doors startle or annoy family members, but they can also loosen hardware and damage your frame. This can reduce the longevity of your door and result in costly replacements and repairs. A door closer will have a spring mechanism that gently and smoothly closes the doors – without startling your family and neighbors.

Adds Security

Door closers will make sure that the door closes behind you, preventing intruders or unwanted visitors. Without one, you’ll need to manually close the door each time, or make sure that it shuts behind you when you enter or exit.

Controls Open and Close

Storm doors can be heavy, particularly if they’re made of steel or wood. If they’re opened or closed with force, they could injure children or older people who may not move through the doorway as quickly as others. A controlled open and close – which you can adjust to your personal needs – will allow plenty of time for passage.

How Long Do Door Closers Last?

It all depends on what the closer is made of and whether it gets heavy usage. A cheap closer might need to be replaced every few years, while a mid-range door closer could last about seven years. On the other hand, a high-quality hydraulic model made of steel could last much longer if it’s properly serviced and maintained.

What’s the Difference Between a Pneumatic and Hydraulic Door Closer?

A pneumatic closer uses spring tension and compressed air to open and shut the door. A hydraulic closer uses spring tension modulated by fluid that moves from chamber to chamber. Both options offer speed and resistance options.

The only major difference is that pneumatic doors are cheaper and suited to light and medium doors. Hydraulic closers are stronger and suited to heavier doors. However, the fluid in hydraulic closers can be subject to temperature fluctuations. This means that the oil can congeal in low temperatures, resulting in slow or incomplete closes.

If your door is going to be exposed to snow or extreme weather conditions, consider buying a pneumatic closer, or a hydraulic closer with temperature resistant casing.

Which Oil Is Used in a Door Closer?

Pneumatic closers don’t need to be oiled; they use compressed air and pressure to control the open and close of your door. On the other hand, hydraulic closers use hydraulic fluid or oil. Fluid should only be replaced or topped up if there’s a leak. This usually occurs when o-rings wear out.

If this happens, replace the o-rings, then refill with Hydraulic Jack Oil. If you’ve never done this before, follow these step-by-step instructions. If you’ve still got a leak, call a qualified repairer; the cylinder could be cracked and you may need a replacement.

On the other hand, if you’re just looking to lubricate the hinges due to dust or dirt, a multipurpose oil from the hardware store should do the trick. Apply a couple of drops on the hinge and open and close the door to distribute the oil.


Whether you’re installing your first door closer or replacing an old model, it’s important to choose a model that’s right for your needs. This can depend on the weight of your door, traffic, and the level of security you require.

If your home or business is busy, the Medium Duty Designer Commercial Door Closer can withstand repeated use thanks to its 150 lbs capacity and cast aluminium frame. Also, unlike cheaper closers, you get different adjustments and installation options that can be adapted to your specific closing needs.

On the other hand, if you want a closer for a medium residential door, then the Touch ‘n Hold Smooth Standard Duty Door Closer is your best option. While it doesn’t have multiple installation options or steel casings, it works with existing fittings and uses patented smooth-close technology. This means you get a smooth and quiet close every time.

The other great feature of this door closer is the nifty hold open function that can be operated with your foot. This makes it the most family-friendly option on our list – and value for money too!

We hope our review article has answered all your questions about door closers and brought you one step closer to making the right choice for your home. If you want to check out more product reviews, check out our articles below.