The bigger the appliance, the more power it pulls. There’s only so much power that an RV can supply, and only so much space in such a mobile living quarters.  You’ll want to ensure that whatever you use doesn’t take up too much space, neither does it draw too much power.

If you want to make sure that ice cold drinks will always be available when needed, then you might be wondering if you can fit a freezer in. Apart from all the space it’d take up, the power draw will be significant. There’s no point cramping up your space when you can opt for a solution for cold drinks that is compact.

This is where the portable ice maker comes in. As you can tell from the name, you can easily move this around with you anywhere, including into an RV. It doesn’t draw as much power as freezer will, yet you still get ice cubes that you can use as you need them.

Of course, not everyone knows their way around the portable ice maker market. If that sounds like you, then worry not. I’ve done all the hard work for you and compiled a list of some of the best portable ice makers for you to use in your RV.

If that sounds good, let’s dive in.

Reviews of the Best Portable Ice Makers for RVs

Best All-Rounder Portable Ice Maker

Ikich Portable Countertop Ice Maker

When you own an RV, it is a struggle making sure that everything you purchase will fit in it nicely. That tends to be the primary consideration. With this ice maker from Ikich, that’s not a worry. It is less than one cubic foot in volume which means it won’t take up much space on your RV counter.

Of course, the smaller it is, the less ice it can make. That is a trade-off that is necessary no matter what. In this case, you can get 9 pieces of ice from one freezing cycle which is just about six minutes. It can store up to 2L in its tank at once and produce 12 kilograms of ice in a single day. That’s impressive for such a small appliance.

These can be noisy devices thanks to the large fans they have. This one runs under 45dB which is quieter than a full-blown fridge or freezer would be.

This ice maker is very uncomplicated to use. With the panel, you can select an ice size and get ice ready with a few taps. It’s just as easy to clean too, with the drain at the base.

Pros Cons
CompactNo self-cleaning function
Operates quietly
Looks sleek
Good pricing

Our Verdict

For an RV, this is one of the best all-round portable ice makers that you can get. Compact, produces a lot of ice per day and does it fast, and it does all of that quietly. Doesn’t that sound good to you too? It does to me!

It is important to allow it to sit upright for a few hours before you start using it, like you’d do with any fridge you buy.

One cool thing is that ice that you don’t use will melt and fill the water tank again. Once it detects the weight of the ice has reduced, it turns back on and you get ice again. Basically, this means there will always be ice ready for you.

You get a two-year warranty with this product, which is a great deal. This is one of the cheaper options on this list, so I appreciate that. It is a solid appliance overall though.

If you want to close your eyes and get an ice maker that will be perfect for your RV, this one won’t disappoint.

Best Style Options

Frigidaire Portable Compact Ice Maker

When buying appliances for your RV, you’re probably more focused on whether it will work or whether it will fit. There’s little attention paid to how it looks and how well it will fit in with the design scheme that you are trying to set up.

This Frigidaire portable ice maker changes that. It comes in six different colors, all of which look fantastic. Thanks to this, you can actually have your portable ice maker enhance the look of the inside of your RV.

This one shares a lot of specifications with the model above. For instance, it takes as little as 6 minutes to produce a batch of ice. It can make 26lbs per day, has two ice sizes, and stores just a little bit more water in its reservoir then the other.

The major difference between this and the other model, however, is the fact that this one is just slightly larger. This doesn’t mean that you’re going to have trouble fitting it into your RV, but it just isn’t as compact as the other.

Pros Cons
AffordableLarger than the above model with similar capacity and features
Comes in multiple colorwaysNo self-cleaning
Can make a lot of ice per day
Ice is produced quickly

Our Verdict

Considering they’re the same price and have similar specs, choosing to buy this over the model above comes down to how much colorways matter to you. It is larger, but it’s not a giant difference.

One major complaint from many who have bought this product is the size of the ice cubes. The smaller the ice maker, the less likely it is to produce giant freezer-sized ice cubes. However, for an ice maker that has size options, the large cubes are just too small.

If you’re stickler for ice cube size, then you might be just fine with this model. It should fit on most counter with space to spare, even with its extra heft.

You get a two-year warranty as well. You can see that this Frigidaire and the Ikich share a lot of similarities.

Best Portable Ice Maker with Self-Cleaning

R.W.Flame Countertop Ice Maker

If you’ve been paying attention to the ‘cons’ sections so far, you’ll notice there’s something I keep mentioning. Self-cleaning. You’ve definitely figured out that this is something you can get from a portable ice maker, and now you want your hands on it. Well, for starters, here’s one model where you can get that.

This portable ice maker form R.W.Flame is the most affordable on this list, but only by a tiny bit compared to the previous two. Once again, you get a lot of similar specs.

I might sound like a broken record by this point, but you get nine ice cubes made in about six minutes, with up to 26lbs made in a day. Where it makes the difference is with the self-cleaning feature. Hold down the power button for five seconds and it goes straight into cleaning itself. That’s awesome.

It’s also about as compact as the Ikich, which is great. I might even argue that it is better-looking. This looks almost cybernetic. I like it!

Pros Cons
Has a self-cleaning functionLarge size option doesn’t make very large cubes
Very well-priced
Looks attractive
Compact build
Has four colorways

Our Verdict

Alright, so far, the portable ice makers I have shown you are rather similar, with some minor distinctions between them.

This one comes with a significant difference. It has a self-cleaning function which is incredibly easy to activate. This means you don’t need to stress as much as you would with a regular ice maker when it is time to make sure it is clean.

This should fit very nicely into any RV. It has a nice design even if it is just the one colorway. It is well-priced and comes with a one-year warranty as well. Another place where it differs.

For those who would rather automate the cleaning process on a budget, this one is for you.

Best Portable Ice Maker with Friends

Igloo Ice Maker

Finally, we break away from the ice makers above, which are very good, but also quite alike. This one is a bigger model, so you can be sure that some things will change. For instance, let’s start with the fact that it can make 33lbs of ice in a day.

It makes nine pieces of ice, just like the others, and it gets these ready in seven minutes.

Let’s talk about the design for a second. If you’re one of those people who’ll go black with all your appliances, then this is a fantastic choice. That dark stainless-steel finish is very attractive, and it’ll fit into any kind of RV setup. If you’re not into that, it comes in three other finishes.

It can hold 2.5 quarts, which is just a bit over 2.3L. That’s the largest on this list, so you can see why it works well for large groups.

Pros Cons
Has a bigger water reservoirNo self-cleaning function
Produces a lot of ice per dayA tad more expensive
Comes in four different finishes
Makes ice fast

Our Verdict

If you’re about to hose people or you live with a larger group of people, then you shouldn’t think too much about it. This should be the portable ice maker that you go for. It can make a whole 7 pounds more than the other models.

It is a little pricier and unfortunately doesn’t include a self-cleaning function. The money went into the capacity and its good looks. I am satisfied with what it brings to the table though.

You get a warranty that lasts one year. Of course, considering the fact the other options give you more than that for less money, it’s a tiny bummer but nothing major.

Best Portable Ice Maker for Portability

Igloo ICEB26HNSS Self-Cleaning Portable Ice Maker

While your plan for your portable ice maker in your RV might be having it sit on a countertop, you may have some occasions where it’s bound to be moved around. These aren’t the most carry-able of appliances, so moving them around is not the easiest thing.

That’s why we are glad to introduce this ice maker from Igloo. It comes with a handle built into the top. You can fold it away when not needed, and when you do, flip it up and tote the appliance away.

But apart from that, it doesn’t let off the gas. The stainless-steel body is attractive to look at. The lid has a window to let you monitor the progress of the ice that you’re making. It makes accessing your ice straightforward too, no matter where you’ve placed it.

When it comes to its specs, it makes 26lbs in a day, pops out nine cubes in seven minutes. The usual, you know. But it also has a self-cleaning function, as well as being available in five different colorways. Not bad.

Pros Cons
Available in multiple colorsA little heavy
Easy to move around
Compact build

Our Verdict

A portable ice maker is extremely useful in an RV where you probably can’t fit a freezer. It is also useful at home though because it provides ice as you need it. If you agree with me, you might be moving it frequently between these locations. That’s what the handle helps with.

It is a little heavy, but that helps with stability. It won’t move around easily in a fast-moving RV. That’s a desirable property in that regard.

This one comes with a self-cleaning feature, so we’re glad about that. The less work you have to do, the better. All we want is ice. Not having to stress over cleaning.

The warranty on this one is the same as the other Igloo model. Just one year.

Can you leave a portable ice maker on all the time?

Absolutely! When the ice in any proper portable ice maker melts, it goes back into the reservoir to be used in making ice again.

The good thing is they are never truly freezing continuously. The way most of them work is, they can detect when the ice basket is full based on weight. Once this happens, they stop cooling. The ice will begin to melt, and if not used, begins to drip back into the tank.

Once enough has melted to reduce the weight of the basket, it can recommence freezing.

So, have no worries. You can run your portable ice maker continuously. The same way you run your fridge!

How much ice will a portable ice make provide?

This all depends on the particular model. If you read the article all the way down to this point, then you’ll know that four out of five of the ice makers on this list can make 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

The largest model, the Igloo ICEB33BS ups that to 33 pounds.

However, all the ones on this list can only make nine pieces of ice at a go. This can take between six and eight minutes to complete.

The pieces of ice they make aren’t up to the size of the ice cubes a regular ice tray would make. However, if you give it close to 20 minutes to work and gather ice, you should have enough for about six people to cool their drinks with.

If you want them to be ice-cold though, you’ll probably need twice as much ice, which means waiting twice as long!

Do portable ice makers use a lot of electricity?

Compared to a full refrigerator, nope! A portable ice maker will typically use about 100W, but nowhere over 200W. That’s not too much to worry about. That’s what makes these such an easy choice for an RV. Compact build and low power consumption. It’s a win all over!


Portable ice makers can be a lifesaver for people constantly on the move in RVs. They are compact, effective, and they don’t draw much power. Everyone likes a cold drink after all, so this gives a way to enjoy those.

If you’ve read everything I’ve written and are still divided on what to get, you might want to know my recommendations. Well, I’ll give you a couple of my favorites.

I have to put the R.W.Flame first. It is more affordable than the others, yet still comes with the self-cleaning feature. It is solidly built, comes in different colorways (including some awesome red ones), and performs as well as all the others. The price is the winner for me with this one.

After that, I’ve got to point to the Igloo ICEB33BS. It doesn’t jump a ridiculous amount in price, and even though it doesn’t come with self-cleaning, everything else is top-notch. It’s the extra space that makes me award the silver medal here.

So, that’s it for this list. Hopefully, you’ll find a portable ice maker that really hits all the right spots here!

If you have read all this way down, then I want to say thank you! If you enjoyed reading this or learned a lot, then you should take a look at some of the related articles below!