The 5 Best Portable Fire Pits To Warm Your Garden

Researched & Written by Naomi

During the coldest months or a light summer night nothing beats sitting around the campfire.

Roasting marshmallows and cooking delicious food surrounded by friends and family is a great way to spend your evening. The next best thing to having a campfire in your backyard is to use your own portable fire pit which will add warmth, light and an atmosphere.

Need a quick recommendation?

If you are just looking for a fast recommendation we recommend you to check out the Sorbus Fire Pit. It has a modern design, is very sturdy and made out of steel. You can view this product by clicking this link to Amazon here. It’s a hot new release on Amazon so it’s worth taking a look at!

Sorbus Fire Pit - Backyard

Fire with Style

Best Portable Fire Pit - Our Top Picks

Folding Fire Pit by Sunnydaze

Sunnydaze Firepit
Extremely Light and Portable

This heavy duty fire pit by Sunnydaze has a high build quality and is surprisingly light. It comes with its own carry case which makes it easier to store and transport.

It’s foldable and collapsible base makes setting up quick and easy without the need for tools.

Being made from steel this gives it long-lasting durability and this fire pit comes with a manufacturer’s 1 year warranty.

Comes with carry caseExpensive
Heavy duty
Folding stand

Our Verdict

We recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a higher build quality which will last for years to come, allowing you to get the most use out of it for those camping trips or within your backyard.

Collapsing Steel Mesh FirePlace

Collapsing Steel Mesh FirePlace
Perfect for Backpacking

It’s smaller size makes it perfect for taking with you backpacking or on camping trips. It can also easily be used in your backyard and stored away afterwards.

It is quite sturdy  for its build design and can hold enough wood to get a smaller fire going but still provides enough heat to warm everyone sitting around it.

The netting material has been made with anti-heating, eco-friendly stainless steel. It has been woven tight enough to reduce the amount of debris and ash from slipping through.

It is most suited to use wood and logs as its fuel source. It also features it’s own carry case.

Easy cleanup and storageSmaller fire
Surprisingly sturdy
Easy to use

Our Verdict

We recommend this fire pit for backpacking use and especially at the beach, its small size and weight makes it perfect for fitting into a rucksack.

It also makes a nice cheaper alternative to one of the more expensive fire pits to use in your backyard.

AmazonBasics Folding Fire Pit

AmazonBasics Folding Fire Pit
Great for Beginners

This sleek and simple designed fire pit is great to get out for evening meetups. It’s easy to set up as no tools are necessary and comes with a carrying bag, fire screen, log grate and a cooking grate.

You are able to use it just as a heat source or to cook food on as well. It has a painted steel bowl and is heat-resistant.

The design is finished nicely and comes with a foldable base for easy storage. Although make sure the area where you place this fire pit is already stable, as its support isn’t as sturdy as some other fire pits.

AffordableNot very sturdy
Heat resistant
Fire screen
Cooking grate

Our Verdict

This is a great fire pit to purchase if you are just starting out using outdoor fire pits. It has all the basics you need to get started to create your first welcoming fiery atmosphere.

It’s affordable and easy to carry with you to your next destination, so you and some friends can test your fire-building skills.

Heininger Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

Heininger Propane Outdoor Fire Pit
Powerful Controlled Heat

This is an easy to use outdoor fire pit that will make the experience more enjoyable by not having to set up things like firewood, or waiting patiently for the fire to get going. Simply connect the fire pit to a propane tank (which isn’t included) and you’re ready to go.

It will easily fit inside your vehicle and comes with a 10-foot hose, so you can keep the propane tank out of sight and secure. Included are some lava rocks which are durable and complete the real campfire look.

You can roast marshmallows over this fire but take care if you are trying to use any greasy food. Watch that the fat doesn’t drip onto the decorative rocks, if it does just make sure to clean it thoroughly afterwards.

Clean burning and smokelessExpensive
Easy to carry
Can be used in most weather conditions

Our Verdict

This is a fantastic quality portable fire pit, it looks stylish and will bring a warm glowing atmosphere wherever it’s set up.

Another plus is that it can be used in almost all weather conditions so there is no need to change seating depending on which way the wind blows.

It will make a great asset and centerpiece to any family get together. The only downside is it’s expensive and you have to purchase a propane tank separately.

Sorbus Fire Pit

Sorbus Fire Pit
Newest Release - Must See!

Newly released – this fire pit will provide a beautifully lit atmosphere that will add charm and character to your backyard.

It provides a dual purpose to serve as a heating unit or to grill food. Contents include charcoal grid, poker, mesh screen and foldable legs for fast and carry bag for storage and portability.

Easy and fast to clean just take the base and tip any ashes into the trash. Sturdy and made of steel the quality is built to last. You can use logs, wood, charcoal or any other suitable fuel for this fire pit but they may have to be cut down to size to be fit for use.

Heat resistantWood has to be cut small
Foldable and portable
Sleek design
Easy to clean

Our Verdict

Overall this is a top quality fire pit that has a sleek design which will fit into any backyard to add some style, or to make camping out feel a little more modern.

It can be used for heating or to cook food and comes at a fairly affordable price, we recommend this one highly.

Buyers Guide

Using a fire pit is not something to take lightly. It needs to be used with care and attention as you are dealing with open flames that need to be controlled – just like with a pizza oven. So before buying your own you should understand what material it’s made from, also the types of fuel the particular fire pit you are interested in buying uses.

If you would like to know more about fire pit safety or how to properly extinguish your fire you can follow this link to explain how in detail.

This is to help you prepare beforehand. We will now go over some of the most important features when buying a portable fire pit.


Wood – This is a great fuel to use just make sure to use correct sized logs and kindling to fit into your fire pit to get the fire started. Wood fires are known to be quite wild if not controlled and give off a great flame and cozy warmth.

Charcoal – Using charcoal gives even heat using a smaller flame that is more under control. If you are going to be cooking food this would most likely be the better choice.

Propane – Using propane will create cleaner flames that are smokeless perfect for use in multiple weather situations. This can be twice as effective compared to natural gas but is more expensive.


Steel – These fire pits can come in many shapes and molds because they are easy to shape. Although be aware and look out for a powder-coated option this means it is more susceptible to rusting.

Cast Iron – Sturdy and lightweight, a fire pit made out of this material is rust resistant which is a big plus for cooking food. Cast Iron gives the appearance of a more expensive fire pit at an affordable price.

Stainless Steel – Another great option these types are weather and heat resistant and rust-free. Lightweight but good build quality although they can be more expensive.


Spark Screen – This is essential to have if you have any children nearby when using the fire pit. The spark screen helps ensure the sparks and embers stay inside the fire pit and do escape.

Wood Grate – Having a wood grate helps circulate a good air flow beneath the wood for better combustion, this helps your fires start more easily.


We hope you have found out some useful information about portable fire pits, and that you are more informed before making your decision on purchasing your own. Listed above are some of the best portable fire pits for different needs and situations, making sure there is at least one suitable for your backyard.

If you did not find one however please use this link to Amazon’s bestseller list for an even wider range. Portable fire pits are a great way of getting people together to sing songs, tell stories and eat some great tasting food while keeping warm!