Let’s face it – wrinkly clothes are kind of embarassing!

There’s no quicker way to look scruffy at an event than turn up in a wrinkled shirt or dress. However, not all of us have plenty of space to use and store an ironing board. That’s where these over-the-door models come in.

By hanging flush with a door when out of use, over-the-door ironing boards can save a ton of space while being instant in their set-up.

If you’re looking to buy one of these, then this article will make that easy! I’ll list some different ironing boards with strengths in different areas. Hopefully, you’ll find one of these that fits exactly what you need!

Ready to set things straight? Then let’s dive in.

Best Over-the-Door Ironing Boards

Best Basic Door Ironing Board

Honey-Can-Do Door Hanging Ironing Board

If you’re like me and all you need is a basic ironing board, then this Honey-Can-Do board will work fantastic for you. All you need is a door and then you hang this on the top edge of that. It’s as simple as that. And don’t worry, the safety lock when it’s up will prevent it from crashing down on anyone’s head.

Your door will be fine too, thanks to the cushioned hooks that this uses to hold on.

It is built of steel, so you don’t need to worry much about the build quality. On top of that is a foam pad laid over by an entirely cotton board cover. It is rather thin though.

This is perfectly suited for anyone who needs to fit an ironing board into a small space. When it’s not in use, it will save you a whole lot of space.

Pros Cons
Very affordablePadding and cover are thin
Steel construction
Has a safety lock when upright

Our Verdict

If you need a compact ironing board but not the bells and whistles that expensive ones come with, this will be perfect. Especially if you don’t want to spend too much.

You can screw this into your door to make it sturdier, but that of course, will make it less portable. Using the door hangers alone can cause it to be a bit unstable. Not during use, as you’d have the door closed for that. But opening the door when it is upright will probably have it flap around somewhat.

Overall, this is a great budget option. The padding is thin however and is probably the biggest downside with this.

This isn’t the kind of product you expect a fat warranty on, so there’s no surprise that it is only 60 days.

Best Full-Sized Door Mounted Ironing Board

Polder Over-the-Door Hanging Ironing Board

If you want a sturdier ironing board while keeping things compact, then you’ll need to spend a bit more than you would on the Honey-Can-Do model.

This door-hanging ironing board from Polder is full-sized, measuring 42 x 14 inches. On top of that is the included cotton cover, which is hiding the foam pad from view.

There are some differences between this and the earlier model. This one uses a lever to control opening and closing. It is just as safe as the hook, but a lot easier to use.

Another problem of that one is the fact that it can wobble a bit on doors. There are caps at the base of this one that will prevent that from happening when you’re using it.

The steel frame of this ironing board should inspire some confidence in the build. In fact, while a lot of ironing boards like this beg for some kind of modification, this one can do well without.

Pros Cons
Easy to bring down and lock in placeSpring-loaded folding mechanism can be noisy
Good build quality
Pricing is decent

Our Verdict

If you’re looking to keep your expenses down, then this is one of the very best value ironing boards that you can get.

Ease of use is just as I’d like it. Once you install this, having it brought down and folded back up are simple. The spring-loaded mechanism means it will fold back up without any stress.

A lot of the time, these hanging ironing boards will require rigging up legs or something similar to provide more sturdiness. While doing that won’t hurt with this one, it doesn’t actually need that if you’re doing lighter ironing.

Overall, if you are ready to spend a little more on an ironing board, then this is a good candidate.

Best Clothes Rack Ironing Board

Ironmatik Space Saver Ironing Board

As convenient as these over-the-door ironing boards seem, they can’t compete with the real thing seeing as they don’t have the same level of support. Four legs on the ground is just a different experience.

The ironing board from Ironmatik takes a very unique approach to providing a portable ironing board. Almost everyone has a clothes rack or something that they can put hangers on. Well, that’s all you need. After folding this, you can literally hang it on a rod like you would a shirt on a hanger.

Apart from how compact it is, it is built to make ironing a stress-free task.

At the tail end of this board, there’s the standard silicone tray that is heat resistant. It makes a perfect place to hold your iron, both when you’re using it, and when you’re done. It even has a tie that you can use to hold the iron in place, even when on the hanger.

Plus, the board is triple-padded to make ironing on it comfortable and easy.

Pros Cons
Has won awards for its designCostly
You can adjust for left-handed users
Easy to store away
Adjustable height makes it very convenient

Our Verdict

This ironing board won an IDA Design Award in 2020. That should prove that the design here is seen as being innovative and genius by more people than just me.

There is a lot of functionality in this. From the fact it can be a full-blown ironing board one second, and a space saving one the next. The fact it has a convenient place to put your iron when using it and even when you’re not. And the way it is super easy to switch around the silicone tray for left-handed people!

This is a good-looking ironing board, and the wealth of options it has makes it pretty much impossible to beat. It comes at a price though, and it’s smaller than standard ironing boards.

The quality is great, though. They are so confident in the top cover for this board that it has a lifetime guarantee on it. It is the only part that gets covered (no pun intended) by the warranty though.

High Quality Door Ironing Board

Duwee Wall-Mounted Ironing Board

The ironing board market sure doesn’t run out of ideas when it comes to portability.

This ironing board from Duwee can be mounted on a door or a wall quite easily. It comes with the nails you need to get it held in place. Once you’ve done that, flip it down to put it out of use, and flip it up to get to ironing.

The fact that you get to screw the steel frame against a wall means that you can set it to be the perfect height straight from the start. All you need to make sure of is that it is at least 39 inches off the ground to give the clearance for it to unfold.

It is smaller than other options, at 38 inches by 14, but that just helps it remain compact if you’re really starved for space. Once folded down, it juts less than 3 inches off the wall.

The padding on the board here is 1cm thick, so it gives a bit more cushioning and support than the cheaper options do. The premium is there on the price though.

And finally, with the safety lock on this, you don’t need to worry about it folding down while you’re using it.

Pros Cons
Frame is solid steelPrice is on the higher end
Won’t wobble or shake
Padding is generous enough
Comes with materials for installation

Our Verdict

I’d recommend this ironing board for anyone who has a single good spot to place it and knows they won’t be moving it anywhere else.

This really shines off the fact that you can set it up to the perfect height from the start. It can be folded up and down quite easily too. Honestly, if you have a laundry room with some space on the wall, I’d say you should go for something like this over a door-hanging variant. The stability makes this shine.

The price is a little high, but it’s nothing deal-breaking. An argument can be made that it provides enough value to be worth that price.

The drywall sinks and screws that came with this aren’t the best, so you might be better off using different ones.

High Door-Mounted Ironing Board Holder

Organize It All Ironing Board Hanger

This product takes a completely different approach. Instead of being a portable ironing board, it can make your existing ironing board save space. That’s a cool prospect to me.

It costs less than any ironing board on this list, so if you don’t need an extra and already have a perfectly good one at home, then this is the solution.

What makes this better is that it frees up floor space by holding the board and can also hold other essentials like spray starch and even an iron!

You can even choose to mount this or simply hang it over a door. Not only will this keep things organized with the storage segment, but it will give more space to your room by freeing up space.

Pros Cons
Allows you to use your old boardNot the best option for people without a board
You can mount or hang over a door
Comes with materials for mounting

Our Verdict

Ironing boards that are compact have to restrict the space they give you to iron on, as well as being less stable. Some people want the space saving that portable models can provide, but they also want a regular ironing board.

This is the one product that can get you both of those. The best part is that it costs just a little less than the cheapest ironing board on this list, and a lot less than the most expensive one.

The storage container on this is something you can’t get from these other hanging ironing boards, so to be honest, this has a lot of advantages over those.

The thing is, if you don’t have an ironing board already, you might not bother with this at all. Especially when there are portable models ready to go.

How to Care for an Ironing Board

The ironing board is one of those items in the home that might get used a lot but taken care of very little. Many people are more likely to clean their irons than they are to clean the ironing board.

Don’t worry, it’s not something that you’ll have to clean every day but try to get to it done like once a month or every two months.

If you’re wondering how you can clean it, just follow these steps:

  1. Prop it up like you’re about to iron something. You can use a clean cloth to dust it off and get rid of any loose dust that may have settled onto it.
  2. Once you’ve done this, you can spot-clean any stains that it may have. If the cover is machine-washable, then just toss it into the washer on ‘gentle’.
  3. Take out the pad gently. This can rip and tear if you’re not gentle with it. Once you have it out, you can dust it to remove any dust that has settled into it.
  4. Clean off the metal parts with a damp cloth. This will also help get rid of dust and cobwebs that might have made the frame of the ironing board their home.
  5. Just wipe it dry once you’re done!

How to Iron without an Ironing Board

You can’t take an ironing board with you wherever you go. This means there are a lot of situations where you’ll find yourself without the convenience of one. In cases like this, there are still some ways that you can iron without the help of an ironing board. Here are some of those:

  • You’ll need a flat surface: The floor or a table are the best options when you can’t find an ironing board. A bed can also work, but the softer it is, the harder it will be.
  • Pad the surface: You can use a bedsheet folded multiple times, but a towel is best for this. This will protect the surface you’re ironing on, and also give you a little cushioning for the process.
  • Irons can stand up on their own, so you can just have them do that while you are switching out clothes. You can also use a potholder if you’d rather have something to place it on.

It might not be as comfortable or convenient, but this is one thing that will get you out of many major pinches in the future.


So, now you know about some of the best hanging ironing boards that you can purchase today. Some of them hang, you can mount some, and others aren’t ironing boards at all!

Regardless, they all help with the same problem, and are likely to make your life so much easier.

If none of these was really your style, I’d hope you picked up on one or two things. Some of you simply want me to give my recommendations, and I’ll do that.

My top choice here, as hard as it was to give, is the Ironmatik. It is the most expensive model on this list, but it is entirely worth it. You can hang it easily, adjust its height when working, it has a tray for your iron, and a high-quality cover.

After that, I’d have to go with the Organize It All ironing board holder. Honestly, this is such a good buy for someone who irons a lot and may already have their own expensive holder. The affordability makes it hard to regret.

Well, that’s it for over-the-door ironing boards. I really hope you were able to learn a lot from this.

Thank you for reading this all the way to the end! If you liked what you read, take a look at some of the related articles below.