Stuck inside when it’s hot out?

A quality oscillating fan can make all the difference. The best ones not only keep you cool, but look fantastic and last for years. 

Plus they’re cheap, too.

While high-tech cooling methods such as air-conditioning or swamp cooling can be expensive, oscillating cold air fans are a much cheaper counter to heat and humidity.

In this guide, you’ll find recommendations on the best oscillating fans.

We’ve also covered the best type of fan to choose, tips on choosing the best model, and other FAQ’s.

Ready? Then let’s dive in.

Which Type of Oscillating Fan?

Before we get into the fans, we need to consider something.

Do you know which type of fan you should get?

By that I mean fan size and location. Tower, table, pedestal, floor fans… there’s a lot of choice.

But which would suit your space best?

Here’s a quick run-down of what each type is best for.

  • Tower Fans: Best used in front of where you’re sitting. They are good for covering wide areas, but have limited range. Consider to place in front of a sofa or bed.
  • Floor Fans: Best for open environments. Consider for workshops, workout rooms, or garages.
  • Pedestal Fans: Best all-rounder. With fantastic power levels, these can stand above most pieces of furniture and send a breeze throughout the whole room. My personal favorite.
  • Table/Fans: Best for, you guessed it.. tables and desks! Limited power but compact and easy to place anywhere.
  • Wall Fans: Best for small rooms / work areas. Wall fans give unrivaled ease of access. You don’t need to squeeze them onto a floor or desk – they can be placed almost anywhere. Though this does limit their portability.

Hopefully you know which types to consider for your home now.

So without further ado – here’s the best oscillating fans available today.

Our Top Picks

Best Value Pedestal Fan

Honeywell QuietSet 16" Stand Fan

Honeywell QuietSet Stand Fan - Black
Sleek Modern Design

Kicking off with a market leader, this oscillating pedestal fan by Honeywell is always a bestseller

With its stylish black finish and modern design it will fit perfectly into any home.

It has 5 speed settings for optimum cooling and it is fairly quiet, perfect if you want a more peaceful atmosphere.

Along with its oscillating feature, it comes with an auto shut-off timer which is useful for conserving energy if you leave the room and forget to turn it off.

Pros Cons
Shut-off timerBright display panel

Our Verdict

This is an affordable fan that is perfect for the living room or any large communal living space with a lot of people sharing.

Although it is mentioned as being quiet we wouldn’t recommend it fully to be used in a bedroom as the bright panel display could end up keeping you awake or giving you a restless sleep.

That being said we think this is a great oscillating fan to invest in for your home.

Most Functional Pedestal Fan

Costway Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Costway Adjustable Pedestal Fan 3-Speed
Fantastic quality with extra features

If you are looking for a higher quality oscillating fan then take a look at the Costway model fan.

It has a sleek and more polished feel to it. The overall build quality is excellent, with the extra weight in the base making it extra sturdy. It’s extra powerful too, thanks to the use of  double fan blades.

The nice little additions are that it comes with a remote control for full control from the edge of your couch. This remote allows you to change the speed, timer, oscillation, mode and a power button to use the fan on the fly.

There is also the option for a user-friendly timer setting this is always useful to have on any fan that will most likely be left on for hours at a time.

Pros Cons
Great build qualityWill need batteries for remote control
Remote control optionMore expensive
Electronic timer

Our Verdict

There’s not much to fault about the Costway fan.

The only small detail is that you have to replace the batteries in the remote control but that is such a small price to pay for such a great luxury!

This is a great option that we recommend for a slightly more premium price that will satisfy your ultra cooling needs and more.

Budget Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Lasko Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Lasko Performance Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan, White
Affordable and Practical

This is a very affordable standing oscillating fan with 3 speed settings to adjust accordingly. It has a wide oscillation range and has an adjustable height, which is great if you are sitting down watching TV or want to cool down while working at a desk.

It comes with a sturdy base and assembles easily without needing the use of tools to put it together. More suited to a living room or communal area instead of a bedroom because it’s quite loud.

Pros Cons
Height adjustmentQuite loud
Sturdy base

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a fan on the budget end of the scale this may be the one for you.

It doesn’t compromise in cooling needs and it still gets the job done. We recommend the Lasko Performance fan for a cheap and effective appliance to cool your home.

In A League Of Their Own!

Vornado Air Circulators

The Vornado 660
Vornado's Air Circulators cool a whole room with rebounding airflow.

You may have noticed that this isn’t a typical oscillating fan.

And you’d be right.

I hadn’t planned on including a Vornado fan on this list – but I just couldn’t resist.

If you don’t know – Vornado fans work differently. Instead of simply blowing air from side to side, they rebound it to cool the whole room.

It’s explained in 60 seconds here:

These fans are incredible. Not only do they work, they’re such high quality. In fact, they come with a minimum 5 year warranty!
So while they’re not “Oscillating Fans”, they’re one of the best fan options on the market.
Pros Cons
Unique air circulationExpensive
5-10 year warranties
High build quality

Our Verdict

In terms of quality and cooling comfort, it’s hard to beat a Vornado Air Circulator.

There’s also a TON of options. I’ve covered their full catalogue in our guide to Vornado fans.

Plus, the insane 5-10 year warranties speak volumes about the quality of the product, and the commitment to customer support.

Oscillating Wall Fan

Hurricane Classic Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

Hurricane Classic Oscillating Wall Mount Fan
Saves floor space without sacrificing airflow

Have a small bedroom or office that feels like an oven in the summer heat? Then a wall mounted oscillating fan may be the answer.

Without sacrificing valuable floor space you can purchase one of these to take away the roasting temperatures and replace it with a chilling oscillating air flow.

With its powerful 3 speed motor and 90 degree tilting angle it can provide the cooling you need in the smallest of spaces.

It sports a sturdy steel neck base, a 5 foot power cord and is also pretty quiet even at the highest setting.

Pros Cons
QuietNeeds installation
Sturdy steel neck base
5 foot long power cord
Powerful cooling
Takes up less floor space

Our Verdict

If you only have a small space to work with this wall mounted oscillating fan will provide optimum results for a fairly reasonable price as well. We recommend this one highly and it’s one to definitely look into!

Budget Pedestal Fan

Comfort Zone Pedestal Fan

Comfort Zone Pedestal Fan
Solid performance at a low price

As a budget fan this Comfort Zone Pedestal Fan doesn’t disappoint. It gets cool air circulating in your own home, within minutes of easy setup using a pre-assembled quick folding base. The foldable base also makes it easier to move the fan from room to room.

It comes with 3 speed settings which is great for a budget fan along with oscillation and adjustable height and tilt angles.

Pros Cons
Easy to assembleNot the best build quality
Adjustable height and tilt

Our Verdict

This is a great fan to purchase as your first in a new home. It’s got most of the main features you would expect in a more expensive product but doesn’t compromise too much on quality.

Overall we highly recommend this fan for a quick solution to the warmer weather.

Quietest Oscillating Fan

Honeywell Tower Fan

If you are looking for a powerful and quiet fan then the Honeywell Quiet Set is the one for you.

This tower fan provides you with a powerful operation, cooling the entire room quickly and quietly. This fan is designed to have 5 different cooling levels from which you can choose according to your preference. The QuiteSet series of fans are specially made to provide a peaceful and quiet cooling environment providing comfort at its most.

This fan also helps you reduce energy costs as well as play an important role in improving air circulation in your house. These fans use high-quality products and you can adjust its speed through 8 different levels as per your personal need and cooling power.

Pros Cons
Quiet & PowerfulNot the most durable
Compact Design
Great air circulation

Our Verdict

The Honeywell QuietSet fans are one of the most compact and easy to use fans. If you want a fan that provides cooling and lets you work or sleep in peace then these are the ones for you.

They’re quick and easy to assemble as you only have to assemble the base and the bottom of the fan. Moreover, the fan is 40” tall and does not consume a lot of space.

Best Bladeless Fan

Homech Auto Oscillating Tower Fan

The Homech tower fan is one of the advanced fans that does not consist of blades. It consists of three different speeds, Low, Medium, and High, and styles that are, Normal, Natural, and Sleep. Moreover, it has a 65o oscillating fan angle that keeps you cool and fresh. The operation of this fan is very simple as it comes with a remote control that allows you to adjust speed and oscillation without having to get up again and again.

The interesting feature of this fan is that it provides you your current room temperature, current mode as well as speed setting on the LED screen attached on top. The screen is automated to turn off after 30 seconds when put in sleep mode.

The fan is indeed powerful when it comes to cooling and makes almost no noise while in operation. What makes this fan unique is that it automatically turns off when your room temperature reaches 24oC and then automatically turns back on when the temperature reaches 26oC. Due to this feature, air ventilation is also improved.

Pros Cons
DurableLimited Oscillating Range
Simple Controls
Temperature Detection

Our Verdict

The Homech tower fans are one of the advanced designs of fans. The design is attractive and provides all functions very well. If you’re looking for a quiet, powerful, and compact fan that also fits with your modern home interior then this is the one for you.

The remote control and automatic features provide you with easy use and amazing cooling experience.

Best Table Fan

Honeywell Table Fan

This Honeywell Fan is one of the improved qualities and imported products. This fan is small and compact in use that you can even place it on top of a table. It consists of 3 different speeds along with a 90-degree revolving head. The fan provides enough cooling for small and medium-sized rooms.

Moreover, the fan has an aerodynamic turbo design that maximizes air movement and improves air ventilation. The air power is so strong that you can even feel it when you’re 27 feet away from the fan. This fan also helps reduce energy costs and ensures energy saving. The Honeywell fans are extremely comfortable to use as they provide you with better airflow and all of its features at an affordable price.

Interestingly, for your satisfaction, the company also provides you with a one-year manufacturer warranty. One of the drawbacks is that this fan does not consist of remote control and you have to operate it manually. The fan itself does not require any batteries.

Pros Cons
DurableNot for Large Rooms
For Personal Use
Compact Design
Easy to Use

Our Verdict

If you want to have a small and compact fan just for your personal use, then this Honeywell Table Fan might be the one for you. The most noticeable point of this table fan is that it is extremely affordable and gives you the maximum features at a very affordable price.

The fan has a modern design and a stylish black color that fits well and compliments your house aesthetics. It gives you a cool environment through hot summers. We suggest this be your top choice if you specifically wish to have your fan close to you as its compact design allows you to easily place it on top of a table without using much space.

Best Value Fan

AmazonBasics Circulator Fan

The AmazonBasic Circulator Fan is one of the most compact and affordable designs that are created.

This fan consists of 3 different speed levels that you can easily adjust according to your personal need and preference. These speeds include low, medium, and high. It is built with a 90o tilt mechanism that ensures airflow and provides better air ventilation keeping your home airy. This fan has such a design that you can place it on the floor, or top of a table even as it is small in size and does not weigh that much. The diameter of this fan is 16 inches and it weighs 4.7 pounds which makes it extremely portable. It doesn’t require any batteries for operation.

The airflow range is very high and powerful with 120 volts / 55-watt energy consumption. The body is of plastic and you can easily clean it with a soft, wet cloth. However, you must ensure that the product is fully dry before using it again.

Pros Cons
LightweightFully plastic
No assembly requiredCan't be wall-mounted
Great air circulation

Our Verdict

This fan is one of the most compact and easy to use fan designs. This small circulator fan is highly affordable and gives you the most at the lowest price. Its compact size allows you to keep it anywhere without having it consume a lot of space in your room.

As someone who needs a fan while they work, you can keep this fan right on top of your table or even at your bedside. It ensures airflow in your room and keeps it from being stuffy inside.

Oscillating Fan - Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Oscillating Fans?

There’s plenty of advantages to choosing an oscillating fan:

1 – Wider Cooling Area. A whole group can benefit from one fan, rather than just one location.
2 – Better For Your Skin. While it can feel cool, constantly getting air blown on you can quickly dry out your skin.
3 – Better Airflow. Cooling a room is as much as about airflow as it is about directly blowing air on you. By moving air around more areas of your room, an oscillating fan encourages ventilation.
4 – Adjustable. Almost all oscillating fans come with height, speed, and angle adjustments.
5 – Range of Types. Available in floor, desk, tower, pedestal, wall… there’s so many types of oscillating fans, it’s easy to find one which suits you perfectly.

Are There Fans Which Blow Cool Air?

Yes, there are some fans which blow cool air. These are different from air conditioners – but are almost as expensive. The market leaders are Dyson, with their ‘Hot & Cool’ fan range. Personally, I’d opt for a good air conditioner which also controls humidity and has better features.

Can I Really Cool A Room Without An Air Conditioner?

Yes! There are many tactics to cool a room without needing an air conditioner. We have a MASSIVE guide with 73 unique tips to keep cool without an air conditioner:

73 Simple Ways to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Oscillating Fans - Buyer's Tips

In this section we’ll be explaining some of the most important aspects when it comes down to choosing an oscillating fan.

Each of these fans come with a wide area oscillating angle, which helps cool air flow throughout the whole room.


One of the biggest factors when it comes down to choosing your oscillating fan is noise. This also depends largely on where in your home your fan is set up, if it’s in the bedroom you are going to want to look for a quiet fan while you sleep. If it’s going in the living room you wouldn’t have to be too picky about the noise it makes.

If you’re specifically looking for extra quiet fans, check out our guide to the quietest pedestal fans.

Fan Settings

Oscillating fans come with multiple settings which alter the level of speed and circulation of cool air. While most models include a few buttons on the side, more modern oscillating fans come with an LCD screen and a remote control. If you want to spend a little extra, these make it a lot faster and easier to control the breeze without using extra effort in warm weather.


Again this is another factor that could depend on where your fan will be used in your home. Do you have enough room for a full size pedestal fan? Or do you only have space for a wall mounted oscillating fan in the corner? There is an oscillating fan that will suit all room types and space available.

Adjustable Height

A key feature to look out for is adjustable height and angle, giving you optimum airflow to exactly where you want it. You may want the angle slightly lowered if sitting down watching TV, or you may be standing doing some ironing or other household chores. With adjustable angles this helps make full use of your oscillating fan.

Wide Area Cooling

This is achieved much more easily with a fan that has an oscillating feature than regular static ones. This allows a much larger area to be covered and will bring the whole room temperature down faster and evenly.


Oscillating fans can be a cost-effective way to help ventilate your home, keeping your air fresh and breathable.

Out of all the oscillating fans we reviewed today, the one that stood out to us was the Costway Adjustable Pedestal Fan. This is because it came with all the great features you would want in a fan and more but the drawback was the higher cost.

We hope we have covered every topic you may have been asking yourself before purchasing an oscillating fan perfect for your home.

If this free content helped you, please consider supporting us by checking out some of the related articles below!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day.