There are a lot of reasons to go crazy over kitchen islands. Besides the fact that they have all the benefits that they do, they also make a kitchen look amazing. It’s not a hard decision opting for an island.

Now, you’re probably familiar with the concept of a range hood. This is like a chimney for wherever cooking will be happening. All those fumes, smoke, and the like, need to find a way to escape. Without the hood, they’ll escape through the window, but only after filling up the entire room! Plus, they can help extract heat.

When a kitchen island has a stovetop, whether gas or electric, it’ll need a hood too. This is exactly what an island range hood is. You need to find a hood specifically built to be used for an island though, and this can be the tough part.

To help, we’ve completed detailed reviews of 5 great island range hood options.

Ready? Then let’s dive in.

Best Island Range Hoods

Best Modern Option

AKDY Island Mount Range Hood

There is one important thing that you’ll always need to keep in mind when opting for fixtures such as range hoods. They need to be able to fit the design of the kitchen. You can’t have a modern home and a range hood that looks like it came from the 90s.

Say hello to this then. This range hood comes built of black stainless steel which gives it a very modern aesthetic. It’ll fit perfectly into any kitchen that incorporates a lot of steel and/or glass. It is also very angular, with no smooth curves. It looks fantastic.

It is available in two sizes: a 30 and 36-inch model. Let’s talk about the specs now.

This hood can clear up to 343 cubic feet of air every minute (CFM). That’s a lot of steam cleared every minute. If you find that the highest speed is more than you’ll need, you can easily set it between three levels. All that smoke and grease that gets sucked up can take a toll on the filters after some time. Luckily, you can remove these and throw them in the dishwasher. That’s stress-free.

This operates a lot quieter than other models too, with noise under 60dB even at max load.

This has a small LCD display that can act as clock too. All the other controls for the lights and the fan speed are touch-controls. But these are relatively standard features on hoods. Especially at this price this comes at, being the most expensive on the list, you don’t expect less.

Pros Cons
Quieter than other modelsExpensive
Looks greatMax CFM is lower than others
Two size options

Our Verdict

Kitchens should be very functional regions of the house, but at the same time, you want them to look stunning. The kitchen is probably one of the easiest parts of the house to really pimp out.

This island range hood definitely has the looks to make that possible. It looks great thanks to its angular build and black steel.

That comes at a price though, as it is the most expensive model on this list by quite a leap. At the same time, in terms of numbers on paper, it has the lowest CFM too. It might seem hard to make an argument for it, but if 340 CFM is fine for you and you love the design, this might be the one for you.

You get a three-year limited warranty with this. You’re paying nearly half a grand, so I’d say that that’s sufficient.

Best Straight Design

Winflo Stainless-Steel Glass Island Range Hood

There are types of angular. The AKDY range hood was angular, but with slanted edges. This Winflo hood is straight, but with exclusively right angles at every bend. It is just as good a look as the AKDY, if I’m keeping it honest. It all comes down to taste, but they’d both work well in any modern kitchen.

This one is 36 inches, the same as the previous model, though there are no size options with this. One really cool thing that this one can do is telescope. This means you can pull it down when you need it and push it back up when you don’t. It can telescope a whole 22 inches, so that’s some versatility.

When it comes to performance, this one can operate up to 400 CFM at its top speed. That is certainly impressive and will clear out any kitchen pollutants in no time. You can toss the filters in the dishwasher like most filters allow.

One thing I didn’t like is the fact that you control the lights and fan with mechanical switches. It’s inelegant and more susceptible to faults than a touch panel. The fan is also only two-speed.

It operates at under 65dB, at its top speed, which isn’t ultra-quiet, but considering the max speed, is understandable.

Pros Cons
Hood can telescopeUses mechanical switches
Good maximum CFM for the priceFan is two-speed
Has a really nice design

Our Verdict

If you are ready to spend a moderate amount of money and want a well-rounded product for that price, this Winflo island range hood is a great choice.

You get a telescoping hood, which can help unclutter your island in a sense. You can push it out of your headroom when it is not needed.

The mechanical rockers are my only real complaint for this. I’d really have liked if they went for touch controls instead. These are solidly built, so it’s not the end of the world. Years down the line though, things might be different.

You get a three-year warranty, which is starting to look like the standard. That’s a standard I can get behind.

Best All-Rounded Island Range Hood

Cosmo 668ICS750 30-Inch Island Range Hood

This island range hood comes in only one size, and that is a smaller 30-inch model. If you were looking for a smaller hood from the onset, then there’s no problem. This might be what you need.

We’ve left the perfectly angular range hoods and moved on to some that have a bit of curve to their build. This one attaches to the ceiling with a very blocky support, which can telescope up to 17 inches. The hood itself has a curved glass roof and the metal part holding the vents curves at the top to follow the glass.

Overall, it’s not a bad look. It really depends on what your kitchen needs.

This uses touch controls and you can use these to set the three-speed fan up to 380 CFM. Considering this is the cheapest hood on the list, I honestly don’t have any serious complaints. It is a fantastic budget option.

Pros Cons
Very good priceNo options for dimming lights
Can telescope
Included lights are bright

Our Verdict

This comes in one size and that might too small for many people. That’s not a con if it is exactly what you’re looking for though. This is small, inexpensive, and brings value for that price.

You get a telescoping hood with touch controls, three fan speeds of up to 380 CFM, and without emptying your account. This is a solid consideration for an island range hood.

And of course, my favorite part with this one. You get a five-year warranty! That’s fantastic, considering you’re paying less for this Cosmo hood than you would with others, yet getting more cover. I’m a fan.

This is a great option if you need a smaller hood. If 30 inches is perfect for you, don’t hesitate.

Best High-Power Island Range Hood

Winflo 30 In. 520 CFM Convertible Stainless Steel Glass Island Range Hood

This range hood from Winflo is rather similar to the one we just passed. The design is mostly the same, though the metal part containing the vents is biconvex instead, with a curvature on both the upper and lower parts. I’m not a big fan of that dual-curve.

It is a 30-inch unit with no other size options. It can also telescope down from the ceiling about 22 inches. I’m pleased with that, considering its relatively small size.

The real selling point of this is in its performance. This packs a serious punch, with a fan capable of clearing 520 cubic feet of air every minute. That’s a large leap from any others on the list. You’d think something that powerful would make an awful racket. It tops off at 65dB. That’s fantastic.

You get a touch sensor for controlling this, dishwasher-safe filters, and a three-speed fan. No complaints here. Plus, the delay timer it has means that you can go to sleep while it does to work of venting out your kitchen. It’ll shut off in a set amount of time.

Pros Cons
Very powerful fanLooks might be polarizing
Stays relatively quiet despite power
Can telescope quite a distance
Has a delay timer

Our Verdict

Small, yet insanely powerful. It’s hard not to have this model win you over.

The saddest part is that it only comes in one size. If it came in more than just this one, that would allow for a lot of people to get it. But all that power for such a small hood. Tragic.

Regardless, a lot of people will jump on this because they need as much suction as they can get. That is not bad at all. Pair that with the versatility that telescoping hood gives you, and its not that tough a decision to make.

The looks though. That might be the most polarizing aspect. I am personally not a fan but if it is your thing, don’t let me stop you! It’s a solid unit all around!

And on top of all that, a three-year warranty. Winflo has your back.

Island Range Hood Buyer’s Guide

I’ve given you some solid options for range hoods. Maybe you want to search on your own, or you want to understand some of these specifications better. That’s what this buyer’s guide is here for you for. By the time you’re done, you’ll know about the most important things to look out for in an island range hood.

  1. Ducted vs Ductless: You can choose to have your range hood vent to the outside of the house. Or, you can have no vent and instead allow all a charcoal filter to absorb all the pollutants. The advantage of a ducted system is the fact that it will result in a much cleaner kitchen. All those grease fumes and steam go straight to the outside. It takes a lot of work and money to install though. A ductless system can simply be attached to the sealing and a filter will absorb all the smoke. However, these are only as good as the charcoal filter they have and are not as effective as ducted systems. You can use all the island range hoods on this list either way, though to use them ductless, you’ll need to buy charcoal filters.
  2. Airflow: This is measured as cubic feet per minute, or CFM. This refers to the volume of air vented every minute. The higher this number, the more air that gets vented. Of course, there are other features such as the vent size and the type of filters that can change how effective your range hood is at venting. At least 150 CFM is recommended for island hoods, which all of the hoods on this list surpass by at least twice as much.
  3. Fan speeds: On this list, there is one range hood with two speeds, while the rest have three. Typically, a high speed is best for when you’re actively cooking. Once you’re done, you can crank it down to clear out any residual smoke or grease in the air. You probably don’t need more than three speeds, and two is the bare minimum that I can recommend.
  4. Timer: Only one island range hood on this list has this, and it is the 30-inch Winflo. This means that you can choose a set amount of time after which the hood will shut off and the fans will stop. This works great for when you leave it on after cooking. You don’t need to get up or remember to switch it off when the timer will do that for you. Plus, it’ll save you money on your electric bill.
  5. Size: There are only two sizes on this list: 30 and 36 inches. There are many more out there, but these are the most common types you’ll need. When it comes to which size you should choose, you’ll need to assess your stovetop. Your stove top should be smaller than the size you choose, or at the very most, the same size, though I wouldn’t recommend that.


An island range hood is one easy way to make your kitchen to look modern and pleasing. Besides that, they can help cool down the space and keep the air fresh and clean. And they illuminate your workspace! That’s a lot to benefit.

Now that you’ve gotten here though, you’re probably wondering which one of these island range hoods you should choose. It depends on the size you need, to be honest, but if you want my recommendations regardless, I’ll tell you what I think.

Overall, I have to pitch my tent with the Cosmo. It is small, sure, but it is very affordable compared to the others, it can telescope, has good airflow, and it comes with a five-year warranty. That’s a winner for me.

After that, I’m going to move to the 36-inch Winflo. I don’t really like those mechanical switches. But it is a big model, looks fantastic, has a respectable airflow, and it can telescope 22 inches. That’s a solid sheet of specs on any day of the week.

So, maybe you’ll go with one of my recommendations. Or maybe something already called to you on this list. Or perhaps you’ll use the buyer’s guide to find something on your own! Either way, I’ll be glad if you gained something from this!

You’ve come all this way, so thank you! I appreciate you reading down this far. If you enjoyed this article, please consider checking out our related articles below.