Impact sprinklers are a great way to keep your plants and garden healthy and well-hydrated. There are several different kinds of sprinkler systems, with the impact sprinkler being just one.

There are a lot of advantages to using these for your yard. I’ll talk about these in more detail later on, but a major one is that these can allow for wide-range; watering in up to a 360-degree arc.

When you settle on a good sprinkler, you hope to use it for years. It’s for this reason that many people aren’t particularly knowledgeable about sprinklers and what to look out for. You don’t need to worry too much about that. This article will show you to some of the best impact sprinklers that you can get right now.

Whether you’re looking for build quality or a budget-friendly model, you’ll find it here.

Ready? Then let’s dive in.

Detailed Reviews of the Best Impact Sprinklers

Best Impact Sprinkler with Tripod

Orbit Brass Impact Sprinkler on Tripod Base

Many sprinkler systems require expensive and extensive setup. If you want to install pop-up sprinklers, you’ll need to do digging, piping, and spend quite a lot of time and effort. Why do that, when you can simply prop your sprinkler on a tripod?

That’s what you can get when you go for this Orbit impact sprinkler. It comes on a tripod that can extend up to four feet in height. And the fact it is on a tripod means that setting up is simply propping it up, connecting the hose, and letting it work.

If you want, you can pack it in for the night, which makes it easy to protect from cold temperatures in the winter. This is ridiculously easy to get going.

Impact sprinklers get great range and this one is no different. The fact the sprinkler is raised helps give a bit more range to the water spray. It can cover up to 90 feet in diameter, which is a major win. That is essentially enough for any yard.

It can water in a complete circle or you can choose to limit the arc. This lets you avoid spraying some areas, such as the side of your house or your patio.

Pros Cons
Tripod is weighted, so will stay upright You can’t pass hose through to another sprinklerYou can’t pass hose through to another sprinkler
Tripod allows for easy storage when needed
Sprinkler is made of brass
Tripod can be extended up to four feet
Super Portable

Our Verdict

For beginners to sprinklers, you want to avoid anything that is overly complex. While the head of an impact sprinkler might look like the wrong choice if you’re trying to avoid complexity, there’s little to worry about there.

You don’t need to dig holes or drive stakes or run pipes underground. Simply prop this up on its stand and plug in the hose. That’s two steps that anyone can do, making this great for people who need uncomplicated sprinklers.

Also, this impact sprinkler is incredibly portable. If you need to water different areas of a yard or garden, that won’t be much hassle. At least you won’t need to pull stakes out of the ground.

You get a whopping six years of cover thanks to Orbit’s warranty. That’s excellent, and for the price it comes at, it’s hard not to recommend.

Best Impact Sprinkler for Complex Yards

Melnor 4501 Traveling Sprinkler

Some gardens and yards aren’t just a giant open space. For yards like that, sprinklers can sit in one place and reach most of the garden without stress. For larger spaces with walkways, buildings, sculptures, and other things between, you’ll want a sprinkler that’s a bit more precise.

In those cases, a traveling sprinkler like this is the way to go. What makes this so special is the fact that it runs along whatever path you chart with your garden hose. Just lay it down along the ground exactly as you need, hook a hose up to the sprinkler, and let it go. It will move along while spraying water in 360 degrees.

It doesn’t hurt that the sprinkler is attached to a cute red tractor!

This sprinkler can travel up to 50 feet away, which isn’t quite the range of the previous sprinkler, but it isn’t bad itself. You can also reduce the range up to 15 feet. That just adds to the versatility.

And one really cool thing about this is how it saves water. Once it’s done, it shuts off on its own. This model has a fairly high price tag, being the most expensive on the list by quite a gap. That said, it works great for precision watering of larger, complex-shaped yards.

Pros Cons
Allows you to use one sprinkler for a large space ExpensiveExpensive
You can use it for more complex yards Requires a bit of setting upRequires a bit of setting up
Saves water by shutting off when done
Solid build

Our Verdict

The cost will steer a lot of people to other options, but if this is exactly what you need, it’ll be hard to say no to.

If you’ve got a yard with a lot of objects in it, you can make this wind around them so it doesn’t leave them dripping wet. This is perfect for when you want to keep it away from any wood structures you might have or anything that probably shouldn’t get too wet.

Of course, this isn’t the kind of sprinkler you can get up and running in just seconds. You’ll need to set it up by laying out the garden hose before anything else, and this can be a bit stressful.

It’s clear that Melnor has faith in their sprinkler, which explains why they’ve decided on a lifetime warranty. I think that helps excuse the price.

Cheapest Impact Sprinkler

Orbit 58019N Impact Sprinkler

This impact sprinkler from Orbit is great for multiple reasons. Chief among those is the price. This sprinkler is very affordable, yet it is capable. And the price also means that you can easily buy more than one of these if you need that.

This kind can be considered the ‘regular’ version of an impact sprinkler. This is because you have to drive it in the ground with the stake attached to its end. You don’t get a fancy tripod or wheels, but for the price, those probably shouldn’t be expected.

Despite the price, this performs great. It’s able to cover 85 feet in diameter around it. But if that is too much, you can reduce the distance it shoots and its range of motion. Plus, you can connect a hose to it from one end, and attach another one at the other, which allows for connecting more than one sprinkler.

It is built of zinc and is constructed solidly. It almost seems like this is shooting out of its price range.

Just don’t expect to move this around frequently. I mean, you can, but it feels a bit vicious to constantly stab your yard.

Pros Cons
Easy to installMoving it around frequently will take its toll on your yard
Very affordable
Gets good range
You can modify its coverage
You can daisy-chain it with other sprinklers

Our Verdict

There are two types of people I’d easily recommend this for:

  1. Someone who needs a sprinkler that works great but doesn’t cost too much.
  2. Someone who is going to need more than five sprinklers in their yard, but wants to go easy on the expenses.

This impact sprinkler is very well priced, and its hard to hate on the value you get from it.

It isn’t the kind of sprinkler that you’ll want to move around too frequently so as not to damage your yard. On the bright side, it is very easy to setup and will take just seconds to get it in place.

As an Orbit product, you get a six-year warranty. That makes this one of the best overall choices. It is genuinely a fantastic product.

Best Quality Impact Sprinkler

IrrigationKing RK-35 Brass Impact Sprinkler

Brass is a material much loved in the construction of metal fittings that will be anywhere near water. It is attractive, sturdy, and won’t rust.

This impact sprinkler from IrrigationKing will take quite a bit of time and expertise to get set-up. There’s no straightforward way to get a hose attached to this. If you already have pipes for sprinklers running underground or you know exactly how to put those in place, this won’t give you too much trouble. For most people though, it’s not the best choice.

You might actually be able to get away with using this without using underground pipes. Regardless, you’ll still need to buy some attachments, which aren’t included.

One thing this sprinkler doesn’t have is a fully adjustable range of motion. Yeah, you can make it turn in a full circle or a part circle, but you have no control over how wide the part circle is!

However, what it doesn’t have in adjustable motion, it makes up for in range. This can cover a radius of 55 feet, which is a diameter of 110 feet! That’s far-reaching. If you need a quality, semi-permanent impact sprinkler in your yard, you should go with this.

Pros Cons
Very wide spraying rangeSetup may be complicated
Well-pricedRange of motion can’t be finetuned.
Solid build quality

Our Verdict

Everyone wants a product that is built to last, and you get that level of quality here. It is a very functional design, and is pretty much entirely brass.

This is best bought by people with a deep understanding of how to set impact sprinklers up. It also works great in a commercial setting, such as on a farm, where you already have pipes laid out. All that’d be left would be the sprinkler heads.

This impact sprinkler is priced well. Besides the relative difficulty setting it up, it provides a lot of value, particularly with its range. It isn’t very modifiable however.

IrrigationKing gives you a 6-month warranty from the time you buy this. The build quality doesn’t give me any fears that it might break down any time soon, but that’s just half a year. It’s a short time.

Best Wheeled Impact Sprinkler

Orbit 56186N Wheeled Brass Impact Sprinkler

Do you need an impact sprinkler that is easy to hook up? Do you need an impact sprinkler that is easy to move around, even when already hooked up? Well, all you need is a garden hose to get started with this, and once you’re all setup, you can just roll it around!

This impact sprinkler from Orbit comes on a wide base shaped roughly like a T letter. At the ends of the two arms are the wheels for the base, and the stalk of the T is where you hook up your hose. Right opposite that, you can uncap the outlet if you’d like to pass water through for another sprinkler.

This sprinkler is one of the higher priced ones on the list, though I wouldn’t particularly say it’s expensive. You get a lot for the price you’re paying. The wheels on this make it portable and easy to move around, and the wide base means you don’t need to worry about it tipping over.

The head is made mostly of brass, though there are a few stainless-steel parts.

This impact sprinkler is capable of spraying in a 90-foot diameter, which is a good range. Its coverage can also be adjusted between a section of a circle and a full 360 degrees. This allows you to water your yard exactly as you need to.

Pros Cons
Wheels make this easy to move aroundPrice is on the higher side of the list.
Brass and stainless-steel construction
Easy to setup

Our Verdict

If you want just one sprinkler but your lawn is too small to be handled by just one, go for this.

You might wonder why? Well, the fact this has wheels makes it extremely easy for you to use the hose like a leash to move it to the next area once you’re down with the first. Just walk it behind you like a dog!

This is a very solid impact sprinkler, and the wheeled base only adds to the convenience it provides. It is hard to find a reason not to recommend this. The price is on the higher end for sprinklers on this list, but I wouldn’t particularly call it expensive.

You get the beloved six-year warranty from Orbit, so don’t hesitate when you can get this.

What is an impact sprinkler?

Now then. We’ve gotten through a list of impact sprinklers, but some of you might be wondering. What exactly is an impact sprinkler? It’s obviously a sprinkler, and we all know what that is, but what makes it different from any other kind? Why is it ‘impact’?

Those are a lot of questions, but I’ll do my best to answer them.

The head of this sprinkler has an arm which is known as a spoon. When water enters the base of the sprinkler, it pushes up the head. When this happens, the head isn’t able to move very freely. This water get redirected out of the nozzle.

Here’s where the magic happens. The spoon is spring-loaded. You can pull it back, but the spring will push it back into its resting position. Its resting position happens to be against a bar which is just beside the nozzle. So, when it is at rest, it actually blocks the path of the water.

When the water is on, the force pushes the spoon away from its resting position. However, that is only for a matter of seconds. The spring pulls it back into its resting position, but it does this forcefully, causing the spoon to slam against the bar beside the nozzle. This force, or impact, is able to rotate the sprinkler head ever so slightly.

This happens multiple times a second, gradually rotating it until it is able to make a complete rotation! So, it will eventually water the area of a giant circle around it!

I tried my best to put this explanation into text, but maybe you just want to watch a video instead. Here’s a good one!

Impact vs Traditional Sprinklers

The real question is, what makes an impact sprinkler any better than a traditional one. In fact, is it actually any better?

Well, that depends on exactly what you need!

When we think of traditional sprinklers, we think of those stationary ones in the ground that don’t rotate. They just spray all around, though some can be adjusted to set the arc. That’s what we will be comparing impact sprinklers to.

Impact Sprinklers Spray Sprinklers
Rotate at a consistent rate Don’t rotate at all
Have a better range Range is limited
Don’t work well with low pressure Work well even with low pressure
Best for large, open yards Good choices for smaller regions
Make a constant clicking sound Quiet
Less prone to clogging Can clog easier
Always come in metal builds, making them generally more durable Are sometimes made of plastic, which can break


Well then, we’ve finally come to the conclusion of this article! Hopefully, you now understand how an impact sprinkler works and why you need one in your yard.

If I’ve been able to convince you that you need one but you’re not sure which to go for, let me give you my top recommendations.

Out of all of those I’ve mentioned, if I had to go for just one, it’d be the budget Orbit 58019N impact sprinkler. The price is the main selling point here, but even after that, it carries a lot more value for the money than the others. It is easy to install, it can be adjusted as needed, and you can hook more than one up.

My runner-up has to be the wheeled Orbit sprinkler. It might cost more than twice my top choice, but it is built solidly and can easily be moved around. That ease of movement is a major win for people with larger yards who can’t afford multiple sprinklers.

So, now that you know my top choices, we’ve come to the end of this article! I hope you enjoyed reading it and learned a little in the process too.

If this content helped you, please consider checking out our related articles below.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!